Are We Equipped?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

A US-based Animal Service using infra-red vision and a drone found a dog, potcake, almost alive under the rubble of Marsh Harbour yesterday which has gone viral on network TV.

May I ask our Minister of National Security did the Security Forces immediately after the passing of Dorian use similar ‘infra-red vision and a drone over the devastated area of Marsh Harbour - the Cays, etc?

If not why not and the same goes for Grand Bahama.

Human life could have been saved or we would have been able to find more bodies so their families would have been able to have closure.

We see from a press report in The Tribune a whole month 30 days after Dorian had passed RBDF finally decides they need a Headquarters on the ground in Abaco and ship their containerised Headquarters set-up…30 days later Minister - Commodore surely the first thing going after Dorian passed?



October 8, 2019.


Sickened 9 months ago

'Almost alive'? I believe you meant 'almost deceased'?

But yes, good point. This technology should be immediately available after a disaster. Granted I don't think that we should stockpile them but instead enter into a contract with a company to be in place immediately after a disaster.


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