Wsc Agrees Deal To Expand Gps Tracking System



THE Water and Sewerage Corporation signed a contract yesterday for the expansion of its GPS tracking solution, which will help support improvements within its operations.

Speaking at the contract signing, WSC Executive Chairman and Long Island MP Adrian Gibson noted that the ability to track the corporation’s vehicles will provide numerous benefits in the areas of safety, efficiency and accountability.

“Some of the these include accessing fleet data from an internet connection to improve command and control without having to be in the office… monitoring fleet activity to ensure that the right assets deployed to the area of need…reducing overtime by monitoring location of staff and time spent on job site,” he said.

“This company and this new agreement will allow for or cause the corporation to have training, support and maintenance so the staff of the corporation will be well trained and up to speed with respect to what CompassCom offers.”

At the moment, there are some 48 WSC vehicles tracked by CompassCom. But with this expansion, as noted by Mr Gibson, an additional 75 vehicles will be tracked and eventually the entire fleet.

According to Mr Gibson, WSC engaged the services of CompassCom in 2012. In doing so, Mr Gibson said it has allowed the water corporation to experience many significant benefits.

“The CompassCom GPS tracking solution enables the corporation to enhance command and control from its dispatch centres as well as from mobile supervisors in the field,” he continued.

“It uses local wireless networks to deliver the real-time location of vehicles. The location data leverages the corporation’s investments in our mapping and call centre, asset and work order management system solutions.

“The integration of these systems coupled with its wireless capabilities, mapping features, and real-time data gives the corporation a world class solution to support improvements in operations, in order to meet increasing demands throughout the islands where the corporation provides service.”


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