Economic Czar

EDITOR, The Tribune.

In a previous letter, I indicated that the revival and sustainable growth in the economy is vital to the success or otherwise of the Minnis administration. Job growth and the rapid expansion of the self employed are necessary if the private sector is to thrive. There are no other options.

With the employment levels being what they are here in New Providence and Grand Bahama, the Most Honourable Prime Minister should appoint the Hon. Shannendon Cartwright (FNM-St Barnabas) as Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry. Why? Brother Cartwright is a seasoned business executive having worked for many years with the McDonald’s franchise. He is also a qualified financial analyst. Youthful and energetic, he is suited, in my view, to launch a major blitz here at home and in selected foreign countries to let everyone know that the FNM regime is Opened For Business once it is legitimate.

Cartwright is a committed parliamentarian who knows what he is doing and he has a hands on approach to matters of statecraft. Last year, he was a part of a high powered delegation, led by Dr Minnis, on a trip to New York and the United Nations. Due to the pressure of his hectic and productive schedule, the PM requested Cartwright to deliver a very important speech to that world body on his behalf. No other first time MP, who is not yet in cabinet, has ever had such an honour. This demonstrated the level of trust and respect which the PM has for Brother Cartwright.

Once a Ministry of Commerce; Industry & Trade is up and running, it is a given that Cartwright and his team will make it work and will ensure that thousands of Bahamians are “set free” to become successful entrepreneurs and the creators of new and sustainable jobs. We have to start to think outside of the box and there is no ‘better’ candidate for this necessary ministry than Cartwright. To God then, in all things, be the glory.



July 31, 2019.


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