Keep Out The Scam Fundraisers

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Fundraising for Dorian victims

Unless you are a registered Not for profit group, sorry go get registered before you fundraise.

Again, Dorian like Mathew will cause and create scam opportunities playing on the innocent and stealing every dime.

Don’t care church or big shot, all must be registered.

Registrar general should publish the list of non-profits… it must be a requirement for a Licence Registration Number and that must appear in all promotion material - bank account information, etc…

Keep the scams out.

I see in Miami fundraising is taking place… Bahamas Government needs to liaise with authorities there to ensure everything is above board.

Who are the principals behind the fund and material collection? The Consul General in Miami needs to ensure all of this is legitimate.

All shipments must be thoroughly checked by Customs for contraband - drugs - guns, etc… an ideal method to smuggle.

When the goods arrive the recipients have to be registered not for profit NGO… no exemptions.

Merchandise held is no registration and seized.



September 3, 2019.


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