04242020 Weekend


04242020 WEEKEND


ThisIsOurs 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Hmmm the article on the Decameron, stories around the black plague and how wealth versus poverty resulted in different outlooks and different health results was very interesting.

The poor people were relegated to their cramped disease spreading environs while the wealthy ran to their remote estates. Both entertained themselves over the period, the poor because they were going to die anyway, the rich to pass the time. The poor had to work to eat despite the threat of infection, some even had to take care of infected wealthy employers a virtual death sentence. There was also something about the inability of the wealthy to understand the plight of the poor during the period. "Why all them people on the line..why they dont go to the ATM? In the foodstore again..and they even een buy a trolley full of grocery...they cant shop for 2 weeks and stay home"?

The parallels are uncanny...


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