Government Releases Lockdown Emergency Order


Emergency Powers (COVID 19 Pandemic) Arrangement Order


Emergency Powers (Covid 19 Pandemic) (Lockdown) Order, 2020

THE government released the emergency order for the current two-week lockdown on Tuesday night.

The order, and the subsequent 24-hour curfew it imposes, is set to expire at 5am August 19.

The order states that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays grocery stores, water depots, pharmacies offering curbside services, gas stations offering external services, bakeries and hardware stores offering curbside and delivery services, dental practices offering emergency care and private medical facilities offering emergency medical care, immunisation, neonatal and prenatal care, dialysis, chemotherapy and other cancer treatments and telemedicine are allowed to open from 7am to 5pm.

The National Insurance Board will be allowed to operate on those days from 9am to 5pm to distribute cheques at the national stadium. Commercial banks are allowed to open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9am and 1pm to the general public and on weekdays from 8am to 3pm for operation services, excluding client facing services.

All civil servants, unless designated as an essential worker by their respective ministry, must work remotely from home.

Ports of entry, container ports, freight forwarders, and private terminals will be allowed to conduct basic maintenance services, domestic trade, imports and exports of containerized freight, and the import, treatment, bunkering and export of oil products.

According to the order, fishing for crawfish, lobster season preparation, and harvesting of crabs will be allowed.

Additionally, healthcare workers can conduct home visits to provide medical or therapeutic care while farmers or caretakers are permitted to maintain crops and animals.

The servicing and replenishing of ATMs and night deposits will also be permitted, the order states.

Essential workers of a pool maintenance or landscaping service provider may operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am-5pm. News vendors may operate Monday to Friday from 7am to 1pm, provided the vendor remains stationary.

The Emergency Powers Order calls for each household to have one designated shopper.

According to the order, attorneys will be permitted to operate when discharging instructions in existing criminal or urgent civil cases that “cannot be done by audio-visual means; acting in connection with the execution of wills subject in all cases to producing identification if requested to do so.”

The order states counsel and attorneys must work remotely from home.

The order states exercise is permitted from 6am-9am in a person’s yard or immediate neighbourhood.


tribanon 4 months ago

Minnis is a certifiable nut and the only ones nuttier than him are those who are willing to continue letting him usurp their civil rights and liberties.


moncurcool 4 months ago

So are we to take that to mean that you will be disobeying the orders so you can have your "civil rights and liberties"?


DDK 4 months ago

Time to lock-down, or lock-up, the entire Government and its Leader.


DDK 4 months ago

Certifiable nut is putting it very mildly most politely 😂.


Socrates 4 months ago

So when we reopen and cases rise again (since a permanent solution still some way out) , what then? Wouldn't it be better to figure out how to manage living with it rather than shutting down all the time? We might save a few people, but lose an entire generation due the massive debt down the road.


John 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Grand Bahama cases are not yet under control


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