Exuma Fears 'Established' Businesses Facing Closure


Tribune Business Reporter


Exuma’s Chamber of Commerce president yesterday said there are “rumblings” that some “established” businesses on the island may permanently close once the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.

Pedro Rolle, pictured, while not naming any specific companies, told Tribune Business: “We are in the same position as in Nassau. We are on the same boat so nothing is happening really’ it’s a veritable holiday in Exuma yesterday.

“We are not one of those fortunate islands. You have to go further south. You can go from Long Island, which is right next to us, and go all the way down, but we are not in that category.”

Mr Rolle added: “It’s very, very slow. People are not working. Businesses rely on the generation of revenues, so the stores are opened up on the three days that are permitted - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - and there is construction going on, but honestly, like yesterday, when we look out there are very few activities that’s going on in the community. It is very, very slow.

“Honestly, I think we are going to have one or two established businesses that are going to close, just based on the conversations that I have had. It’s tough.”

Tavares Thompson, the central Andros Chamber of Commerce president, said: “Things are slow, as it has been for the last week and a half now. This is the off day so nothing is happening. The subsistence fishing for persons to feed themselves has been slowed down, and the fly-fishing guides have stopped because there are no tourists here for them to take out on guides.”


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