Zero Tolerance: Senior Doctors Alarmed Over Death Toll Demand Rigid Use Of Covid Rules


Deputy Chief Reporter


CONSULTANT physicians are disheartened by the alarming number of patient deaths related to COVID-19, sparked by an exponential increase in cases since the country re-opened its borders.

In a press statement last night, Consultant Physicians Staff Association president Dr Sabriquet Pinder-Butler said the surge in cases has not only significantly strained medical workers, but main health facilities now have no more space for COVID-19 positive people.

The situation, she said, has stretched teams beyond measure.

Highlighting last Friday’s death of Bernadette Rolle, a Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre nurse, the association said the country could not afford to lose any more doctors, nurses or healthcare workers to the virus or from physical and mental exhaustion.

As as result, the seniors physicians made an appeal for Bahamians to follow COVID-19 prevention protocols, adding a recommendation of a “zero-tolerance” approach for people who do not wear masks, abide by quarantine orders or go out in public while sick or knowing they are COVID-19 positive.

The statement read: “Members of the Consultant Physician Staff Association along with other essential healthcare workers have been on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 for the past six months.

“Since the re-opening of our borders, we have been exposed to an exponential surge in COVID-19 positive cases resulting in a significant strain on our healthcare workers who are experiencing burnout and even more exposures.

“We are also disheartened by the alarming increase in patient deaths related to COVID-19, as well as the recent loss of our nursing colleague who worked along with our healthcare team at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.

“Hence, the CPSA feels obligated to publicly appeal to, and reach the citizens in The Bahamas that we have sworn an oath to serve. This pandemic will not come to an end any time soon. We understand that the people of The Bahamas need to see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding our physical as well as our economic well-being as a nation.

“Given that our main healthcare facilities have no more space for COVID-19 positive persons, and our health care teams are stretched beyond measure, the CPSA recommends a zero-tolerance approach for persons who do not wear masks in public, abide by quarantine orders, or worse, go out in public while sick or knowing that they are COVID positive,” Dr Pinder-Butler also said.

“We cannot afford to lose any more of our physicians, nurses or other healthcare members to COVID-19 nor to physical and mental exhaustion.

“We are hopeful, as healthcare workers and as long suffering residents of The Bahamas, that lessons were learnt from the prior reopening attempt, and that the relevant authorities would make best effort - with proper consultation with all stakeholders - to protect our borders, monitor public health and social compliance, and secure our economic future as a sovereign nation.”

Since July, 72 healthcare workers contracted COVID-19, health officials said earlier this week.

And as of August 19, the Ministry of Health said 28 healthcare workers at Grand Bahama Health Services tested positive for COVID-19; 18 at Princess Margaret Hospital; 18 at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre; seven at the Department of Public Health (DPH) on New Providence and one at DPH on the Family Islands.

Up to press time, 48 COVID-19 deaths had been reported out of more than 1,900 cases, the majority of them recorded after the country reopened its borders on July 1.


DWW 1 month ago

they know there is no vaccine. this is not a solution. This is just delaying the inevitable. Consider the man who hasn't had an income in 5 months and has to look down into his children's pleading eyes and explain that he can't provide them with basic life necessities because there is a good chance that someone might catch a cold. the situation is not tenable. the medical establishment needs to get to grips with things and stop trying to play god. forcing people to sit on their hands for the next 2 years while we wait for a possible immunization is not an option. forced lockdowns is not tenable and cannot happen any further. you "SLOWED THE CURVE" congratulations, now lets get dirty and get back to life.


benniesun 1 month ago

Healthcare worker seems to be an oxymoron these days. One would imagine a healthcare worker to be the finest example of good health. One who not only knows, but practices the importance of good nutrition coupled with maintaining physical and mental fitness. And after being exposed to myriad people with myriad diseases, their immune systems should be robust and envied by the rest of the population. If that is not so, then there is a book called 'Health and Nutrition Secrets' by Russell L. Blaylock (M.D.) that should help them on their way. And these medical intelligentsia should invest some time and investigate what exactly is a pcr test and what that test should and shouldn't be used for; then honestly report back to us less intellectually endowed. Also, what about herd immunity that was hyped up and sold as a solution - have we achieved herd immunity yet? Naturally we assume that our medical intelligentsia have read and completely understood the studies proving masks do nothing to stop viruses, and them touting masks must be an oversight.


trueBahamian 1 month ago

To be fair, they are providing the same information the WHO and CDC are providing. There are doctors all over the world saying the same things they are saying now about Covid-19. Most of the doctors here would not be specialist in infectious disease. It's like going to an ENT doctor for neurosurgery. You can't expect someone whose not a specialist to give you the right answers for a field they're not in. They follow what they know from the experts.

We assume doctors should be in great health. You have to remember these are people too. Some of them would be predisposed to certain illnesses and sometimes this drove to them become doctors. Some of them may have picked up bad habits as a student such as smoking. I wouldn't judge the skill of a doctor based on their habits but based on their knowledge. You sometimes see really good mechanics driving cars in poor shape. Salespeople who sell products they don't use. The list goes on and on.

Healthcare workers in the public system are treated poorly. When you have doctors fighting for monies owed; nurses fighting for health insurance; complaints about understaffing; you have a problem. If you work and you're treated like crap, would you blame yourself or your employer?

There's a saying, before you judge a man you should walk a mile in his shoes. I'm not in the healthcare industry, but I see in the media the struggle they do through. So, let's be fair.


benniesun 1 month ago

I understand that the medical workers have vices (bad habits). My dictionary's first defininition of a vice is: "Depravity or corruption of morals; evil, immoral, or wicked habits or conduct; indulgence in degrading pleasures or practices." They are fighting against a system run by fellow citizens who also have vices. If those who run the system did not have vices, then the problems of health insurance, understaffing, etc.. would be non-issues. I do judge persons by their vices, because the vices tell what type of being I am dealing with. This entire nation is corrupt because persons having vices are running it. None of us is perfect, but we were put here to strive for perfection.


tell_it_like_it_is 1 month ago

I truly would like to know which drugs they are giving those Covid patients. Hydroxychloroquine has already been proven to increase fatality.
But our wonderful doctors seem to support Trump and the alien DNA doctor lady. I know for a fact they were giving patients Hydroxycloroquine initially. Studies have found it can increase fatality by 27% along with azithromycin.



joeblow 1 month ago

... the drug is not the problem since people have been on it for decades with no issues. HIGH doses of the drug is a problem and lots of hospitals have been using high doses. High doses = increased risk of side effects!


proudloudandfnm 4 weeks, 1 day ago

And oh yeah it does nothing for covid patients...


joeblow 4 weeks, 1 day ago

... thanks for that update doc. Many doctors and patients (that is people who had symptoms and recovered) globally have said otherwise! Doctors in India and other places have been using it prophylactically as has the president of the most powerful country in the free world! But what do they know compared to you!


ohdrap4 1 month ago

Well as Dr. Dahl Regis said, the hospitalizations were not statistically significant to justify the luckdowns.

The WHO said that too , so they went shopping for the PAHO lady.

Game over folks, it is time these doctors realize they spent their credibility to fulfill somebody's agenda.

They tried the thing about cats and dogs with Covid and it died.

Not every doctor is an expert, true. But these cannot even read charts.

All that is left is the blogger trolls that try to say people falling off on the road.


stillwaters 1 month ago

The solution to all this is so simple ........if every living person keeps the virus out of their bodies........the virus will not be able to hijack new hosts and will have nowhere to go......this virus is not a living organism and cannot hunt down human beings.


TalRussell 1 month ago

Meanwhile, didn't Haiti's public Health report 28 new cases during the same reporting period?. Nod Once for Yeah, Twice for No?


Sickened 1 month ago

Fat people will die from this or something else. Let's not stop the world for their personal failings. Protect the innocent young and the sensible old people. All others shall perish when the good Lord decides for them to do so.


TalRussell 1 month ago

Sweet Joseph, father Jesus, Red Coats Central Regime is running out who and what blame that they've moved on to blaming the virus on Fat. Nod Once for Yeah, Twice for No?


stillwaters 1 month ago

Well that is not worse than the USA for a time blaming it on being black. Said blacks were dying faster and in more abundance than other races. Double whammy here......we're mostly black and mostly fat.


Clamshell 1 month ago

The U.S. did not blame black people for the disease. Black people indeed have been stricken and died there in a greater proportion, for a number of reasons — but nobody BLAMED black people.


rodentos 1 month ago

while being black is hardly your fault, being fat is. Everyone is responsible for himself.


tribanon 4 weeks, 1 day ago

So you're basically saying the physician who diagnoses their patient's obesity as having been caused by a thyroid problem or some other medical condition is full of it. Well, that being the case, I think we all know who's really full of it.


proudloudandfnm 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Is it true that Gilead's (owner of Pharmachem in GB) remdiseveir is not available in the Bahamas?.??


Bobsyeruncle 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Gilead do not own Pharmachem. Pharmachem is an independent privately owned company. Pharmachem provides some manufacturing services for some of Gilead's products


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