Melania Embarks On 12 Days Of Love And Gratitude

MELANIA Nixon spreads cheer in her community.

MELANIA Nixon spreads cheer in her community.


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EVEN in the midst of a global pandemic, 12-year-old Melania Nixon is doing her best to remain true to her passion of giving back during the holiday season.

The Lyford Cay School eighth grader is once again embarking on her 12 Days of Love and Gratitude to bring holiday cheer to all those she comes into contact with.

Melania, who has been adapting to the changes wrought by this year’s pandemic, said given the challenging situation the country and world at large finds itself in, giving back and showing love is very important and provides a life line for many people.

“Although she wants to help everyone,” said Danella Nixon, her mother. “Melania understands that it is very important that she remains safe during the current conditions and factor in the risk of community spreading to those at risk, but she does her best to stay true to her passion to helping those in need.”

Melania was inspired to launch the initiative while listening to the famous “Twelve Days of Christmas” song.

She felt there was a need to extend her efforts from senior homes through her “Operation Love and Gratitude” to those in need in the wider community.

With the current pandemic fears in the Bahamas, Melania has decided to give back by reaching out to communities she has not done so before, one of them being the Bahamas Association of the Physical Disabled, where she was able to assist with the donation of electronic tablets for virtual learning and cookie decorating kits.

Melania also used her free time this year at home to create her own illustrated children’s book.

“She had them printed locally, and before distribution was even able to acquire colouring pencils to distribute with the books, which she felt she should personally sign before distribution. These were truly a hit with the kids as the books came with a goody box filled with treats,” Mrs Nixon said.

When Melania first started her 12 Days of Love and Gratitude initiative she would visit homes for elderly, playing music for them as well as bringing them small gifts. This year was no different.

“With the elderly homes always being her first love, she decided to share that same love with the Salvation Army this year with the donation of bags of grocery. It is her hope to safely complete her 12 acts before Christmas Day to help as many persons feel the joy of Christmas, with the assistance of care bags, white canes for the blind, gift cards, including some of her own products from her growing cosmetic and tie-dye business, to name a few,” she said.

Without a doubt, Mrs Nixon said, her daughter felt it was even more important this year to commit to carrying out her 12 acts of love and gratitude.

“On a day-to-day basis, of just watching the nightly news, you hear of the broad range of needs from the community. With her platform being the elderly and inspiring her peers to do the same, she did her best to tap into as many areas as possible,” she said.

“Thus far, there has been overwhelming support from those who has supported her efforts in the past. Along with her going the extra mile to help those in need, she made an unusual request of her godparents this go around for pennies. With those pennies she had and the pennies she collected from her godparents, she used them to pay it forward to one of her peers, Logan Stubbs (and his) initiative Helping Hand. This collaborative effort proves to be a win-win on both of their behalves to pay it forward in helping those in need.”


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