‘Concerned Over Nygard? Not Me’

PLP Leader Philip "Brave" Davis.

PLP Leader Philip "Brave" Davis.


Tribune Senior Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said he is “not concerned” about legal action brought against Peter Nygard in the United States.

He was asked during the PLP’s end of year press conference yesterday if he ever heard about misconduct by Nygard and if the PLP regrets accepting money from the fashion mogul.


Peter Nygard

“My position in respect to what I heard or not heard about him is that I’m more concerned about what this election is going to be about,” he said.

“I’m not concerned about a foreign action that has been brought against a foreign person who may have had an interest in the Bahamas. I’m concerned about the livelihood of Bahamians and the future of our Bahamians and that is what I will be about,” Mr Davis said.

“I’m not going to be involved in the lies that are going to be spun by the FNM and their surrogates. I will not stand idly by and allow the PLP to be scandalised. I will be responding to them when appropriate, but I will not be dealing with that subject matter to be distracted from what is needed in this country.

“We need to understand the economic crisis that we are in. We need to understand the challenges that COVID poses and may continue to pose and we have to deal with how we grow this economy to ensure that we alleviate and bring relief to our Bahamian people. And you as reporters ought to be concerned about what the issues are in this country and not be distracted by lies.”

In a Twitter post last week, Mr Davis said allegations against Nygard in a new US indictment are “extremely serious and disturbing and should be pursued to the full extent of the law.”

“We hope the women involved receive justice,” he tweeted.

The Southern District of New York filed an indictment last week Tuesday that alleged that Nygard participated in a “decades-long pattern of criminal conduct involving at least dozens of victims in the United States, the Bahamas and Canada, among other locations.” Nygard has been charged with various racketeering and sexual assault offences.

The Tribune has reported extensively over the years about Nygard’s legal issues and connections to local politicians.

The long-time Lyford Cay resident once bragged that he gave the PLP $5 million in the lead-up to the 2012 general election.

In 2013, Mr Nygard released an eight-minute celebration of the PLP’s 2012 election victory titled “Nygard Takes Bahamas Back.” In the video, Mr Nygard congratulates a group of PLP Cabinet ministers on winning the 2012 general election after the members visited Nygard Cay. The PLP politicians in the video included Mr Davis, and other former ministers such as Shane Gibson, Damian Gomez, Alfred Gray, Jerome Fitzgerald and Kenred Dorsett.

Despite his ties to the PLP over the years, last week PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell claimed Nygard has also contributed money to the FNM’s political campaign.


KapunkleUp 1 month ago

I would spend my last $1.75 to have an IRS style financial audit done on Chicken Davis. That would be a seriously juicy report.


tribanon 1 month ago

Most of us would probably love to see and hear yellow belly Davis clucking and squawking in the hands of law enforcement authorities in the US if he's found to be one of the many political figures Nygard is claiming to have the so called 'goods' on.


KapunkleUp 1 month ago

That's a very good point. Never thought about it that way. I would not be surprised in the least if Chicken Davis was the recipient of some "campaign contributions" from Nygard's special fund. If so, the "contributions" would probably have been made to a US account.


Chucky 1 month ago

Davis knew, Christie knew, Ingram knew, Minnis knew! We all knew what Nyguard was doing.

In fact, the knowledge was so widespread, and was known for so long, that it was actually a thing! If you went to a Nyguard party, well it was known that you should not talk about it, not in general conversation, it was something you’d do and only talk about quietly.

There are no surprises in the allegation.

Nyguard offered pampering parties for young women for free. Makeup ,manicures, etc , all free. This was the scouting mission.

The chosen ones would be invited back to his real parties.

Everyone knew this.

Anyone who has been to a Nyguard party , has seen him in action. Has seen scantly clad, or partially naked, or even fully naked girls in the various hot tubs. The girls so high on something they look spaced out. Nyguard with his arms draped over them, two at a time.

Everyone knew.

The tribune, they know. To this day the tribune limits comments on all stories directly related to Nyguards escapades. The press protect the rich criminals. Perhaps because they fear lawsuits. Or perhaps for other reasons. The owners of the media, well the shareholders are members of elite society, maybe the press tries to keep this quiet lest one of their own gets exposed as being involved.

Anyhow, anyone who is now talking of outrage, or show disgust is simply reacting due to the truth being exposed.

None of the population was crying foul all the while this was happening.

Everyone could have said or done something years and years ago.

But in true Bahamian fashion, a blind eye was turned.

The current “outrage “ is a sham. Fake ! All because this is now in the media !


tribanon 1 month ago

And it's now being said that Nygard (like Epstein) has turned over to his lawyers a most revealing and comprehensive digital video & audio surveillance library. It seems Nygard had a great proclivity for recording the deviant behaviour of his VIP party guests and all of the recordings were up-loaded to servers located at his offices in both Canada and the US.


KapunkleUp 1 month ago

I din't know but then again I ain't ever even been Lyford Cay invited.


stislez 1 month ago

@Chucky u rite bro, tribune is be clowin bout no damn open case. What happen to freedom of speech, dis da damn comment section they carryin on like man dem coming to take the comments in court. I email dem an ask dem bout it before, like facebook aint out there an people saying whateva the F they want. Tribune like especially lock down dem stories about our police brutality an stuff. Almost like if u leave up to them they would tell you that don't happen. Bunch of clowns sometimes an ting. Not erryone at tribune but summa yall. Summa yall i does wonder if yall is proof read yall shit....lol...lmfao


GodSpeed 1 month ago

I really hope this weasel never becomes Prime Minister.


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