Time To Shuffle The Fnm Pack

EDITOR, The Tribune

If the FNM were a four-cylinder motor engine it would be firing on two cylinders and with fits and starts of misfiring at that. A major problem in our wonderful nation. as it relates to politics is that if one were to critique something that a party or its leader may do or say, others who should know better tend to accuse that detractor of being an enemy of the nation, God forbid, or the party itself.

While I do, in fact, support a particular party, all sensible and reasonable Bahamians want this regime to succeed. It would take one with a mentally challenged mind to want otherwise. In the context of Bahamian politics, we have evolved to the point where governments are regularly chased out of high office every five years like clock work. If this trend continues, the FNM will be yet another one term and out administration.This seems to be the way forward in the instant case.

This regime is the most arrogant; insensitive and clueless one ever to emerge, so far. What is it about this cast of miserable and in your face characters? This government and the lead players appear to have some serious issues and may even be in urgent need of mental treatment. What have the people of this wonderful nation done to Minnis and his minions?

Three ministries, in my view, are performing well and, in the case of Tourism & Aviation, beyond expectations. The Hon Frankie Campbell (FNM-Southern Shores) is one of the best Ministers of Social Development & Urban Renewal ever. With the huge unemployment figures and the burgeoning levels of children being born to unwed single mothers and recidivism relative to crime this ministry has its work cut out for it.

The minister is a former police officer and is a man who loves The Lord Jesus Christ. As such he is able to empathise with the unwashed masses. The budget for his ministry needs to be beefed up and more programmes designed and put in place to encourage a change in mind set and the approaches to chronic societal issues. Urban Renewal activities seem to have abated under this regime. This is dead wrong and should be reversed.

The Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries headed by my fellow Fox Hillian, the Hon Michael C Pintard (FNM-Marco City) is a former National Chairman of the FNM and did yeoman’s services to that party and the entire nation over many years. No one can successfully challenge his credentials, ever. He has a passion for national development and, obviously, he is a man in a hurry. I see prime ministerial traits in this amazing younger individual.

Food security is or should be the number one national goal. Those of us who are old enough to remember will recall the horrors of 9/11 and the closing of the borders of the USA. Nothing could get in and very little could get out. We were down to a few weeks or less of food and fuel. Under Pintard there has been a dramatic shift in the focus of food security and agriculture is once again being touted as a financially viable career path, especially in specialised areas. Aquaculture is an unlimited and untapped resource. Pintard is the man to lead this vital charge.

The third ministry that is breaking out from the mediocre and debilitating pack is the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation. I make no bones about my public and personal support for the Hon Dinisio D’Aguillar (FNM-Free Town) Long before he offered himself for front line politics, I saw much in his public and personal persona. A life long businessman and a successful one at that, he knows how to crunch numbers and how to meet expectations and goals. In any human endeavour, even within the church, it takes money to run an enterprise.

Tourism and aviation are the life blood of The Bahamas. This year, for the first time ever, our tourist arrivals now stand in excess of 7.2 millions. The Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling Airport, ably managed by Ms. Vernice Walkine, et al, has attracted in excess of 4.5 million arrivals. Our revenue stream from tourism and aviation is almost 25 % of the annual budget and counting. One is almost able to sense the positive mind set within this ministry, starting from the Minister himself straight down to the potters at NAD.

I congratulate these three stellar ministers. Thank God that they are in place to serve as a catalyst for real changes within our society. I used to admire and respect Minnis but no longer. He, along with Jeffrey Lloyd; Elsworth Johnson; Duane Sands and, of course, Marvin Dames are on a run all to themselves.

There are many FNMs on the back-benches who are not worth one red cent, politically speaking. They are to be found mainly in the inner city constituencies here in New Providence. Six current cabinet ministers must and should be shuffled at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, however, until the Most Honourable wakes up, politically, thank God that there are points of light in the darkness of the FNM regime. To God then, in all things, be the glory.



January 29, 2020


sheeprunner12 2 months ago

A political evaluation from a disgraced disbarred lawyer who supports Gravy Train Davis for PM


tetelestai 2 months ago

Does not mean he is wrong, oh most perfect one, sheeprunner.


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