Poems Which Sum Up My Life On This Lovely Island

EDITOR, The Tribune

Please a little space in your paper to allow me to commend the people of your little nation of nations via your newspaper regarding my experience in The Bahamas. I became acquainted with a number of people I found to be pleasant and heartwarming folk. Even the youth respectful to senior citizens of which I am a member of that group. I met for brief moments in a business centre downtown standing around for copies a wonderful Bahamian gent that was very humble and kind in full uniform. He expressed his life spent as Captain of the Bahamas Brigade. He shared its motto he coined into a phrase that inspired me. “I’d rather build a boy than mend a man.” I shared my experience as a juvenile delinquent how God saved me and made me a man…

As a preacher and poet, I would like to share two poems of my experience on New Providence Island. Also, meeting and greeting other island folks whose demeanour says much about them as a people whose nation God is the Lord.

Raj, preacher and poet

I’d Rather Build A Boy Than Mend a man

I’d rather build a boy than mend a man

I’d much rather shake than cuff his hand

I’d rather help boys to understand

Have courtesy toward their fellow man

Obedience is better than sacrifice

Strength comes from being nice

Discipline and self-respect

Virtues boys should not neglect

Articulating at their very best

True Christian manliness

Boys of the Bahama Brigade

Onward soldiers on a crusade

Band of brothers together

Vow to pleasantly endeavour

To lift up the name and behaviour

Of their blessed saviour

Always striving to be in his favour

While they enjoy

In extending their hand

To build boys rather than

Mend a man

Keep Left In The Bahamas

A visiting minister of the written word

Bahamas home of the Flamingo bird

I felt my visit was God’s goodwill

So I rented an economy automobile

When I learned I was to keep left

I took a very deep breath

Unlike Apostle Paul, I drove by faith

Whispering prayers “O’Lord keep me safe,”

Days of sunshine winds pleasantly warm

I endured the music of many car horns

Heading toward Nassau I was blessed

Dependent on my navigator GPS

He spoke into my ear

800 meters turn left here

200 meters a shout-out

Second, left at the roundabout

Then without any hesitation

You have come to your destination

For me a sudden moment of fright

Halt, Do not turn right at the stoplight

I must thank the good Lord

In the Bahamas, I could not afford

To drive and keep left cautiously

By golly without technology



January 29, 2020


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