Foundation Raises $75,000 For Fyre Festival's Victims


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An Exuma-based foundation yesterday said its Global GoFundme campaign has raised $75,300 to ease the pain of Fyre Festival victims.

The Exuma Foundation, in a statement, said: “Many Bahamians took a financial hit from the festival, either through unpaid bills or lost wages. These old wounds will take another step towards recovery when $75,300 is distributed to Bahamians impacted by the festival, all thanks to a global GoFundMe campaign fuelled by thousands of anonymous donors.”

“This event had a lasting negative impact on the community,” said Danny Strachan, the the Exuma Foundation’s managing director, was quoted as saying.

Mr Strachan subsequently told Tribune Business he was unable to put a figure on the total losses suffered by Bahamian vendors and others who provided services to the ill-fated festival, adding: “Fyre Festival had a considerable impact on so many Bahamians, not just in Exuma but also around The Bahamas.

“I could not speak to the amount of money lost by vendors, although I am sure it is considerable. We may never know the full extent. But certainly, every bit helps and it shows that the international community cares about the Bahamians impacted by the festival.

“A list of those receiving compensation will be posted at the Exuma Courthouse. All recipients must be physically present to collect the funds. Government-issued ID is also required.”

The Foundation’s release added: “While much of the focus was on [William] McFarland and the festival-goers, many Bahamian tradesmen and workers were never compensated for their time, labour and resources. In the aftermath of the festival, a company contracted by Fyre Festival to help put on the event provided a list of unpaid local workers. While it may not have been a complete list of those impacted, it was a start.

“In response, the Exuma Foundation, together with a local committee, formed a GoFundMe page to assist. Over the span of several months, donors from all around the world contributed sums large and small, a testimonial both to the global reach of the festival and the world’s desire to help.”

Mr Strachan added: “Based on the funds we were able to raise, our plan is for each person on the list to receive up to 50 percent back to cover their losses, so everyone might feel the generosity of these donors.

“All of those on the list will be contacted and asked to come to a designated venue to receive their compensation. While we know it will not wipe clean the hardship created by the festival, we hope this gesture will go a long way to assisting those impacted.”


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