Eleuthera Woman Shares Her ‘Know Your Worth’ Ministry


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Island girl LaTanya Renee Maynard may have left her beloved Eletheura behind to relocate to Florida, but she is still passionate about sharing her Know Your Worth Ministries and apparel line with her fellow Bahamians.

LaTanya said her ministry – which promotes self-worth, self-love and overall self-empowerment, especially for women – came from a place of past brokenness and the feeling of being incomplete. This was in 2016, but since then she has come a long way.

“Hebrews 11:1 states: ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen’. At the time there was no physical evidence that I would be successful with my business venture. However, I believed with everything embedded in me that I would succeed. I’ve had numerous challenges, but kept preserving,” she said.

“Let me be transparent, there were times when I questioned the purpose of Know Your Worth Ministries/apparel, its message, whether lives would be transformed and if the products would sell. I devalued my products, and sometimes worried about what others would say if I failed. These things should have been the least of my worries, but at the time they were not. Defeat was trying to set in.”

LaTanya said she often experienced a lack of support from her family and those around her, and was sure others found themselves in a similar situation. And it was these people she wanted to offer support and hope to, through both her ministry and clothing featuring encouraging slogans.

“My product inventory was not moving as fast as I needed it to. In January of 2019 I launched an online store and believed that as a result it would increase sales. However, that has not been the reality. I’ve only had five online sales since the launch. Yet I’m pressing (on). I continually remind myself that my ministry and business has more to do with my purpose and creating a legacy,” she said.

Her “Know Your Worth” line was specifically created to emphasise the phenomenal woman that is already within every woman. She wants women who are currently struggling with their self-esteem or self-worth to be reminded that they are beautiful and worthy.

LaTanya, who now calls Jacksonville home, is also a certified life coach and author. In her memoir, “All Hope Is Not Lost”, she shares her experiences with seeing relatives in unhealthy relationships. She published a second book in 2017 called “Pushing Toward Purpose”, and is currently finishing her third. LaTanya holds a BA in Criminal Justice and an MA in Community Counselling. She plans to continue pursuing a PhD in Counsellor Education and Supervision.

LaTanya was raised in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, and hopes to be an ambassador for change. Her lifelong purpose, she said, is to help women who have endured untold pain stemming from traumatic childhood and adulthood experiences. She believes that women who have experienced such circumstances deserve to thrive in life.

“Although I am not where I would like to be, I have made considerable progress. I have found reputable companies that manufacturers most of my products. I’m working on other projects and being sought out more to speak at women’s empowerment and school events. With an excelling attitude, lots of prayer, continued dedication to my brand and consistency, I will not fail, I will succeed,” she said,

In five years from now, she said, she sees herself travelling the world to share her “Know Your Worth” mission with young girls and women around the globe.

Before that, however, LaTanya will host her first “Know Your Worth” summit this year. Additionally, she will be speaking at the third annual women’s retreat by the Love Yourself Holistically non-profit, scheduled for February 14-16 at SuperClubs Breezes here in Nassau.

“I have written two books and intend to write more. I am considering entering the fashion industry, opening a library and a domestic violence transitional home in Eleuthera. Lastly, I am going to continue encouraging and motivating people to live a purposeful live, be all that God has created them to be and know their worth,” she said.


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