Young Believer-Turned-Author Hopes To Bring Youth To God


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In a time where many millennials and Generation Z kids have lost interest in the Church and God, Tomia Shearer is a young voice calling on her peers to share in her faith.

She is doing this in part with her new book, “Young and Believing God”. It is designed to inspire readers young and old to come into fellowship and friendship with God.

At its core, said Tomia, the book focuses on and encourages intimacy with God.

“Young and Believing God” is Tomia’s first book and is also a testament to how God can lead those through life who are in relationship with Him.

“I have always had a desire for writing journals and usually that is where I am able to express myself and my thoughts, even though I speak as well, when necessary. However, ‘Young and Believing God’ was released in June 2019 when I was spending time with God in my secret place, and God, the Holy Spirit, revealed to me that I should write a book,” she said.

And in obedience, she said, she penned the book, sharing her own personal journey with God.

“Seeing that I had never written a book before I knew it had to be out of God’s power for me to do such a great task. But God’s word said in Ephesians 3:20-21: ‘Now unto Him that can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us.’ “

She hopes her book will give readers an insightful look into her personal relationship with the Almighty so that they can understand the importance of having faith.

“Often as individuals when we are faced with challenges in life we end up doubting God and forgetting God is a God that can do all things. I hope to reach out to others and let them know that God is near once we continue to trust him. Despite our mistakes, once we surrender to Him, He makes us new in Him as we continue to move forward,” she said.

Tomia wants to show young people like herself that if God was able to use her, He can also use them.

“God is using me at a young age. In the past I didn’t have it all together, until I truly realised the power of Jesus Christ. He has moved in a mighty way in my life, and if He can use me, He can use anyone,” she said.

“The overall message of the book is to surrender to Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher, beginning and the end. Also, to trust that God can make the impossible, possible. But there are some things that we have to let go and surrender to Jesus as we continue to move forward in life.”

Her book, she said, will hopefully help readers build an intimate relationship with God through prayer and reading the Bible.

“I desire to reach out to the nation, and especially youths my age who are young adults, to (tell them) to believe God and trust Him. He is near, and like the Bible stated, He will never leave you nor forsake you, and one thing about God’s word He does not lie because He is a sovereign God. I want to be able to inspire, encourage and impact the many lives I encounter as I continue to shine my light by God’s grace,” she said.


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