Keep Up The Quarantine

EDITOR, The Tribune

We certainly hope there is no weakening on the part of Dr Sands to lessen the quarantine measures for the Bahamas to prevent the dreaded coronavirus being introduced here just because the Chinese Ambassador to the Bahamas thinks his quarantine measures for the Bahamas are too severe.

I would like to remind Dr Sands that although the world is facing a colossal medical tragedy, we cannot forget that controls might have been introduced sooner to prevent the run-away virus if it had not been the Chinese themselves who first tried to cover it up.

Don’t let us forget that it was on December 30 that an unknown Chinese doctor – Dr Li Wenliang – warned about a strange illness in his hospital. Officials tried to dismiss his warning as a “rumour” and reprimanded him for his “scare tactics”. It is claimed that early in January he was called in by medical officials and the police and forced to sign a statement denouncing his warning as an unfounded and illegal rumour. And so when precautions should have been taken, the Chinese themselves tried to cover it up! Today that courageous young doctor is dead – killed by the very virus that he tried to warn his colleagues that they should try to do something about because it was lethal.

An now the Chinese ambassador is trying to convince Dr Sands not to be over strict in his efforts to make certain that this same virus does not reach our shores. The Ambassador wants Dr Sands to reduce his 20-day quarantine to 14 days.

We urge Dr Sands to remember the young doctor whose voice was silenced when he first tried to warn of the medical threat to the world, and to turn a deaf ear to the ambassador. We encourage him do everything in his power to try to keep this country safe — and don’t forget Dr Li Wenliang — the young doctor who was condemned, and eventually died, because he tried to send out an early warning of the lethal danger.

No, Dr Sands, if you think the quarantine should be 20 days – then 20 days it shall be!



February 10, 2020.


Well_mudda_take_sic 7 months, 2 weeks ago

The very dishonest and deceitful nature of nearly all officials and representatives of the ruthless Xi-led communist regime should never be under estimated.


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