Marijuana Madness

EDITOR, The Tribune

DEAR Honourable Brother Marvin H Dames, the Most Honourable Hubert A Minnis, the Honourable Carl W Bethel, QC, et al:

I have heard much about the Marijuana Commission’s Preliminary report – that so many among you are so very excited about – when there is nothing much to be thrilled with. It sounds like the typical politically correct proposals which consecutive governments have dealt us – for the past five decades!

The preliminary report seems to wholeheartedly support the medical marijuana business, and the Rasta’s Rights. But the poor recreational user is still screwed – even if all convicted users in prison are released, and the expungement of every marijuana conviction of the past and present. All of this while the Police still arrest and charge for marijuana possession; no matter how small.

Soon we will be fined on the spot if caught with weed – no matter how minute. So, some users might end up in prison, perhaps again - if they can’t pay the fine.

This is madness mixed with pure political correctness. It is a shallow and dangerous cocktail that the politicians seem to love to serve us because we are politically stupid and mediocre.

Look here brothers and sisters, I am advocating for the full nine yards or whole hog, as it relates to marijuana legalisation in The Bahamas. How much more research is considered politically correct?



February 10, 2020


joeblow 7 months, 2 weeks ago

If only people could be as passionate about being responsible adults, parents and workers or advocate for higher moral standards in our personal lives and society at large. If only people were as passionate about education and being productive on their jobs while treating others with greater respect and not consenting to continually being dumbed down while calling it progress. If only...!


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