Missing The Haitians

EDITOR, The Tribune

This is no time to be critical, or even sarcastic, but I can’t help but comment on an observation made recently by a friend of mine about how much cleaning up of debris that still had to be done in Abaco after Hurricane Dorian. His aside was that the people seemed to be waiting to see who was going to arrive to do the heavy lifting.

I could not help but think back on the Lynden Pindling days when Sir Lynden promised Bahamians that they would no longer be “hewers of wood” and “drawers of water”. That‘s when the Haitians started to flood our shores and quickly filled the empty Bahamian shoes by being the hewers of the wood and drawers of the water — so much so that it was not uncommon to see a Bahamian curl his lips in contempt and hear him remark, “that t’aint fer me, das Haitian work!”

Don’t say that Abaconians are already missing their Haitians!



January 10, 2020


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