Spotlight On Heart Disease And Obesity At Second Cleveland Clinic Lecture

For more than a decade, the leading cause of death among Bahamians has been heart disease, with mortality numbers increasing year over year.

In collaboration with physicians and key figures in the healthcare community of the Bahamas, Cleveland Clinic Florida hopes to raise awareness of this epidemic with the second in its series of lectures under the theme “Heart Health: Hypertension and the Impact of Obesity in Heart Disease”. The lecture is scheduled for tomorrow, February 12, at 6pm in Salon II at the Rosewood, Baha Mar.

“Cleveland Clinic Florida has a long history with the Bahamas and our commitment to educate the public and provide information on latest developments in medical research is ongoing,” said Ana Luisa Uria, director of International Business Development, Cleveland Clinic Florida.

“We are excited with the stellar calibre of medical professionals we’ve assembled to speak to the critical nature of heart disease, obesity and the overarching affect it has on the Bahamian population.”

The panel of speakers includes local and international specialists highlighting the plight of this and other related non-communicable diseases. presenters will include Dr Jerome Lightbourne, paediatric cardiologist at Harbour Bay Medical Clinic; Dr Graham Cates, medical director at Family Medicine Center; Dr Duane Sands, Minister of Health and cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon, and Dr Gabriel Gavrilescu, chairman of Internal Medicine from Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Ms Uria has high turnout expectations for tomorrow evening’s event.

“These forums are ideal for the exchange of applicable medical data and dissemination of material in an easily digestible manner and the Bahamian public is hungry for the material if we were to use last year’s attendance as an indication,” she said. “It was standing room only and we’re looking forward to that same level of turnout.”

The seminar is open to the public and is free of charge. To register, e-mail event@dpa-media.com or call394-0677.


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