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BRISKLY walking up stairs, down stairs, to your car, and just taking more steps in a day is an easy exercise that can have a huge, positive impact on your heart.

It does not require much physical effort to reap the benefits. In fact, all it requires is a willingness to do get up and get moving.

This is the message the Bahamas Heart Centre hopes to send out when it kicks off Heart Health Month this Saturday with the “Step To The Beat” initiative.

The Centre, located on Collins Avenue, hopes the heart event will encourage members of the general public to get moving and donate to a worthy cause.

Facilitating the event on Saturday will be Donovan Rolle, fitness instructor of Jay Fitness. It takes place from 7am to 8am.

Participants can dance, jump, jog or step during a one-hour fitness session. They will also be given pedometers to track their movements.

“The whole point of the initiative is to gather people and get them moving at any time. We want to demonstrate to people that you do not really have to go anywhere. Many people make the excuse, for example the weather, or it being too hot, but you can get moving anywhere,” said Domica Davis, public relations officer.

“Any kind of movement will have a positive effect on the heart. You can go into the bathroom or you can do it in the front room and take steps. You can use a pedometer to aid and record how many steps you have made for an hour or so. The point is to get moving.”

Two of the fundamental pillars of prevention of heart disease are a healthy diet and regular physical exercise, said Ms Davis.

“The number one way the heart is affected is that movement causes blood circulation. When you accelerate in your movement, the heart is renergised and rejuvenated. It releases stress and tension. It brings about a lot do benefits too the body.

“Going a little bit faster than your norm has a great affect on the body. Sometimes we forget to mention that weight loss is also promoted when people move much more. The more calories you burn, the more you will see an effect.”

Ms Davis said then main thing with this initiative is to open people’s eyes to how easy it is to get in some daily physical activity, while also encouraging people to move away from sedentary lifestyles.

“It will really opens your eyes. You will be surprised at what you are doing; how many steps you take a day. You can see what is actually happening instead of just sitting behind a desk,” said Ms Davis.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to a charity of the participants’ choice.

Ms Davis this is one of several initiatives the Heart Centre will be hosting throughout the entire month of February to create awareness of heart health.

Registration for this event is $10.


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