It's A Question Of Security

EDITOR, The Tribune

Security for present and past Governor Generals - Prime Ministers - Judges - Magistrates, etc…can the Minister confirm or deny that none of the above has 24/7 security?

Governor Generals on retirement receive an aide…a vehicle but what about a security person? Similarly a Prime Minister? Chief Justice no idea and for Magistrates have no idea.

The recent occurrence of a break-in to the residence of Sir Arthur Foulkes, former governor general, raises a serious issue….if there is no security guard surely their residences should be outfitted with a security alarm?

Coronavirus and what very fortunately turned out to be a mistake by the TV stations in New Jersey where the Phantom of the Seas docked, the cruise boat had not visited Nassau and as Minister Sands correctly stated the last time was the beginning of January, 2020. Sorry; Minister, it is your job to deny such news reports not put out by some tabloid or social media but these were accredited US TV stations in New Jersey – don’t tell Joe public validate the information.

With over 90,000 cruise passengers weekly coming through Nassau are we, Ministry of Health, doing what is imperative checking every single passenger who wishes to disembark for ‘fever’? Haiti checking!



February 8, 2020.


hrysippus 7 months, 1 week ago

The proposal that retired governor generals should get 24hr security is just plain silly. These people already receive large pensions that the tax payers are stuck with. Let them pay for their own security just like the rest of us would have to do if we wanted it. Being a governor general is aa position that requires no skill or academic qualification and you only have to work a few hours each week. It is a political appointment given by the PM for political service rendered. The sooner it is abolished the better as the position serves no purpose and achieves absolutely nothing now and never has in the past.


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