God’S Grace Helps New Author Survive Devastating Blows

At the age of six, Lateisha Black was given just 24 hours to live. She had been diagnosed with meningitis and the worst was feared, but like with so many other hurdles in her life since then, she was able to overcome.

Mrs Black is now telling the story of the adversity and tragedy she has faced in her life in her autobiography, “Grace, Take A Closer Look”.

In her memoir, she talks of how she overcame academic challenges that led to her “horribly failing” and being a “non-graduate”, of how she coped with her father being incarcerated, how she overcame abuse and a debilitating illness that meant she couldn’t walk, and the financial and other hardships she faced. The most tragic moment, she says, was the sudden death of her father, who she calls “my hero”, in April 2019. This was followed by the sudden death of her twin sister shortly afterwards in June.

Despite these devastating blows, she has become a published author, a professional in the financial sector and a public speaker. The 38-year-old said she wants the book to inspire and empower others to keep striving to fulfill their God-given purpose and to never let anything stop them.

“Don’t ever give up. All things are possible with God. Be persistent; it’s not easy but it certainly pays off. My first degree (associated degree) took 12 and a half years to complete, but strangely enough, my bachelor’s degree took a year and a half,” she said.

She added: “I challenge you, to dream again and increase your faith and strive to be all that God destined you to be. To the underachiever, never give up …I am a living witness and I have proven that it does not matter how you start; rather how you finish. I am more tenacious, keen and knowledgeable – along with being intentional, strategic and focused.

“You see the track record of God’s faithfulness and a willingness to persevere is a reflection of Lateisha Black.”

The book debuted at a special event at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel on January 25, her 38th birthday, as a tribute to her father Kevin Dean and her twin sister Keneisha Dean. She also launched her Black Pearl Consulting Firm at the same event, and her 16-year-old niece, the daughter of her twin sister, launched her Heavenly Beauty business.


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