Where's The Emergency?

EDITOR, The Tribune

When may a Police or Fire truck or Ambulance use a siren? I ask because over the past months there has been a serious misuse I suggest of that blaring noisy siren without any emergency whatsoever – Why?

The Minister coming from the south-west rushing as he is late for Cabinet – the Commodore, previous one, leaving a State funeral for some reason his outrider had to have the siren blasting.

Today, Rawson Square viewing of the late Bobby Glinton – Police Headquarters is within easy walking distance of the House of Assembly, but, no, the spanking new white car came with outrider siren blasting in midday traffic to view the body. Not to be outdone leaving - Bay Street jammed with traffic the outrider turns on his siren gets out of the way!

Not discrediting the good Commissioner, but please let’s use some discretion –was the use of siren necessary – you were heading back to your office less than half a mile away!

I am deeply grateful to the Prime Minister that he is rarely late, so unlike his predecessor, no need for sirens…What a blessing.

No comment on the continued stupidity of the Prison bus…



February 13, 2020


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