Policeman Describes Finding Dead Body Of One Of Four Killed


Tribune Staff Reporter


A senior police officer yesterday described encountering the dead body of one of four people killed during the Fox Hill mass shooting moments after the incident occurred seven years ago.

Inspector Lavardo Sherman testified about encountering the lifeless body of one of the three men killed during the shooting when he arrived at the Fox Hill Park on December 27, 2013.

He said the man, clad in a short-sleeved blue t-shirt and short, dark pants, was lying face up on the ground in a pool of blood, and with abrasions to his face.

Insp Sherman said he had the opportunity to see that same man’s body in the morgue days later on January 6, 2014, as well as those of the other two male victims and a female victim, all of whom had noticeable injuries.

The officer said the female had injuries to her chest and left side of the abdomen; one of the men, whom he said was of a “light brown complexion”, suffered an injury to his right temple; another had an injury to the front, left aspect of his head; while the third man—the one he saw at the park—had injuries to his back, left shoulder area.

Insp Sherman, a crime scene investigator, also said the scene at Fox Hill was littered with numerous cartridge casings of various calibers, including that of .223 ammunition which are used in AK-47 assault rifles or “similar weapons”.

Besides the multiple fired rounds of .223 ammunition he took photographs of, Inspector Sherman said in total he observed 16 fired 9mm rounds; 10 fired 7.62 rounds; and one fired .40 round of ammunition.

The officer’s evidence came during the third day of trial before Justice Deborah Fraser concerning the Freedom Park mass shooting.

Peter Rolle, Justin Williams, and Jermaine Curry are the accused. However, a fourth man was also in the vehicle, according to Crown prosecutor Zoe Gibson, and that man is expected to give evidence against the three others.

It is alleged that the trio murdered Claudezino Davis, Shaquille Demeritte, Eric Morrison and Shenique Sands. They are also charged with the attempted murder of Chino Davis, Janet Davis, John Davis, Samuel Ferguson, Jermaine Pratt and Leroy Taylor.

According to initial reports, around 6pm on the date in question, occupants of a small, dark vehicle opened fire “with a variety of weapons” in the area just behind the basketball court where several people were gathered awaiting Junkanoo results.

Davis was pronounced dead at the scene while ten others were taken to hospital in private vehicles and an ambulance. Demeritte, Morrison and Sands later died in hospital of their injuries.

The case continues today. Rolle, Williams and Curry are each on bail.

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