New Birth Hopes For Spiritual Awakening For ‘Paralysed’ Nation


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NEW Birth Church members will kick off their 2020 Spiritual Awakening Crusade this Sunday, February 2, beginning 8am.

The event will take place on the church grounds on Faith Avenue and Bellot Road, and will continue to through Wednesday, February 5 under the theme “His Kingdom, His Glory, His Power.” The evening services will highlight the topics of healing and deliverance, and feature speaker Evangelist Femi Emanuel Hezekiah from London, England.

Organisers said the crusade will then move on to George Town, Exuma, at the Regatta Park, February 6 - 7, at 7pm on both nights.

Pastor Bruce Davis of New Birth Church said around the world, the Church and its purpose is being questioned, and it’s no different here in the Bahamas. That is why a spiritual awakening is desperately needed in the country. He said it’s unimaginable the things that could be done in this country if people were made whole through God.

He believes the Church is a powerful line of defence for the poor and marginalised, but is sometimes unable to be as effective as God intended; this is called a spiritual paralysis.

At last year’s Spiritual Awakening Crusade, Pastor Davis said there were people who testified to healings that took place in their bodies and souls. He said it was amazing thing to see God touch His people.

“Our nation cannot survive with a paralysed church. God is releasing a spiritual awakening in Nassau and George Town, Exuma. Get ready and prepare your hearts. Evangelist Femi Emanuel Hezekiah will be our very special guest. Born and raised in London, England, God called Femi at a very young age, but he didn’t heed the call until his late 30s,” said Pastor Davis.

In 2000, he said, Evangelist Hezekiah had a vision of Jesus Christ and His power.

“His father was a sorcerer, and he expected Femi to follow in his footsteps, but he rejected this mandate through the will of the Lord in his youth,” said Pastor Davis.

“While pursuing a successful career, the Lord would not let him go. In 2006, God delivered Femi from the inherited grip of witchcraft by the power of the Holy Spirit. God anointed him to cast out demons, heal the sick, and walk in the apostolic gifts. God commissioned him to deliver the poor and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked.

Pastor Davis: “God made his background a platform for His glory. Over the past 13 years, God has used Femi as an instrument of healing and deliverance in diverse ways to set people free from obeah, juju man, witchcraft, marine powers, and even sexual sin. God has now released Femi to minister healing and deliverance, not only in the UK but also in the Caribbean, the Americas, and Africa.”


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