Columbus' Statue

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Please allow a little space in your powerful daily about Columbus’ statue. We call The Bahamas a christian nation. So let us be happy, that Columbus was the first to say a Christian prayer at San Salvador in The Bahamas, in the New World. Then at Columbus’ statue let us say a prayer as a reminder. God asked Moses to put a bronze serpent on a pole, and tell the Jews to look at it, and be healed.

Columbus was born in Italy, the former Roman Empire, which was won by Constantine, the son of a Christian woman. He saw a cross in the sky, and was victorious, about 1,700 years ago. Columbus came from a christian country.

Let us not judge the aftermath of Columbus. The Bahamas has crimes, the whole world has crimes, and most likely in Columbus’ time, crimes were far less. Let us thank God for Columbus’ coming or opening up the New World, a peace world, two world wars, never starting from the New World, rather it gives supplies and human lives, and still helping with soldiers, stationed in parts of the world.

A new way of living, prosperous, inspiring, inventive, America – most powerful and developed country in the world, all of these are coming from the New World. There are millions and millions of Christians saying Christian prayers and devotion.

Thanks very much, Editor.



July 13, 2020.


tribanon 1 week, 3 days ago

If we can live with Nassau International Airport being given SLOP's name, we should have no problem whatsoever with statues of Christopher Columbus.


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