Adding Insult To Injury

EDITOR, The Tribune

Having apparently been at the forefront of the decision to open our country’s borders to visitors from the world’s epicentre of the coronavirus, it must have been difficult for Dionisio D’Aguilar to exceed with insults his injuries to the Bahamian public.

Alas, he has not disappointed. Now the minister of tourism seems to have isolated a characteristic of the COVID-19 virus that even the best epidemiologists on earth have missed: its quasi-racist preference for Bahamian passport holders as its hosts. After all, only a biased virus could explain the Minister’s casual assurance that none of the recent upsurge in cases can be traced to tourists flying in on the same planes from Florida that apparently transported the many irresponsible Bahamian hosts of the virus.

In my opinion, the world owes this man a Novel Peace Prize for his (thankfully) rare insight and intelligence on the matter. Quick, buy him a ticket to Norway – then seal the borders!



July 21, 2020.


birdiestrachan 6 days, 19 hours ago

The man has been falling on the word a lot lately. for doc no doubt. taking blame. One has to admit they have this one together, this lie "It is the Bahamian people fault"

because they know only Bahamians on those Flights had COVID 19.. They do not know that it Is impossible for them to know,


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