Editorial: We’Ve Won The First Round Of This Fight - Time To Do It Again

THERE is good news and bad news in the fight against COVID-19.

First, unfortunately, the bad news. Yesterday saw yet another surge in cases in The Bahamas, with 65 in one day. While Grand Bahama has been experiencing the most cases recently, New Providence saw 29 confirmed cases yesterday, eight more than Grand Bahama. Family Islands are not spared either – with cases in Guana Cay, Moore’s Island and Abaco.

Make no mistake, we are in the thick of it now. This is what our medical experts have been warning about from the start – a spike in cases, with fears that might overwhelm our medical facilities. At present, there are 343 active cases, with 12 people in hospital. We must pray that number does not rise to a level where decisions have to be made over who gets priority for treatment.

This is also what has been warned about in terms of the false choice between health and economy – with a surge in cases, there is no return to tourism in a hurry. We can open our borders again, but who will come in during rising cases, quarantines and lockdowns?

That’s the bad news. So where is the good?

We may be in a hole now – but we’ve been here before, and we know the way out. The actions we took before brought COVID-19 to a halt in our country, and we can do it again. Better still, we know the drill by now. What should you do? Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay physically distant from others, only go out if you need to. Sound familiar? It ought to be by now.

We know people are fed up of being stuck indoors – but each gathering puts people at risk of spreading the virus. A single family gathering earlier this month in North Carolina led to 41 people being infected with the virus. Another man in Dallas who thought the virus was a hoax wrote this week about how a family get-together led to 14 members of the same family getting infected – with one dead and another on life support.

All this takes is discipline. Weekend lockdowns are back, so let’s hunker down and give the virus nowhere to go.

The medical experts have told us what we need to do. Now it’s time to play our part.

There is more good news, with word of vaccines entering the next phase of testing – but that’s the long-term solution. The short-term solution is in our hands – so let’s grasp it.

Behind the scenes of wedding decision

When it was announced that two weddings – one in Harbour Island and one in New Providence – had been allowed to proceed with more than five people present, there was little detail explaining how those two had been given the go-ahead.

The Harbour Island one has been widely criticised after pictures of people breaking social distancing rules were circulated on social media.

The New Providence wedding, it turns out, went ahead after an intervention by the leader of the Opposition, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis.

A constituent of his asked for help, and Mr Davis contacted the Prime Minister, who gave approval by text. As it turns out, the wedding went ahead with only five present because confirmation from the Police Commissioner was not received in time, but it is a glimpse behind the scenes of how a connection led to approval being given despite a blanket ban.

To hear Mr Davis tell the tale, he was just a middle man passing the message along, but should the man who wants to lead the nation have been a bit more firm in whether it was right to seek an exemption?

On the Prime Minister’s part, should he have been more thorough in evaluating whether or not the wedding would have proceeded safely before giving his approval?

What makes one ceremony safe and another not – and is this ad hoc method of approving one over the other really the way we are doing things?

Have lessons really been learned since Dr Duane Sands had his resignation as Minister of Health accepted? And the bigger question is this – when we are telling people to avoid large gatherings, what message are we sending out if that ban is only for some people?

We said above that we must be disciplined – that means our leadership too.


tribanon 4 months, 1 week ago

It won't be tamed anymore. We had only one chance to get it right and Minnis and D'Aguilar blew it with their most stupid decision to pre-maturely re-open our borders. With one very daft and foolish decision, the directionless and clueless duo of Minnis and D'Aguilar have jeopardized the lives of many more vulnerable Bahamians and healthcare workers and destroyed what was left of our non-tourist dependent local economy. By the way has anyone even noticed our new minister of health is MIA (missing in action)?


ISpeakFacts 4 months, 1 week ago

Pastor Wells is busy reciting his scriptures, he'll be back when its time to throw Holy Water on the Chinese Virus!


ThisIsOurs 4 months, 1 week ago

When the glory of being minister of Health looked like it was wearing off and it looked like actual work was involved Dr Minnis couldn't get rid of that portfolio fast enough. And with numbers skyrocketing Mr Wells said he's focusing on immunizations.


Dawes 4 months, 1 week ago

Yup we should all hide in our homes until this vaccine comes about. Once it does we will all be back to normal and all the companies will reopen as though nothing happened.


Wisdom4 4 months, 1 week ago

This virus is not going away anytime soon. Yes! The world is waiting on COVID-19 vaccine, hopefully this year or 2021. Instead, of playing the blame game.

Reality check!

Educate people they may have to live with this COVID-19, but we have to live with caution.
The economy needs be working again; People are losing jobs unable to pay their bills and more. This is unfair.

Closing all commercial fights, borders, giving business closing restrictions and lock downs. How long do you think this will last?

Everyone is living in fear.

Fact of the manner, people need to treat this virus like everyone has it. This is why people need to follow the health guidelines and live with caution.

Honestly, NOT all Solution is going to be perfect as we deal with this COVID-19 virus.
It’s time for people to get back to WORK and LIVE.

Wearing a mask helps prevent the spread, wash hands, and social distance. Keep your immune system healthy.


birdiestrachan 4 months, 1 week ago

The PM changes the laws to often and without notice. it is confusing.

No time to prepare. And very often the laws make no sense.

5 at a going home service.. it takes six to lift the coffin.


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