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Tuesday, March 31

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03312020 EDITION

Tuesday, 31st March, 2020.

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New case of COVID-19 in Grand Bahama – 15 confirmed cases in total

There is a new confirmed case of COVID-19 in Grand Bahama.

EDITORIAL: The cost of the coronavirus battle

A BILLION dollars by July.

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FACE TO FACE: Keeping the faithful connected as churches fall silent

Churches all around the world are embracing the digital age like never before in the face of the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. Church leaders are faced with finding new ways to reach their members as the pews are not filled for the first time in recent history.

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Rolle takes over as chief of police as Ferguson bows out

AFTER a brief handover ceremony at Police Headquarters yesterday, Paul Rolle was sworn in as the newest commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

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Shakara's stuck in US on her journey from Japan

SHAKARA Rolle, a Bahamian woman who is now stuck in the United States amid the COVID-19 crisis, is counting down the days when she can return home to her family.

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Living with disabilities in COVID-19 crisis

BAHAMIANS living with disabilities said the COVID-19 crisis has created unique challenges for the community, which places them at a higher risk of contracting the contagious disease.

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Bethel urges landlords to be lenient with rent

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel has urged landlords to be lenient with rent collection as “everybody has to take a hit” during the pandemic. While addressing the issue of rent relief in the Senate, Mr Bethel said there “obviously” needs to be some dialogue about the matter during this economic and health crisis.

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COVID-19 test results awaited after Bimini woman dies

MINISTRY of Health officials are awaiting test results to determine whether a Bimini woman who died in Nassau Monday night was positive for COVID-19.

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Bimini woman who died is Cabinet minister's sister

THE Bimini woman who died in New Providence Monday night and is suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms is the sister of a Cabinet minister.

14 clinic workers told to self-isolate

MORE than a dozen staff at the Elizabeth Estates Clinic have been told to self-quarantine as a precautionary measure after they were exposed to a person with COVID-19, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Delon Brennen said yesterday.

Hot weather unlikely to halt spread of disease

DESPITE international reports suggesting the coronavirus is less likely to thrive in warmer, tropical climates, a local medical expert has warned hot temperatures will not stop the highly infectious disease from spreading.

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Pintard: Food supplies are adequate in short-term

AGRICULTURE and Fisheries Minister Michael Pintard said The Bahamas must closely monitor its food supplies during the COVID-19 crisis as major agricultural producers around the world are considering reducing their exports or locking down.

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Businesses say - we’ll need a lot more

The Government was yesterday urged to "marry health with economics" to maximise the "phenomenal gesture" of its $60m bid to safeguard up to 10,000 jobs through tax credits and deferrals.

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Super Value chief eyes overtime ease via new measures

Super Value’s principal yesterday voiced hope that new shopping restrictions will “work better than what’s happening now” and enable him to reverse a 20 percent increase in overtime payroll. Rupert Roberts told Tribune Business that the Prime Minist

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DPM: 'Govt running as fast as we can'

The deputy prime minister yesterday said the government was “running as fast as we can” to support Bahamians and the private sector with more than $100m in COVID-19 financial aid.K Peter Turnquest urged the private sector to have patience with the ne

Bahamas must 'keep economic patient alive'

The Fiscal Responsibility Council’s chairman yesterday said the Government needs to “keep the patient alive” and prevent the COVID-19 crisis from collapsing the Bahamian economy. Kevin Burrows told Tribune Business he felt the government has suffici

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HELPING HAND: Turnquest extends benefits package to help self-employed

THE government will expand its unemployment assistance programme to self-employed people outside of the tourism industry, Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest announced yesterday.

Shoppers must play by crisis rulebook

GROCERY store managers support new shopping restrictions outlined by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, but they fear the public will not adhere to the new rules unless they are strictly enforced.

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Fusion NIB problems add to staff worries

WHEN Ben Brown went to the National Insurance Board to claim benefits recently, he was surprised and dismayed to learn that his employer, Fusion Superplex, allegedly had not paid the majority of his NIB contributions.

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‘Nygard tried to short-change us’

Peter Nygard's "alarming response" to the crisis engulfing his global fashion empire was to threaten to transfer its assets to a new company just one day after stepping down as its chairman.

Company helps with special clothing

AS the novel coronavirus continues to spread, Bahamas Striping Group of Companies has pitched in to assist government with its response by supplying an assortment of protective gear.

Reports name man found dead in house

The man discovered dead at a residence in South Bahamia area on Saturday is believed to be 40-year-old Ishmael Roberts.

PETER YOUNG: Are we doing enough to prevent economy being left in ruins?

In writing further about the coronavirus crisis - now being called the greatest ever threat to the world in peacetime - I offer comment this week on the latest developments in Europe, including Britain, and here at home as well. The crisis affecting so many countries has become nothing short of a human catastrophe and the most serious global health challenge of our times. Its effects have also had a horrifying impact on the world economy and have disrupted modern society on an unimaginable scale.

All in this together

Stephen Hawking, the late 74-year-old Cambridge professor, said: “The world is facing huge environmental and technological challenges and needs to unite and work together to protect the humanity. We face awesome environmental challenges:

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Olympics rescheduled: Tokyo games set for July 23 to August, 8, 2021

We now have a new proposed date for the games of the XXXII Olympiad.

Charlton on Olympic dates: ‘I was a little disappointed at first when I got the news’

WITH the 2020 Olympic Games postponed and a new date now set for around the same time in 2021, Devynne Charlton said it works better for her in terms of getting a chance to qualify to compete for the Bahamas in the women’s 100 metres hurdles for the first time.

COVI-19 gives courier firms business boost

Courier companies say they have enjoyed a business boost due to the emergency lockdown imposed to counter the coronavirus pandemic. Barbara Ferguson, a Just Ship It managing partner, told Tribune Business : “It has increased a little with people try

GB Chamber president backs virus lockdown

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce’s president has backed the government’s COVID-19 lockdown as critical to “prevent a far worse toll and greater hardship”. Greg LaRoda said the “difficult” measures put in place by the government would undoubtedly

Self-employed assistance net expands to cover 7,000

More than 7,000 persons will be covered by the government’s $5.9m expansion of COVID-19 aid to self-employed workers outside the tourism sector, the deputy prime minister said yesterday.K Peter Turnquest told the House of Assembly that the extension

Scotiabank unveils five branch closings

Scotiabank (Bahamas) has confirmed five branches have closed until after Easter as it moves to help the fight against the novel coronavirus’s spread.The Canadian-owned bank, in a note to customers, said four New Providence-based branches as well as i

Applicants seek nearly 75% of small firms aid

Almost 75 percent of the government’s $20m small business loan facility has been covered by the nearly-400 applications received to-date, the deputy prime minister revealed yesterday.K Peter Turnquest told the House of Assembly that existing applican

Opposition calls for $2bn in borrowing

The opposition’s deputy leader yesterday urged the government to borrow up to $2bn to prevent the Bahamian economy’s collapse amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Chester Cooper, pictured , the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) shadow minister for finance, t

Monday, March 30

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Monday, 30th March, 2020.

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03302020 EDITION

Monday, 30th March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: Get off the roads and stay at home

STILL too many people on the road – that’s the key point to be drawn from the latest tightening of regulations to curtail movement.

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INSIGHT: This is only the start - for God’s sake do as you’re told and stay indoors

SINCE the country’s first case of Covid-19 was announced, while the government has done its part in implementing strict legislation to regulate the movement of people, the same can’t be said for many Bahamian citizens. It would seem as though our reaction to impending hurricanes – stocking up on everything we think we need - has given us a similar reflex response to Covid-19, which is a completely different animal.

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INSIGHT: A delicate balance of minimising deaths without putting the whole country at risk

THE world, including The Bahamas, has been plunged into a state of fear, insecurity and uncertainty by the coronavirus epidemic. We congratulate our Prime Minister for taking the bold stand of setting up a curfew and restriction of movement in response to this national challenge. A leader must be informed, willing to take risks and, above all, able to exude calm. The Prime Minister fulfilled these three characteristics.

Deadline for lunch vouchers

THE Ministry of Education advises all parents and guardians who did not collect lunch vouchers from public schools on Wednesday that they should now collect them on either today or tomorrow.

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Davis calls for reimbursement plan for hotels

Official Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday called on the government to implement a reimbursement plan for hotels so they can continue to pay workers amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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109 people living in church arrested

MORE than 100 people were arrested for illegally residing at a church in Marsh Harbour, Abaco early on Saturday morning.

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14 infected crew aboard RCCL vessel off Coco Cay

ROYAL Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas is anchored off the coast of Great Harbour Cay with 14 crew members positive for COVID-19, Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar confirmed yesterday.

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Henfield defends decision to close country’s borders

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Darren Henfield has defended the government’s decision to close the country’s borders to all incoming commercial travellers, including Bahamians, saying the move was a bid to prevent a rise in COVID-19 cases as has been seen in other countries.

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BPL cash crisis as payments collapse

Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) has suffered a "frightening" multi-million dollar March revenue drop that threatens the energy provider's very existence if it continues, a Cabinet minister has revealed.

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Atlantis’ plan to pay axed workers

Atlantis workers have hailed the mega resort's plans to pay staff up to 50 percent of their base salaries for the next 60 days as a "wonderful thing" to mitigate COVID-19's financial fall-out.

Harbour Island 'like movie set that's gone dark'

A Harbour Island property manager has described the tourism hot-spot as akin “a movie set gone dark” amid the COVID-19 lockdown, adding: “We’ve not seen this in almost 70 years.”James Malcolm, a former Ministry of Tourism executive who now runs a vac

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VAT, business licence filings back to April 15

The government has pushed back the deadlines for March’s VAT filings and business licence fee payments until April 15, a senior official confirmed yesterday. Marlon Johnson, the Ministry of Finance’s acting financial secretary, told Tribune Business

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We've never seen numbers like this - how will it play out in the end?

The coronavirus pandemic is taking the planet by storm, despite emerging less than four months ago it has taken over headlines, infecting hundreds of thousands including prominent leaders such as the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and causing u

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Unemployment assistance expands to self-employed outside tourism

THE government will expand its unemployment assistance programme to self-employed people outside of the tourism industry, Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest announced Monday.

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WE ALL NEED TO DO MORE: Curfew extended until at least April 8, two infected cases hospitalised, designated shopper for each house

THE House of Assembly will today debate a resolution to extend the country’s state of emergency and emergency orders to April 8, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said last night, as he revealed the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases had surged to 14.

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Husband’s agony at wife’s funeral delay

VINCENT Cash made the difficult decision to postpone his wife’s funeral amid restrictions put in place by the government to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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WORLD VIEW: Today’s OAS - run by a few for a few

ON March 20 a reckless and irresponsible General Assembly (GA) was held by the Organization of American States (OAS), putting the health of many at risk and giving an entirely wrong example to the entire world.

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Two in hospital after shootings

TWO men are in hospital after separate shooting incidents on New Providence and Grand Bahama on the weekend.

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Ten foreign nationals apprehended

Members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force brought 10 foreign fishermen into the Defence Force Base last evening after their vessel was apprehended in the Ragged Island chain on Friday.

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THE Benedictine Sisters of Saint Martin Monastery have announced the death of Sister Cecila Albury, OSB, who died at the monastery on Saturday.

This is a time to try men's souls

The advent of the deadly and highly contagious Corona Virus a/k/a ‘COVID-19’ has upended everything and everyone’s plans for the present and for the future worldwide. Here at home we are between a rock and a very hard place. This is the so-called flu season and when compounded with the known symptoms of COVID-19 the average Bahamian may well be confused and perplexed beyond measure.

We need a multi-step approach

In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), a multi-step plan should be enacted.

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‘I am going to live up to my word to my father and push towards competing in my last Olympics’

AS a tribute to their deceased father, Leevan ‘Dragon’ Sands Sr, triple jump siblings Leevan ‘Superman’ Sands and Bria Sands are more committed to making their final and initial appearances respectively at the 2020 Olympic Games.

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NBA could continue in Bahamas

The Bahamas has been targeted as a possible destination if the NBA continues its 2019-20 season following the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Screwed' if we don't use covid-19 to truly reform

The Bahamas will be “screwed” if it does not use the “unique opportunity” provided by the COVID-19 pandemic to restructure itself for a sustainable 21st century future, it was argued yesterday.Roderick Simms, a former Chamber of Commerce director who

Ocean Club to stay open

The Paradise Island-based Ocean Club says it plans to remain open with “limited services” and has no intention of laying-off staff amid the COVID-19 pandemic.John Conway, general manager of the Ocean Club, a Four Seasons resort, told Tribune Business

Virus 'spikes' demand for payment provider's app

A Bahamian payments solutions provider says it has seen “a spike” in persons downloading its app to conduct financial transactions with more than 60 local businesses.MobileAssist, a financial technology (FinTech) provider, says it has given companies

Taxi drivers face benefits struggle as self-employed

Taxi drivers would not be struggling to obtain the new self-employed jobless benefit if the government had moved faster on granting new plate leases and franchises, a union president is arguing. Wesley Ferguson, president of the Bahamas Taxi Cab Uni

Liquor distributor denies law breach

A Bahamian liquor distributor has refuted assertions by the Police Commissioner that its now-prohibited home delivery service breached the law.

Sunday, March 29

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PM: Three new cases of COVID-19, 14 in total

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has revealed there are three new cases of COVID-19 in the Bahamas – 14 in total.

Saturday, March 28

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Man found hanged in Grand Bahama home

Grand Bahama police are investigating the death of a man in the South Bahamia area Saturday.

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New case of COVID-19 in Grand Bahama

The Ministry of Health has confirmed a new case of COVID-19 in Grand Bahama..

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Office of the Prime Minister: Voice note claiming 30-day shutdown is completely false

The Office of the Prime Minister says a voice note on social media claiming that a country-wide 30-day shutdown will be announced on Monday is false.

Friday, March 27

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03272020 EDITION

Friday, 27th March, 2020.

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03272020 WEEKEND

Friday, 27th March, 2020.

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UPDATED: Ministry confirms new case of COVID-19

The Ministry of Health confirmed one new case of the novel coronavirus on Friday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to ten.

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PM suggests more restrictions on movement could come

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis suggested on Friday that more restrictions to movement under the emergency powers order could be coming.

Dozens of Bahamian students return home from Barbados

DOZENS of Bahamian students studying in Barbados took a Bahamasair flight on Friday to return to The Bahamas.

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Man in hospital after Grand Bahama shooting

A man was shot early Friday morning in Freeport and is hospitalised in serious condition, according to Grand Bahama Police.

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NIB 'has $1.7bn in reserves to satisfy claims'

THE Director of the National Insurance Board, Dr Nicola Virgil-Rolle, announced on Friday that NIB has about $1.7bn in its reserves to satisfy claims.

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Report: 600 being tracked in The Bahamas for signs of COVID-19

A TOTAL of 600 people in The Bahamas are being tracked through contact tracing for possible signs or symptoms of COVID-19, a new regional report has said.

EDITORIAL: Stop this virus spreading within our community

TWO hammer blows struck last night – one on our shores, and one across the water in the US.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Time to wake up to what’s happening all over the world

THIS week, “all buck up go” forced a full-lockdown curfew, elitism stepped forward and got pushed back, and press briefings morphed into something unrecognisable. Let’s begin.

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Bahamas left facing 'God awful situation'

A prominent Bahamian businessman yesterday urged the government not to implement an overly-huge economic stimulus package or open the economy too soon in the battle against COVID-19. Sir Franklyn Wilson told Tribune Business that The Bahamas simply

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The Lyford Cay Club yesterday confirmed it will close at month's end, and terminate around 150-160 staff, as it "moved up" a $40m renovation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Liquor store blames rivals over govt's 24-hour u-turn

A Bahamian liquor distributor yesterday accused its rivals of “pressuring” the government to perform a u-turn on its free home delivery service in less than 24 hours. Gary Sands, Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits general manager, told Tribune Business it wa

Harbour Island's top employer in 'heart-break blow'

Harbour Island’s “largest employer” yesterday said COVID-19 had dealt it a “heart-breaking blow” following a “stunning” January where room revenue was up 52 percent year-over-year.Dean Spychalla, general director for Valentine’s Resort and Marina, to

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$1.2m debtors hit Superplex payroll

The Fusion Superplex was unable to meet the last staff payroll before the COVID-19 lockdown because debtors failed to pay the collective $1.2m they owe, its top executive revealed yesterday. Carlos Foulkes, its chief executive, told Tribune Business

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Davis disappointed by homeless convictions

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Leader Philip “Brave” Davis is disappointed homeless people have been convicted of violating the COVID-19 curfew.

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One high-risk man’s fight to avoid getting ill

ELLIS Stuart has diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Curfew threatens safety of at-risk children, says expert

A SENIOR administrator of a New Providence school is disturbed by what the COVID-19 lockdown could mean for vulnerable children and wants the government to outline measures to help youngsters at risk of abuse.

Food bank serving 400 a day

GREAT Commission Ministries has been inundated with requests for food from needy residents amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the food bank serving between 300 to 400 people daily over the past few weeks.

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Exercise regulations amended, airport closed to incoming commercial passengers

REGULATIONS on where Bahamians can exercise have been amended for the current lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

More businesses added to exemption list

The government has added more businesses and services that are exempt from emergency order restrictions during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

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How people are making the best of the lockdown

WHILE many Bahamians are finding stay-at-home orders and a national curfew challenging, others are exploring ways to cope with this new reality.

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Home delivery alcohol - out of order

POLICE Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said a local liquor store was prevented yesterday from launching a delivery service because it breached emergency orders now in effect and liquor licence provisions.

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Fusion: We can’t pay our staff

FUSION employees have been told the company is facing a payroll deficiency and will be unable to satisfy salaries for this pay period.

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Two men fined $300 for violating curfew

TWO men charged with violating the national curfew have been ordered to pay a $300 fine or face 10 days in prison.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Essentially, we could do with some flexibility

When you consider that Hubert A Minnis has been a doctor ten times longer than he has been prime minister, you can appreciate his medical stop-the-spread-at-any-cost approach to COVID-19.

More meat needed on the bone

I am aware that the mainstream media is biased towards what it hoped would be the successful navigation of the Corona Virus syndrome by the Minnis regime. It is now known that the official Opposition is lockstep with the PM and his allies in the imposition of draconian emergency powers which might abrogate the Bahamas Independence Order, 1973.

Fallout from this pandemic will test us like never before

Thank you Dr. Minnis, Dr. Sands and the medical team for leading the charge in the war against COVID-19.

Davis got it wrong on curfew

Conventional wisdom dictates that in times of health pandemics we should ignore the posturing of politicians and instead lean on the advice of medical professionals.

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‘I want to compete at the next Olympics’

Bahamian amateur boxer Carl Hield said he’s still looking forward to continuing his long and illustrious career despite the postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games until 2021.

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Darling Jr making his presence felt on court

AFTER leaving the Bahamas as a two-sport athlete, Blaize Darling Jr has now found his niche and is making his presence felt as a basketball player.

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Burrows Sr first Bahamian able to call collegiate baseball games

MARTIN ‘Pork’ Burrows Sr added another accolade to his résumé as he has now become the first Bahamian to be able to officiate at collegiate baseball games.

Dwight Coleby ‘holding up well’ in Italy

ITALY has been one of the countries hardest hit by the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic and Bahamian pro basketball player Dwight Coleby remained in the country as his Lega Basket Serie A was suspended amid the nationwide lockdown.

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Bahamian Garvin Clarke named league co-Player of the Year

GARVIN Clarke’s offseason began with several regional awards as the senior point guard was recognised for a standout year in Cleveland, Ohio.

Joshua Dames gets offer from the Bulldogs

JOSHUA Dames has begun to garner attention from major Division I basketball programmes and received his first offer of what is expected to be an active recruiting process.

The first “socially distant” church services – How was it for you?

Many Bahamians experienced their first socially distant church service this past Sunday. And while it may have been strange to worship without the presence of fellow members, the connection to God was still the same.

Faith vs fear in the face of coronavirus

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic an expected level of fear has hit globally. Here in the Bahamas people have been stocking up on medications, especially vitamin C, hand sanitisers and cleaning supplies in order to shield themselves from contracting the virus. While the nation takes the necessary health and hygiene precautions to defend itself from COVID-19, a local Anglican priest urges the nation to be prayerful and to put into practice faith over fear during this time.

Gospel artists offer encouragement during quarantine

FOR the working class, free time is a rarity that does not come often and usually doesn’t last for an extended period of time.

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4 MORE CASES: New revelations highlight danger – so stay inside your home

THE number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country has risen to nine, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands announced yesterday after revealing that four more people in New Providence had tested positive for highly contagious disease.

Cleaning firms: Critical we're treated 'essential'

Cleaning products and services firms yesterday said their addition to the list of “essential” businesses spared from the lockdown is critical to combat the health risk posed by COVID-19. Roman Knowles, a Blanco Bleach sales manager, told Tribune Bus

Marine pilot firm expands to Bimini

A Bahamian marine pilot company has expanded its services to Bimini after obtaining the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Transport and the Port Department. “Marine pilots services are of the utmost importance as it pertains to maritime safet

RBC unveils special bank time for seniors

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has announced special banking times for seniors and differently-abled persons that will take effect today due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.The Canadian-owned financial services provider said in a statement that f

IT firms: We'll 'stress' business resiliency

Information technology (IT) firms yesterday said their will “heavily stress” the importance of business resiliency to every client once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Philip Darville, SolveIT Bahamas’ managing director, told Tribune Business yester

Fisheries call for 'well policed' public market

A National Fisheries Association (NFA) director yesterday argued that the government should permit fishermen to sell directly to the public at a “well-policed market”.Paul Mailis, while backing the nationwide lockdown to prevent COVID-19’s spread loc

Development Bank in COVID-19 help

The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) has joined the list of financial institutions offering a three-month loan repayment deferral to clients who are current on their credit facilities. Unveiling its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government-ow

BTC in COVID-19 customer boost

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) yesterday said it has increased broadband Internet speeds at no extra cost as part of multiple measures introduced amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The carrier added that it has also created a virtual store; a

Thursday, March 26

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03262020 EDITION

Thursday, 26th March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: Saving lives, then saving the economy

THE extent of the economic crisis we are facing is beginning to become clear.

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Gardiner: ‘It’s devastating’ – athletes react to Tokyo Olympics being postponed

The International Olympic Committee and 2020 host country Japan officially announced the postponement of the Tokyo Games due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak on Tuesday and prospective Bahamian Olympians reacted to the decision.

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FRONT PORCH SIMON: Real leadership in times of crisis - listen, learn and act

US presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin has written extensively on public leadership and character. In Leadership in Turbulent Times, Mrs. Kearns Goodwin chronicles how Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) and Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) grew through personal adversity and performed through periods of national crisis.

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STATESIDE: Trump keeps putting his foot in his mouth without sanitising it

On Tuesday the coronavirus claimed one of its biggest victims yet. The 2020 Olympic Games have been postponed. The International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo organising committee officially announced the quadrennial global games had been put off until sometime next year.

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Port Authority set to put medical facility on standby

THE Grand Bahama Bahama Port Authority has confirmed its intent to provide a medical facility on standby for COVID-19 cases here on the island, according to GBPA vice chairman Sarah St George.

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'Church is here to help anyone who needs it'

ALTHOUGH church services have been suspended amid the COVID-19 crisis, Bahamians can still turn to the religious community for assistance during these hard times.

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Disconnections to be suspended until March 31

BAHAMAS Power and Light (BPL) will immediately suspend disconnections until March 31.

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Man charged with murdering his father in Garden Hills

A 24-year-old man was charged Thursday with murdering his father in the Garden Hills area earlier this week.

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Business dilemma - how long can we survive?

The Government was yesterday urged to strike "a happy medium" in its battle against COVID-19 amid fears that an extended lockdown could "completely destroy the Bahamian economy".

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Lockdown extension fears: 30% of small businesses may go

Some 30 percent of small businesses will “automatically” close if the government extends the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown for another month, a consultant to the sector warned yesterday.

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‘Praying’ Atlantis re-opens May 16

The hotel union’s president yesterday said he was “hoping and praying” that the COVID-19 related closure of Atlantis and other major Bahamian resorts does not extend beyond May 15.

Pandemic gives online shopping platform lift-off

A Bahamian-developed online shopping platform yesterday said the COVID-19 pandemic had given its business an immediate lift-off despite impacting the launch.

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Bahamas cannot be COVID-19 ‘pariah’

The Bahamas will experience a much more rapid post-COVID-19 economic recovery if all citizens do their part to prevent infection numbers exploding locally, a Cabinet minister urged yesterday.

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Atlantis' lights out until May 15

ATLANTIS’ announcement yesterday that the resort will close until May 15 signals a “rough ride” economically for the country, Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar told The Tribune, adding he suspected the extended time frame was due to global uncertainty over COVID-19.

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NIB expects 15,000 to sign on for benefits

DEPARTMENT of Labour director John Pinder expects that around 15,000 people affected by the tourism sector shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic will register to receive National Insurance Board benefits.

Families delay laying loved ones to rest

MAJOR funeral homes across the country are seeing an increase of families either cancelling or postponing memorial services because of the COVID-19 pandemic, president of the Bahamas Funeral Directors Association Kirsch Ferguson said yesterday.

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Fears spread in Abaco after fifth case confirmed

RESIDENTS in Abaco are concerned about COVID-19 reaching their communities after a case was confirmed in Grand Bahama on Tuesday.

Student self-isolates after returning from Jamaica

A BAHAMIAN student studying at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Jamaica has been ordered to self-isolate after returning to the country on a government issued flight.

Ministry set to advise on new exam dates

THE Ministry of Education is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and will soon advise the public on new dates for all 2020 national examinations.

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RBC introduces seniors opening

ROYAL Bank of Canada announced the introduction of special month-end banking times for seniors and differently-abled persons due to the ongoing novel coronavirus global pandemic.

Religious leaders stage day of prayer and fasting

A NATIONAL Day of Prayer and Fasting was observed yesterday as religious leaders engaged with worshippers through social media amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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Farewell ceremony set for Ferguson

A FAREWELL ceremony is scheduled for next Monday in honour of outgoing Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson, according to Minister of National Security Marvin Dames.

Bahamas’ must break economic status quo

Regardless of the outcome when all this is over, the one clear thing is that no other event in modern history has laid bare the interconnected world, uncovering the vulnerabilities of certain countries and regions.

COVID-19 ‘last thing’ Family Islands want

Family Island businesses yesterday backed the government’s emergency nationwide COVID-19 lockdown as essential to protecting their communities despite the economic cost.

Long Island fears over coronavirus resources

Long Island’s Chamber of Commerce president has voiced concern that the island lacks sufficient COVID-19 testing kits and other health resources essential to countering the pandemic.

Food stores cope on social distance

Food stores yesterday said they were coping with the newly-enforced social distancing policy implemented by the government to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wednesday, March 25

What are we? Chopped liver?

ONE hears of private sector companies in the USA and UK making ventilators instead of vacuum cleaners...

LETTERS: See the danger and put the coffin on hold

BAHAMIANS are complaining about government’s restrictions on their activities, while America’s president is fighting to lift the severe business restrictions in the US to preserve the strength of the almighty dollar — obviously to secure his own re-election!

LETTERS: Crisis must not spark a 'fire sale'

The tragic danger of current events for The Bahamas is that our government will treat the impending crisis in the world economy as an opportunity to double down on the fire sale approach they have taken toward foreign investment projects, rather than reflecting on how badly recent governments have squandered this country’s abundant opportunities for sustainable and equitable growth.

EDITORIAL: Get used to the curfew - it'll be with us for a while

THE confirmation of a new case of coronavirus seemingly unrelated to the previous patients is a reminder of the urgency to maintain our discipline in the lockdown presently in place across our nation.

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03252020 EDITION

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020.

Hospital issues urgent appeal for blood donations

PRINCESS Margaret Hospital has issued an urgent appeal for blood donations.

Quarantine genius - how people around the world are showing their creativity

As people around the world have been cooped up in quarantine, many are using the time to show their creative side - and Bahamians have been getting in on the act.

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Atlantis extends temporary closure until May 15

ATLANTIS has announced its temporary closure from 3pm today until May 15.

Central Bank: 'Tolerant treatment' for bad loans

The Central Bank yesterday said it will exercise “tolerant regulatory treatment” during the COVID-19 crisis by not treating support provided to distressed borrowers as arrears or restructured loans.

Drivers 'must see bigger picture' on jitney closure

A union leader yesterday said jitney drivers must “see the bigger picture” and stop complaining over the industry’s COVID-19 enforced shutdown.

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DPM: Bahamas faces 'deep, stark' recession

The deputy prime minister yesterday warned The Bahamas faces a “very deep and stark recession”, and urged it to brace for “major problems” if the COVID-19 crisis continues beyond summer.

CIBC expanding loan holiday to credit cards

CIBC FirstCaribbean yesterday said it is expanding its three-month loan repayment waiver to credit card holders who are either current or less than 60 days in arrears.

Cable to waive reconnect fee

Cable Bahamas yesterday said it will waive reconnection fees for all customer accounts previously disconnected for non-payment as it moves to lessen the COVID-19 fall-out for Bahamians.

Scotiabank joins loan holiday trend

Scotiabank (Bahamas) yesterday became the latest commercial bank to respond to the COVID-19 crisis by offering distressed borrowers a three-month loan repayment holiday.

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AG: We can get 'strict' on banks

The Attorney General yesterday warned that the government could get “very strict” by forcing banks to close their branch doors as part of efforts to combat the COVID-19m pandemic.

Private sector 'compiles' concerns over lockdown

The private sector is “compiling” its concerns over the potential 30-day lockdown extension and the sectors that will be exempted for presentation to the government, it was revealed last night.

Marinas lose 'through roof' bookings to virus

The COVID-19 crisis was yesterday said to have cost Bahamian marinas what was shaping up to be “the best season ever” with bookings that were “through the roof” as recently as early March.

Bahamian airlines may seek COVID crisis assistance

Private Bahamian airlines will require financial assistance “to get back in the game” once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, an industry operator warned yesterday.

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Port's 50% tariff slash 'for masses, not few'

Nassau’s main commercial shipping port yesterday pledged that slashing all tariff rates by 50 percent for the next month will ease the COVID-19 pain for “the masses rather than the select few”.

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Sprinter Tynia Gaither thrilled Olympic Games not cancelled

TYNIA Gaither, one of the leading ladies in the Bahamian short sprints, was hoping that the 2020 Olympic Games would have still taken place in Tokyo, Japan, in July. But she’s thrilled to know that it’s just being postponed until 2021 and not cancelled.

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Olympics postponed

It’s official now. The 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the world’s biggest sporting spectacle, has finally been postponed until 2021 because of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic around the world and the significant impact it was having on global athletes’ preparation for the multi-sporting event.

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ALICIA WALLACE: 'We're not being punished just protected - but we must not forget those who fall through the gaps'

We are here. What is being called a “24-hour curfew” is now in place and will remain until March 31. Except for essential workers, we are to work remotely or businesses are to pause their operations. The only businesses that should be open are grocery stores, pharmacies, medical supplies and services, hotels, banks, gas stations, laundromats and food takeaways.

Donations needed for senior citizen homes

OPERATORS of senior citizens homes are appealing to the government and the public for donations to help them get through the COVID-19 lockdown.

Hotline to help victims of violence

THE economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the social restrictions meant to stop the spread of COVID-19 may lead to anger and physical violence in households, the Bahamas Crisis Centre has said.

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Police will be there to help, says Dames

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames said police will not enforce Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ emergency COVID-19 orders in an intimidating way, emphasising the point is to save lives, not punish people.

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12 charged with curfew violations

TWELVE people were charged yesterday with violating the national curfew imposed by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis - two on Grand Bahama and ten on Abaco.

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Vendors understand the need for lockdown

VENDORS at Arawak Cay and Potter’s Cay Dock said while the temporary closure of their businesses is unfortunate, they understand the shutdown is necessary to deter the spread of COVID-19 locally.

Cleaning programme begins

The Department of Environmental Health Services has embarked on a disinfecting exercise, as a preventive measure to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Davis urges people to comply with measures

PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis has urged residents to exercise self-discipline and comply with emergency measures Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Wells defends move to close down buses

TRANSPORT and Local Government Minister Renward Wells defended the government’s decision to shut down the public transportation system, saying the move was necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Airlines - we’ll need a bailout

Private Bahamian airlines will require financial assistance "to get back in the game" once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, an industry operator warned yesterday.

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UPDATED: Privy Council refuses attempt to appeal Frank Smith acquittal

THE Privy Council has refused the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution's attempt to appeal Frank Smith's acquittal.

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30 more days? Bethel suggests extension to lockdown likely

WHEN Parliament convenes on Monday it will likely agree to extend the 24-hour curfew based on the recommendation of medical experts.

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Extended curfew order sparks shopping frenzy

SHOPPERS flocked to grocery stores yesterday, queuing for hours in long lines after Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced a daily 24-hour curfew and more restrictions for the country.

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‘It’s going to be deep recession’

WITH the COVID-19 pandemic threatening to hit the country with a $1bn loss or more, Finance Minister Peter Turnquest said yesterday it is likely the economy is already in a recession.

Tuesday, March 24

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UPDATED: Fifth case of COVID-19 is in Grand Bahama

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands announced the country’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 outside of New Providence Tuesday, a woman in Grand Bahama with no significant recent travel history.

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03242020 EDITION

Tuesday, 24th March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: At the end of it all, there remains hope

THE Bahamian people were asked to behave sensibly, to choose to act wisely to limit the spread of coronavirus. Collectively, we failed.

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A virus rages, a flame goes out: Tokyo Games reset for 2021

Not even the Summer Olympics could withstand the force of the coronavirus. After weeks of hedging, the IOC took the unprecedented step of postponing the world's biggest sporting event, a global extravaganza that's been cemented into the calendar for more than a century.

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FACE TO FACE: Shanika strives to help patients with no-one else to turn to

Dr Shanika Hill is happy that she got to fulfil her mission to come to The Bahamas and help hundreds of diabetic patients before the Covid-19 pandemic, which has now changed the face of healthcare in the world. Earlier this month, Shanika led a team of 14 healthcare professionals and students from Miami to Nassau to take part in a special campaign to help decrease the amount of local diabetic patients undergoing amputations.

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Schools expect fees to be paid

DESPITE thousands of people laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some private schools have sent out notices demanding outstanding school fees be paid immediately prompted frustration from some affected parents.

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Hotel workers unsure how they will keep going

HOTEL workers temporarily laid off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are anxious for the crisis to end and unsure how they will make ends meet.

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Curfew could be extended when Parliament convenes

WHEN Parliament convenes on Monday it will likely agree to extend the 24-hour curfew based on the recommendation of medical experts.

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Businesses fighting for survival

As the deadly coronavirus continues to impact nations all over the world, The Tribune spoke to citizens in the capital to find out how they were coping in the midst of the pandemic.

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'Many will die if we don't take this seriously'

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands warned yesterday if the country does not take the COVID-19 threat seriously, “many of us will die,” adding health officials are not certain when the fast-spreading pandemic will end.

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GB economy facing a tough time

Still reeling from Hurricane Dorian last year, Grand Bahama’s economy faces a significant setback due to the tourism slowdown brought on by COVID-19.

‘Curfew will increase risk of violence to women’

ACTIVISTS say the curfew and restrictions on movement to prevent spread of the coronavirus increases women’s and children’s risk of domestic violence, with no government remedies in sight.

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Munroe is simply wrong, says AG Bethel

ATTORNEY General Carl Bethel said Wayne Munroe, QC, is “plain and simply wrong” with his criticism of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ emergency powers order.

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Lines outside stores due to curfew, social distancing

With The Bahamas under a 24-hour curfew from 9am this morning due to the coronavirus pandemic, many flocked to stores to stock up on supplies.

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Abaco: Back to ground zero

Abaco's Chamber of Commerce president yesterday said the island's post-Dorian recovery has been plunged "back to ground zero" by the COVID-19 crisis, adding: "We're on our own again."

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Sandals closing leaves Exuma 'eerily quiet'

Sandals Emerald Bay’s closure will have “a devastating impact” on an Exuma economy that has “more to lose” from the COVID-19 pandemic than other islands, Tribune Business was told yesterday.Pedro Rolle, Exuma’s Chamber of Commerce president, describe

Retailer urges: Relax lockdown on business

A Bahamian retailer yesterday urged the government to permit businesses to open for a short time daily to ease the economic pain just hours before the prime minister tightened the lockdown. Andrew Wilson, Quality Business Centre’s (QBC) principal, t

Lockdown sparks increased security services demand

Bahamian security companies yesterday reported an increased demand for their services due to the nationwide lockdown stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.Chris Adderley, Westech Security’s managing director, told Tribune Business he had seen multiple

Ex-BDB chair: Govt has '$2.5bn problem'

An ex-Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) chairman yesterday argued that mass COVID-19 related unemployment will give the government “a $2.5bn problem” it has no choice but to finance.Lynden Nairn told Tribune Business the Minnis administration’s estimate

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Commissioner: You can call 311 for assurances during curfew

POLICE Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said residents can call 311 during the 24-hour curfew if they want assurances they will be given road access while travelling for essential services.

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Scotiabank joins loan holiday trend

Scotiabank (Bahamas) yesterday became the latest commercial bank to respond to the COVID-19 crisis by offering distressed borrowers a three-month loan repayment holiday.

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It’s 24 hours: Minnis ramps up curfew to tighten grip in virus war

FACED with a matter of “life and death”, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced more stringent COVID-19 prevention measures, including a daily 24-hour curfew and the closure of airports and seaports beginning at 9am today through to March 31.

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Three in court for violating curfew

THREE men were arraigned in Grand Bahama yesterday for violating the national curfew. Police said all three men pleaded guilty.

Water stations are closely monitored

WATER stations and depots on Grand Bahama are being closely monitored as part of the Grand Bahama Utility Company’s (GBUC) response to the threat of COVID-19.

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Police bus flips onto side after collision

A CAR smashed into a police bus yesterday afternoon at Marathon Road causing the bus to flip on its side, sending several police officers and one woman to hospital.

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PETER YOUNG: The whole world’s at war with an enemy within

The suggestion last week by English historian and author, Antony Beevor, that mankind may be facing a fundamental turning point over the deadly coronavirus may be regarded by many as a bit over the top – transformative for sure, but such an apocalyptic claim looks to be premature since no one knows with certainty how this crisis is going to develop. The seriousness of COVID-19 so far, with the latest figures showing it has infected more than 350,000 with over 16,000 deaths, makes me keen as a columnist to offer comment once again this week.

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Caribbean region joins plea to postpone or cancel Olympics

Newly elected North American, Central American and Caribbean President Mike Sands said the region is joining the World Athletics’ plea to the International Olympic Committee to either postpone or cancel the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

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Tokyo Games ‘not going to start on July 24’

AS pressure continues to mount from athletes, member federations and healthcare professionals, one International Olympic Committee official gave the first indication that the 2020 Tokyo Games will be postponed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Monday, March 23

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CORONAVIRUS: Bahamasair to suspend operations

BAHAMASAIR last night announced it was suspending operations in the wake of the government's latest coronavirus regulations.

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PM announces 24-hour curfew – essential travel only

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has announced a 24-hour curfew, with essential travel only, to come into force at 9am Tuesday (tomorrow) and expire on March 31 at 9am. Last week’s order still remains in effect.

Cuban officials urge tourists to leave the island on or before Tuesday

CUBA announced on Friday that no tourist arrivals will be permitted in the country as of Tuesday.

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03232020 EDITION

Monday, 23rd March, 2020.

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Monday, 23rd March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: The disaster that has hit our economy

AN economic earthquake has hit The Bahamas.

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INSIGHT: With an economy on its knees, straight-shooter Sol arrived with a dream

Ex Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on Sol Kerzner’s contribution to The Bahamas.

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INSIGHT: Kerzner's rule was always to 'blow away the customer'

Sol Kerzner can be deemed one of the world’s most advanced and inventive hoteliers. He was the founder of the Southern Sun hotel group, Sun International and Kerzner International, all very successful in the establishment of mega resorts.

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No new trials

ALL new trials have been suspended as the judiciary expands its coronavirus mitigation protocols. Members of the jury pool for each criminal court will be contacted by the respective bailiff to inform them when to return to court.

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Plane sent to Jamaica to bring back 61 students

THE government chartered a plane to Jamaica on Saturday for Bahamian students studying in the region, demanding that the 61 pupils self-quarantine in their homes upon arrival, according to Education Minister Jeff Lloyd.

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Media will be free to carry out its work

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday stressed the emergency orders he put in place last week allows for the free movement of the media. He released a statement after a police officer denied a local media company access to the streets of New Providence on Saturday during curfew hours.

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UDPATED: Body found in shallow grave

THE body of a man was found Monday afternoon in a shallow grave behind his home in Garden Hills.

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IOC member says Olympic Games will be postponed

With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, an International Olympic Committee member said on Monday the 2020 Olympic Games would be postponed, a decision that will affect the six Bahamian track and field athletes who have qualified so far.

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Govt may expand temporary jobless benefit scheme

MINISTER of Public Service and National Insurance Board Brensil Rolle suggested the government could expand its temporary unemployment benefit assistance to include people not in the tourism industry who have been affected by actions taken to prevent spread of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus gives markets the bug and turns Bulls into Bears

The spread of coronavirus and the growing realisation about the impact it will have on the global economy triggered one of the most spectacular U-turns in the history of stock markets.

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Churches happy they got their message across

CHURCHES across the country used online platforms to conduct Sunday services for their members yesterday after agreeing last week to suspend mass gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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No new cases but there may be a surge

THE number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Bahamas remained at four over the weekend, but health officials warned against a false sense of security as they brace for a surge in numbers.

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‘It’s not been this bad in 30 years’

The hotel union’s president yesterday estimated up to 15,000 resort workers and their families have been hit by the wave of industry closures, and said: “I’ve never seen it this bad in 30 years.”

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Get 'game changer' industries to reduce external vulnerability

Commonwealth Bank’s president says the COVID-19 pandemic fall-out has again exposed the urgency for The Bahamas to attract “game changer” industries that will diversify its economy.Raymond Winder told Tribune Business that this nation had done little

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Fidelity bucks 'blanket' loan deferral trend

A BISX-listed commercial bank says it will not be making “grandiose statements” of “blanket” COVID-19 loan deferrals and instead plans to continue its post-Dorian “case-by-case basis” approach.Gowon Bowe, Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) chief financial offic

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Turnquest: Recovery to be slow and anaemic

The Government has not used all the economic stimulus tools available to it, the deputy prime minister revealed last night, having kept some in reserve in case the COVID-19 pandemic is "prolonged".

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RBC to temporarily close Bay Street, Mackey Street branches

Royal Bank of Canada has announced the temporary closure of two of its branches as a result of measures to tackle the coronavirus.

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Virus takes jobless to 30% as major hotels shut down

THE country’s major hotels are shutting down because of the coronavirus crisis and temporarily laying off staff, with Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar saying the unemployment rate is now probably above 30 percent and expected to grow.

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Farewell to the Sun King, Sol Kerzner

FAMILY, friends and political figures paid tribute this weekend to hotel tycoon and Atlantis developer Sir Sol Kerzner, who died on Saturday at the age of 84.

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INSIGHT: Pray our government is getting this right because the alternative is terrifying

IF there is anything valuable we’ve learned since COVID-19 launched its deadly onslaught on at least 186 countries, amassing more than 276,000 cases and causing over 11,000 deaths, it is that timing is everything. The Bahamas has been blessed with the good fortune of witnessing the mistakes made by other countries and is acting at what may prove to be the optimal time.

How my friend helped fulfill a dream for these islands

It is most difficult for me to accept that Sol Kerzner has died at the age of 84. I had the very good fortune of working with Sol from the day he assumed control and management.

Why we must listen to our Birth Mother

On this first day of Spring, I should like to share these words in your publication as we face this present day crisis together in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and all around the world.

NIB: New unemployment benefit to launch this week

The National Insurance Board (NIB) is aiming to launch the $10m unemployment benefit scheme for self-employed persons by this Friday, its director told Tribune Business.Dr Nicola Virgil-Rolle confirmed that the social security scheme had last week se

Barbers and beauty salons fret over lockdown survival

Bahamian barber shops and beauty salons say they are trying to determine how they will pay the bills and survive after being placed on COVID-19 lockdown until month’s end.Adam Russell, Stylistic Barbers’ owner, told Tribune Business: “Right now I’m s

Retailer hails 'huge help' of govt lockdown change

A major Bahamian retailer has hailed the government’s decision to modify its “locked down” businesses list as “a huge help” both to its sector and the wider economy.Brent Burrows, vice-president of CBS Bahamas (Commonwealth Building Supplies), told T

Govt told: Increase small business support to $50m

The government has been urged to more than double its planned small business loan support to $50m amid fears firms may lose up to 60 percent of their sales between now and end-June.Mark A. Turnquest, a well-known small business consultant, told Tribu

Galleria: No lay-offs despite our closure

Galleria Cinemas says it does not expect to lay-off any staff despite being forced to close its doors to customers as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. Christopher Mortimer, pictured , the company’s principal, said: “We are following the protoco

More stimulus to come amid 30% jobless rate fear

The government has not used all the economic stimulus tools available to it, the deputy prime minister revealed last night, having kept some in reserve in case the COVID-19 pandemic is “prolonged”. K Peter Turnquest, pictured , in a messaged reply t

Sarkis defeats CCA over $150m 'oppression' claim

Sarkis Izmirlian has fought off a $150m “shareholder oppression” claim in the latest of a series of New York legal victories against Baha Mar’s main contractor. Judge Saliann Scarpulla, sitting in the New York State Supreme Court, ruled that China C

Sunday, March 22

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The four confirmed COVID-19 cases came from 117 tests

The four positive cases of COVID-19 in the Bahamas were from a total of 117 tests, Minister of Health Dr Duane Sands said on Sunday.

Saturday, March 21

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Three escape injury after plane crashes off Eleuthera

Police are investigating after a plane crashed in waters off Eleuthera Island on Saturday afternoon. There were no injuries.

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VIDEO: On the streets with the police on night one of the curfew

THE normally busy streets of Nassau were eerily silent Friday night after a national curfew officially came into effect in an effort to fight the COVID-19 threat.

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Baha Mar to close on March 25 until further notice – temporary layoffs for nonessential staff

Baha Mar will close until further notice starting March 25 at 3pm, with a temporary layoff of all nonessential staff.

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UPDATED: Sol Kerzner dies age 84, PM pays tribute to ‘pioneer in the resort industry’

Hotel tycoon, business magnate and Atlantis developer Sol Kerzner has died age 84.

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Ministry: Fourth COVID-19 case linked to first

SATURDAY UPDATE: The Ministry of Health has released a new dashboard (main picture) showing four confirmed cases of COVID-19, seven in quarantine and 35 released from quarantine.

Friday, March 20

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BAIC annouces Produce Exchange hours

THE Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation has announced that in view of the impact that COVID-19 could have on the Bahamas as outlined by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, the Produce Exchange’s opening hours from Monday until March 31 will be as follows:

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Haitian community leaders back government action on COVID-19

LEADERS of the local Haitian community announced on Friday that they support the Government in its fight to control the COVID-19 virus, and urged Haitians in The Bahamas to present themselves to healthcare facilities if sick, regardless of their immigration status.

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Sands explains need to use West End clinic as quarantine centre

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands moved to explain the need to use the West End Clinic in Grand Bahama as a quarantine treatment centre for those who test positive for COVID-19 despite the objections of residents.

Resorts World Bimini announces temporary closure

RESORTS World Bimini announced the temporary closure of the resort on Friday.

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Panic buying goes on after curfew announcement

LOCAL food stores are experiencing a surge of customers after Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced a national curfew until March 31 between 9pm and 5am to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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Bahamasair changes schedule in response to virus

BAHAMASAIR has announced changes to its flight schedule in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

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03202020 EDITION

Friday, 20th March, 2020.

Experts give advice on mental health during lockdown

WITH the country now on partial lockdown in view of the COVID-19 threat, a local mental health expert is urging Bahamians to avoid fake news and to not panic while under quarantine in an effort to protect their mental health.

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03202020 WEEKEND

Friday, 20th March, 2020.

Shutdown will affect bus drivers 'terribly'

Bus drivers are losing income of up to $1,200 per week after the country’s services have been shut down without notice to stakeholders.

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Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar closes casino

THE Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar closed its casino as of 5am Friday, with management saying the move was in response to new government restrictions and out of an “abundance of caution” as COVID-19 has triggered heightened safety measures.

EDITORIAL: It’s a virus, do as the doctor says

ON Wednesday, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis unveiled regulations that gave him powers to tackle the spread of the coronavirus. Yesterday, he used them.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Cool heads and hopefully no fevered brows

AS the “corona” pandemic heightens around the world and throughout The Bahamas, let’s us all remain calm and aware.

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More than 350 Fusion Superplex staff placed on unpaid leave

FUSION Superplex has placed more than 350 employees on unpaid leave after it was blindsided by the government’s COVID-19 lockdown.

'Virus will not stop storm relief efforts'

CHAIRMAN of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority John-Michael Clarke said yesterday that while the COVID-19 threat will cause things to “slow down”, officials will not stop relief and rebuilding efforts on storm impacted islands. Face-to-face servi

Tease photo

Businesses: Changing staffing is last resort

DESPITE a sharp slump in sales due to the COVID-19 threat, some businesses in New Providence told The Tribune adjusting staffing in any way is a last resort. For now, a wait and see approach is being taken, three local retailers said. They spoke to

Tease photo

UPDATED: PM puts nation in lockdown, confirmed COVID-19 cases now stand at four

FRIDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: There has been another confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Bahamas, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to four.

Tease photo

Ministry of Tourism & Aviation statement on COVID-19

THE Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation has released the following statement on the COVID-19 crisis:

Tease photo

Bahamian in isolation at university in the US

A Bahamian student studying in Pennsylvania is currently in self-isolation at her university, which has taken preventative measures to ensure that students that couldn’t return home remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pennsylvania has more tha

Tease photo

CIBC to help clients 'case by case'

CIBC FirstCaribbean says the bank is committed to working with its clients to offer special assistance on a case-by-case basis for those adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “This could include deferred payments; special loan financing and o

Tease photo

'Stop non-compliance' warning as Atlantis dubbed a ghost town

Bahamians were last night told they must shed “the culture of non-compliance” as “the best way” to minimise COVID-19’s projected $1bn blow to the national economy.

Retailers warn over COVID-19 'crime spike'

A Chamber of Chamber director yesterday said “crime has spiked considerably” as following the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shut-down of much of the Bahamian economy.Tara Morley, who is also the Bahamas Federation of Retailers (BFR) co-presiden

Tease photo

Super Value's 'crazy panic buying figures'

Super Value’s principal yesterday revealed that COVID-19 panic buying had produced “crazy figures” with sales at some stores having increased by as much as 147 percent. Rupert Roberts, the supermarket chain’s president, told Tribune Business that wh

Tease photo

Construction starts to take '40-60% hit'

New construction starts will take a 40-60 percent hit, a former Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) president predicted yesterday, with the industry unlikely to rebound until near year-end. Leonard Sands, pictured , told Tribune Business that whi

Tease photo

Man shot dead in Stapledon Gardens

POLICE are investigating a Friday morning shooting incident in Stapledon Gardens that has left a man dead.

Tease photo

Receiver takes over Nygard firms

Peter Nygard’s global fashion empire has been plunged into financial crisis after court-appointed receivers this week took over its affairs following recent sex trafficking allegations against the tycoon.

Tease photo

PLP leader criticises emergency order

PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis criticised an emergency order issued by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis yesterday, saying the provisions appeared to be rushed. He said the prohibitions outlined in the order - including a national curfew and the suspension of business operations with few exceptions - may adversely impact the public.

Tease photo

NBA telling teams to keep players, staff out of facilities

The NBA has told its teams to close its training and practice facilities to all players and staff starting Friday, saying the shuttering will last indefinitely in the latest response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Zion Baptist stays open

THE doors of Zion Baptist Church will remain open for worship despite the social distancing suggestions from government, Senior Pastor T G Morrison told The Tribune yesterday. A day earlier, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced that religious l

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Rapper offers donation to fight COVID-19

AMERICAN rapper and actor Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges will donate $200,000 worth of medical equipment to The Bahamas through a partnership with his charity and HeadORG to help fight the spread of COVID-19. According to a press release, HeadORG, T

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DIANE PHILLIPS: It’s time to stop, think and be ready when the world starts turning again

We have all seen the pictures. Empty streets in downtown Nassau. Empty seats on planes. Prince George Wharf and Festival Place, where the usual complaint is overcrowding, now eerily silent. Store shutters and roll downs sending an unmistakable message – closed for business. At LPIA, the nation’s largest and busiest airport, you could stage a soccer match outside two terminals without causing inconvenience to anyone trying to check in.

Whose rights are more important?

I have been closely monitoring the standoff between a local Bahamian entrepreneur and the Free National Movement (FNM) government concerning the leasing of Crown Land on Colonial Beach, Paradise Island.

Challenges for poor women

As we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in general, it is also important to accelerate women’s equality particularly in developing countries.

Petroleum suppliers confident no interruption from COVID-19

Major Bahamas-based petroleum suppliers yesterday said they expect no disruption to fuel flows due to the coronavirus pandemic. Valentino Hanna, general manager at Sol Petroleum Bahamas, the Esso distributor, told Tribune Business : “At present we s

CIBC offers six-month virus loan moratorium

CIBC FirstCaribbean yesterday unveiled a range of options, including up to six-month loan moratoriums, to cushion COVID-19’s economic fall-out for clients across The Bahamas and wider Caribbean. Following the lead set by its fellow Canadian-owned in

GB Power suspends new consumer levy

Grand Bahama Power Company yesterday said it is suspending the extra charge it was preparing to add to customer bills from April 1, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The utility said the move occurred “following consultation” with the Grand Bah

IAN FERGUSON: Keeping workers busy during the pandemic

The entire planet has been reeling over its response to the pandemic we call COVID-19. Businesses (particularly those in the tourism and hospitality industry) have closed or are in such decline that closure is imminent. For those that remain employed

Thursday, March 19

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03192020 EDITION

Thursday, 19th March, 2020.

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STATESIDE: Just the ticket - Biden and Klobuchar?

For a several weeks now the US has been floundering in its response to the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, the American administration, and especially President Donald Trump, downplayed the health danger of the virus. As a result the US found itself underprepared and potentially overwhelmed once the virus truly turned its attention to America.

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Minnis warning against fake news

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis railed against fake news yesterday while discussing provisions in new emergency regulations that make it an offence to spread misinformation if one knows or can be reasonably expected to know the information is false.

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UPDATED: Prime Minister announces COVID-19 curfew

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis ordered that beginning tomorrow people remain indoors for the next eleven days between 9pm and 5am and that business operations, with few exceptions, be suspended.

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NIB adapts to protect more vulnerable customers

THE National Insurance Board is now on “orange alert,” meaning the agency has streamlined processes to protect its more vulnerable customers and limit risks to staff in the wake of the threat of COVID-19. “The National Insurance Board (NIB) has acti

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RBPF distributes COVID-19 policies

THE Royal Bahamas Police Force has distributed its COVID-19 policies to officers, according to Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson. He said the RBPF’s plan is in line with the government’s policies and has been handed to the minister of national

'We need to minimise peak of the outbreak'

A LOCAL health official said if the government can minimise the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, which occurs roughly 45 days after the first case is reported, the amount of deaths can be reduced. It was also revealed yesterday that nine nurses are in

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Port Lucaya vendors bracing for the worst

Straw vendors at the Port Lucaya Marketplace are bracing for the worst - a possible shutdown of the marketplace where business has come to a virtual crawl since cruise ships cancelled sailings. “We know it is a real setback for us,” said Simeon Brow

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$4.4bn economic blow: 'Playbook out window'

The coronavirus and Hurricane Dorian are threatening to deal The Bahamas an “unprecedented” $4.4bn blow, with the deputy prime minister revealing yesterday: “The playbook is out the window.” K Peter Turnquest, speaking to Tribune Business after reve

Water sports sector near total shutdown

Water sports operators yesterday revealed the industry is almost completely shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Kamar Chandon, general manager of KC Watersports Bahamas, told Tribune Business : “They shut down the cruise ships and stuff, so we

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COVID-19 'worst ever catastrophe' for the workforce

A trade union leader yesterday branded the coronavirus as “the worst catastrophe” Bahamian workers have ever faced due to the uncertainty over how long it will last.Obie Ferguson, pictured, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) president, told Tribune Busi

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Govt praised on virus measures given 'limitations'

Private sector executives and union leaders yesterday praised the government for striking the right balance between its fiscal woes and propping up workers and the economy against COVID-19.Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (

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Dames: Law enforcement 'ready' to deal with COVID-19 crime threats

AS fears continue to mount over the COVID-19 pandemic, National Security Minister Marvin Dames assured that law enforcement agencies “are ready” to deal with whatever crime threats that may occur during the crisis.

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Churches agree to suspend services

CHURCH leaders have agreed to temporarily suspend services in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday.

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We are at war and together we’ll win: PM’s battle plan to fight deadly virus

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis declared “war” against the novel coronavirus yesterday, saying new regulations granting him sweeping emergency powers over the Bahamian society are needed to save lives.

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We will have more cases, says Sands

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands said the number of coronavirus cases in the country is expected to increase in the coming days.

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Meal vouchers for students 'who depend on schools for their meals'

WITH schools now closed due to COVID-19 fears, Education Minister Jeff Lloyd said yesterday the Ministry will provide meal vouchers this month to students “who depend on schools for their meals.”

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Economy facing $1bn bodyblow, Turnquest tells House

DESPITE a projected total economic fallout of as much as $1bn from the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has announced several relief measures for workers in the tourism industry who will be most affected by the virus’ global impact.

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Four on murder charges

FOUR men were charged with murder yesterday in connection with three recent homicides in New Providence. One of the men was led to court in a wheelchair, his arm in a cast and sling, due to a previous injury that came after he fell off a roof, his la

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Workmen discover foetus in dumpster

SANITATION workers found a foetus in a dumpster in an area off Farrington Road yesterday and police are urging the baby’s mother to come forward. Police said they were called to Sarah Robinson Road shortly after 11am after the workers made the grues

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ERIC MINNS, the singer/songwriter who wrote such iconic Bahamian songs as Island Boy, Fox Hill Gal and I’m Coming Home for Junkanoo has passed away after a long illness.

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Freeport man, 28, on murder charge

A 28-year-old Freeport man was charged with murder in the Eight Mile Rock Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Claude Valsaint, of No 6 Maxim Court, appeared before Magistrate’s Gwendolyn Claude. It is alleged that on March 12, at Eight Mile Rock, the accu

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Goodman 'Marco' appeal adjourned

THE Court of Appeal hearing where Kofhe Goodman was expected to challenge his murder conviction has been adjourned to June 2. Yesterday, Goodman appeared before the appellate tribunal of Justices Jon Isaacs, Roy Jones and Sir Michael Barnett, five m

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Court of Appeal orders retrial over incest case

THE Court of Appeal has ruled that a man previously sentenced to 25 years in prison for incest be retried due to misdirection given to the jury by the trial judge. In a recently delivered written ruling, three appellate judges said the trial judge e

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Despite virus, IOC still intends to host Olympics

Despite the cancellation or suspension of virtually every major sporting event across the globe as a result of the novel coronavirus, the International Olympic Committee remains steadfast on its intention to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games as scheduled.

EDITORIAL: PM declares war, but no march to action

WE are at war, declared Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, as he announced new regulations that give him sweeping new powers to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

Dionisio has winning way

I make no secret of the fact that my favourite cabinet minister within the Minnis regime is the Hon Dionisio D’Aguilar (FNM-Free Town) our erstwhile Minister of Tourism & Aviation.

Grand Bahamians have good reason to be excited

Bahamians who are harbouring pessimism about Royal Caribbean’s and the ITM Group’s impressive plans for the Grand Lucayan and Freeport Harbour should visit Royal Caribbean blog site in order to read an article by one Matt Hochberg concerning the planned $300 million investment.

Wake up! 'There will be no tourists'

A Cabinet minister yesterday urged Bahamians to “grasp the simple yet inconceivable reality that there will be no tourists” visiting this nation for at least two to three months.Dionisio D’Aguilar, pictured, minister of tourism and aviation, sought i

RBC unveils three-month 'good client' loan deferral

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) yesterday unveiled a three-month deferral of loan repayments for clients in The Bahamas and wider Caribbean who were in good standing as at March 2, 2020. The Canadian banking giant, detailing its response to the coronavir

ART OF GRAPHIX: How to erase with precision

The “background eraser tools” in Photoshop are extremely useful. If you have not used this yet you may think they are tools for, well, erasing things. You have probably seen the little eraser in your toolbar and wondered what they were for. Photoshop

Tourist arrivals driven by 78% cruise isle rise

A 78 percent increase in arrivals to the cruise lines’ private Bahamian islands was the sole factor driving increased visitor numbers during January 2020, it was revealed yesterday. K Peter Turnquest, unveiling the government’s fiscal and economic p

Bahamasair in schedule slash to contain losses

A Cabinet minister yesterday said Bahamasair is examining how to combine flights and slash schedules to contain losses that will inevitably “go up” amid the coronavirus pandemic. Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and aviation, told Tribune Bus

Restaurants suffer 40% sales drop-off

Well-known restaurants yesterday reported a 40 percent sales decline due to the economic shutdown created by the coronavirus pandemic. Philip Smith, the Compass Point Resort and Restaurant’s property manager, told Tribune Business : “We have seen a

Commission chief gains regional supervisory post

The Securities Commission yesterday announced its top executive has been elected as vice-chair for a global supervisory organisation’s regional body. Christina Rolle, the Bahamian regulator’s executive director, was named vice-chair for the Inter-Am

Wednesday, March 18

EDITORIAL: No easy solution for Prime Minister to choose

AROUND the world, governments are trying to work out how to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Closing schools was easy but where was the planning for what families did next?

COVID-19 is forcing us to change the way we live. It demands that we change our behaviour in order to stop the spread of the virus. We are not yet taking it as seriously as we should. We should not have waited for a confirmed case before taking action, especially when we have thousands of people moving in and out of the country, directly engaging with a large proportion of our population through the tourism industry.

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Courts to suspend new jury trials and try to wrap up cases

CHIEF Justice Brian Moree announced that the judiciary will postpone new criminal jury trials until April 14, try to wrap up ongoing Supreme Court criminal cases in the next seven days and limit the number of people in court rooms.

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Davis urges WSC to reconnect customers

OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said because of the coronavirus crisis, the Water & Sewerage Corporation and Bahamas Power & Light should reconnect customers disconnected over arrears.

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Prime Minister's COVID-19 speech from the House in full

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis' speech on Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Regulations, House of Assembly, Wednesday, 18 March, 2020:

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NIB to offer assistance to virus victims

THE National Insurance Board announced it will offer assistance to workers who have contracted the novel coronavirus or are quarantined due to exposure to the virus. NIB also announced workers who are temporarily laid off due to the economic impact

Abaco clinics taking every precaution

CLINICS on Abaco are taking precautions to ward off the spread of the novel coronavirus. “We are taking every precaution here on the island of Abaco,” said clinic administrator, Velty Parker-Carey. “Our clinics are ready to go. When staff and patie

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Haitian repatriations to continue

AN immigration official has maintained that Haitian repatriation exercises will continue despite Bahamasair revealing Haiti has suspended most flights coming into the country with the exception of the US and Cuba due to coronavirus fears. Tracey Coo

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Airport is open and fully operational

LYNDEN Pindling International Airport remains open and fully operational, the Nassau Airport Development Company has advised. “The airport is not closing in the foreseeable future,” NAD said in a brief statement yesterday. “We are continuing to moni

Former policeman warns of crime spike

A FORMER police officer and owner of a private security firm has urged Bahamians to exercise extreme caution in the coming weeks, projecting a spike in crime as a result of unemployment due to COVID-19. Elston Bain, a 16-year veteran of the Royal Ba

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Unions fear large cut in working hours for members

THE union representing hotel workers in the country yesterday predicted widespread work day reductions in view of the global COVID-19 pandemic, while warning that things could get worse before they get better.

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IDB warns ‘worst case’ impact could be $3bn

The Bahamas could suffer a catastrophic 26 percent gross domestic product (GDP) cut if the worst-case coronavirus scenario comes true, an Inter-American Development Bank report revealed yesterday.

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Union leader: 'All hands on deck' for virus

A trade union leader yesterday called for an “all hands on deck” approach to minimise the threat that the coronavirus crisis poses to the livelihoods of thousands of Bahamian workers. Bernard Evans, the National Congress of Trade Unions of The Baham

Wholesalers: Panic buying 'through roof'

Wholesalers yesterday urged Bahamians to get a grip on coronavirus-related panic buying that has gone “through the roof” and increased demand by up to 25 percent. Philip G Smith, the d’Albenas Agency’s sales and marketing manager, told Tribune Busin

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'Pandemonium' doubles water producer's sales

A Bahamian bottled water supplier yesterday said the coronavirus pandemic has sparked “pandemonium” among consumers with online delivery orders soaring four times’ higher than normal levels. Christian Knowles, Aquapure’s senior manager, told Tribune

Public transport demand off 40%

The number of passengers using public transportation was yesterday said to have decreased by 40 percent due to the coronavirus-imposed 30-day cruise industry shutdown and school closures. Harrison Moxey, the United Public Transportation Company’s (U

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'No headroom' over COVID-19 fiscal stimulus

The government “doesn’t have the headroom” to rescue the Bahamian economy from the coronavirus crisis through a package of tax cuts and waivers, a governance reformer argued yesterday. Robert Myers, pictured , the Organisation for Responsible Govern

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03182020 EDITION

Wednesday, 18th March, 2020.

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PM: Country ‘at war’ with COVID-19 – reveals two more cases

THE country “is at war” with the novel coronavirus, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced on Wednesday as he revealed the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country have risen to three.

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SHUTDOWN: PM to unveil package of drastic measures to stop virus spread

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis will today announce extraordinary social distancing policies that businesses, churches and social groups must comply with as the country fights potential spread of COVID-19, according to Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Delon Brennen.

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Testing is only available in New Providence, says Sands

TESTING for the novel coronavirus is only available in New Providence, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands revealed yesterday.

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Minnis urges people to stop panic buying

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has urged people to stop panic buying, saying he has been assured the nation has “at least a one to three months’ supply” of food and import shipments are continuing as normal.

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Jamaican woman charged with 19 counts of fraud

A Jamaican woman who attempted to gain Bahamian citizenship by assuming the identity of another woman was charged with 19 counts of fraud yesterday in Magistrate’s Court.Marlene Stephens, 43, appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney charged with po

We must worry about the poor

The Federal Reserve took its rate to zero and additional $700 billion in stimulus on March 15, 2020. The Federal Reserve balance sheet will be at its peak of $4.5 trillion. This will be done by purchasing assets – in this case, $500 billion in Treasury securities and $200 billion in mortgage-backed securities. The purchases will begin right away, with $40 billion in purchases set to take place on Monday, March 16, 2020.

No place for party politics

IF one were to peruse the annals of modern Bahamian history, dating back to the era of the United Bahamian Party, when the Bahamian Colony first achieved internal self government from England in 1964, one would be hard pressed to name one other PM who has had the kind of challenges Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis is currently faced with.

Leave this crisis to the experts

We have listened to and read so much about Covid-19 that the brain is totally confused about the whole affair. We have experts and experts, Government officials, health officials all adding their two cents to the issue how to wash you hands, how to sneeze, what to sing while washing your hands and how not to hoard loo rolls and other necessary products and so on.

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Durant among 4 Nets to test positive for new coronavirus

NEW YORK (AP) — Four Brooklyn Nets players, including Kevin Durant, have tested positive for the new coronavirus, bringing the total to seven known players in the NBA.

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BLTA completes its national teams for the upcoming Davis, Fed Cup

ALTHOUGH they have not postponed or cancelled the events due to the increase in the coronavirus pandemic, the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association has completed its national teams for the upcoming Davis and Fed Cups.

Potter's Cay suffers mixed virus impact

Potter’s Cay vendors yesterday disclosed that the coronavirus has had a mixed impact on business to-date, with some saying it was “down bad” and others seeing minimal effects. Sandra Ferguson, the Midnight Spot’s general manager, told Tribune Busine

Banks: 'Too early' to predict COVID-19 hit for bad loans

The Clearing Banks Association’s (CBA) chairman yesterday said it was “too early” to predict how the economic fall-out associated with the coronavirus will impact the sector’s non-performing loans. Lasonya Missick, in an e-mailed response to Tribune

Hilton give staff vacation 'option'

The British Colonial Hilton yesterday confirmed it has given staff the “option” of taking two weeks’ vacation leave as it joins Atlantis in seeking to reduce labour costs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Pablo Casal, the downtown Nassau resort’s gener

Commission suspends its on-site examinations

The Securities Commission yesterday said it has suspended all “routine” on-site examinations of its capital markets and investment funds licensees in response to the coronavirus epidemic. The financial services regulator, confirming that the suspens

Bay Street shutdown branded 'lifetime first'

A prominent realtor yesterday described Bay Street’s virtual shut-down as a “lifetime first” as his firm moved to join others in working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.Mario Carey, principal of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate MCR Group

GB Power unveils coronavirus plans

Grand Bahama Power Company yesterday said it has initiated measures to both prevent the spread of the coronavirus and provide customers with some relief from the economic fall-out. To help safeguard the health and well-being of employees, contractor

Ardastra Gardens takes coronavirus precautions

Ardastra Gardens yesterday said it will remain open despite the drop-off in tourist traffic as it implements precautionary measures to counter the coronavirus. “In an effort to keep our staff and the animals healthy and safe, we’ve temporarily suspe

Security chief warns on virus-related crime spike

The founder of a private security firm yesterday urged Bahamians to exercise extreme caution in the coming weeks amid forecasts of a spike in crime due to coronavirus-related unemployment.Elston Bain, pictured, a 16-year veteran of the Royal Bahamas

Tuesday, March 17

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03172020 EDITION

Tuesday, 17th March, 2020.

Next generation gets career Insights from CIBC FirstCaribbean’s leading women

CIBC FirstCaribbean marked International Women’s Day by giving one high school senior a first-hand glimpse of the banking profession.

EDITORIAL: Plan for bad times - but remember the good times will come again

AS much as the coronavirus has medical consequences, so too it has become clear that it has economic consequences.

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PETER YOUNG: Keep the politics out of this crisis

My heart sank when I saw the headline ‘Biden and Sanders slam Trump over response to coronavirus crisis’. Then, after tuning in to CNN and MSNBC, who relentlessly vilify President Trump whatever he does, my worst fears were confirmed.

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FACE TO FACE: Marisa’s on a mission - it’s about helping people

March is celebrated as Women’s History Month. Coming on the heels of last week’s tribute for International Women’s Day, I decided to highlight another phenomenal woman. This time, I feature Marisa Mason Smith, a woman who has done so much for the advancement of women in this country, and so much for her fellow citizens on the whole, that she deserves her flowers today.

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Restaurants and local businesses fearing the worst

A DAY after the country recorded its first case of COVID-19, some local restaurants are already starting to suspend operations as a precautionary measure to safeguard against the potentially deadly disease. One of them is Twin Brothers restaurant, l

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Exuma sports company struggling to break even

AFTER losing $96,000 through cancellations in the last two weeks, one Exuma businessman is considering the bright side of the country potentially shutting down over coronavirus concerns. “I would welcome a shutdown because it’s now cheaper for me to

Carnival and film festival among events postponed

IN an effort to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, many local events have been postponed including Bahamas Carnival and The Island House Film Festival. In a press release issued yesterday, Bahamas Carnival organisers said they have regrettabl

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Christian Council to decide soon on services

THE Bahamas Christian Council will make a decision this week on whether churches covered under its membership will continue to hold services amid the threat of a local COVID-19 outbreak. Bishop Delton Fernander, BCC president, told The Tribune yeste

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We won’t be cutting anyone off, says WSC

THE Water and Sewerage Corporation has ceased disconnections and the corporation’s workers currently on vacation are being forced to return to work amid the coronavirus pandemic. At a press conference yesterday, WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson revealed a number of measures and operational adjustments to fight the spread of the disease.

Bay Street braces for 50% sales hit

Bay Street merchants yesterday revealed they are bracing for at least a 50 percent sales hit due to the 30-day cruise industry shutdown as several mull closures amid the coronavirus pandemic. Maria Liminatis, the Fashion Centre’s general manager, to

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BPL Board to consider disconnection suspend

Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) status as “a broke company” means it will be challenged to suspend customer disconnections when its board meets today to discuss the issue.

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'Matter of time' before Atlantis unpaid leave is sector norm

The hotel union’s president yesterday said it was “only a matter of time” before other resorts follow Atlantis’s lead in asking staff to “volunteer” to take two weeks unpaid leave amid the COVID-19 crisis. Darrin Woods told Tribune Business that the

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Governor: $2bn reserves enough to overcome virus

The Central Bank’s governor yesterday reassured that $2bn in external reserves are enough to meet The Bahamas’ foreign currency needs despite the “major reduction” projected due to the virus.John Rolle, in e-mailed replies to Tribune Business questio

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Bran: Suspend NIB, business licence fees for two months

The DNA’s ex-leader yesterday urged the government to defer business licence and National Insurance Board (NIB) payments for two months to “ease the strain” on businesses and employees.Branville McCartney told Tribune Business that the Minnis adminis

Club Med closure has San Salvador facing shutdown

San Salvador’s economy was last night facing a month-long shutdown after Club Med yesterday confirmed its Columbus Isle resort will close from this coming Saturday until April 26.A representative for the resort chain, which is owned by the Chinese co

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Atlantis staff asked to take unpaid leave

ATLANTIS has asked staff at the Paradise Island resort and casino to either take two weeks unpaid leave or take earned vacation days due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has hurt the tourism and travel industry.

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Two charged in connection with infant’s death

TWO people, one of them a teenager, were yesterday charged in connection with the death of a one-year-old girl earlier this month. A 17-year-old male, who is from Exuma, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt charged with one count of manslaughter.

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Bahamas feels effects of global coronavirus crisis

DEPUTY Chief Medical Officer Dr Delon Brennen said the 61-year-old woman with the novel coronavirus visited the Fleming Street Clinic last week, prompting Ministry of Health officials to encourage some clinic staff to self-quarantine.

Vessel 'part of human smuggling' operation found

A Pro Line vessel believed to have been involved in an attempted human smuggling operation in Grand Bahama was discovered abandoned on the shoreline in Eight Mile Rock yesterday. Immigration officials believe that illegal immigrants might have been

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Three men charged with shop breaking

THREE men were charged with shop breaking and possession of an unlicenced firearm in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Dexter Carter, 48, and Renard Fulford, 34, both of Eight Mile Rock, and Raymond Brown, 38, of Sapodilla Road, appeared be

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Driver denies killing pedestrian, aged 67

A MAN was yesterday granted bail in Magistrate’s Court after denying allegations of killing a pedestrian while driving.

We need to have global community

How sustainable is the present socio-economic system of things in small island developing nations like The Bahamas?

Pandemic reminds us that God is sovereign

The Nassau Tribune has reported that a 61-year-old Nassau woman has contracted the coronavirus disease. I am hoping that this breaking news does not spark a new wave of pandemonium throughout the nation. John Hopkins has reported, as of March 15, 162,687 confirmed cases of the COVID-19, with 6,065 reported deaths and 75,620 recoveries. What this tells me is that COVID-19 isn’t necessarily a death sentence.

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‘Right now, I think it’s more about the safety of the fans, players and coaches’

New Providence Basketball Association president James Price said they wholeheartedly agree with the Bahamas Government on suspending all local sporting activities until further notice.

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Despite virus, Coleby and Japanese B-League resume play last weekend

DESPITE concerns expressed by several stakeholders affiliated with the Japanese B-League, Kadeem Coleby and the remainder of the league resumed play last weekend as the coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak continues.

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A guide to overcoming infidelity and emerging victorious

THE pain of finding out about a spouse’s infidelity can be overwhelming, heartbreaking and even soul-destroying. Bahamian educator and author Aleshia Storr ran the gamut of negative emotions when she found out about her ex-husband’s secret affair. But even in the face of this gross betrayal, Aleshia still hoped to save her three-year marriage and wanted a reformed husband.

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‘The Power of Her’ postponed, not cancelled

‘The Power of Her’ may have been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, but organisers promise the empowering event will go ahead as soon as possible to help women overcome challenges that prevent them from living their best lives.

Tease photo

How coronavirus affects salon and spa professionals

COVID-19 is spreading globally and has been declared by the World Health Organisation as a public health emergency.

Tease photo

Grappling with gender and inequality

Gender is often misunderstood as dealing with women. Gender is actually the social construct of roles and behaviours placed on men and women in a cultural and geographic context.

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Men with shorter steps 40 percent more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction

Japanese researchers have concluded that men who take shorter strides when walking are 40 percent more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who walk with long strides. The study conducted at Hirosaki University in Japan determined that both erectile dysfunction and short strides when walking correlated strongly with men having weak pelvic muscles.

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Healthy lifestyles in the time of COVID-19

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

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What you should know about colorectal cancer

What are the differences between colorectal cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer?

Comfort and educate your kids in face of coronavirus

As Bahamians process the news that the country now has its first confirmed case of coronavirus, a local doctor is advising parents to be upfront with their children and help them deal with their fears.

Tease photo

Self-care is self-love: New company promotes products to help you relax

“Taking care of yourself is the equivalent of loving yourself.” – This is a statement Rayeisa Basden firmly stands by. Having developed health issues due to job-related stress, she knows first-hand how important self-care is and hopes to promote this philosophy with her own line of aromatherapy bath products designed to help people relax.

Tease photo

GB Chamber chief fears on 'supply chain impact'

The Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce’s president yesterday voiced fears that the island’s supply chain will be “seriously impacted” if Balearia joins the Grand Celebration in suspending voyages. Gregory LaRoda told Tribune Business that the potentia

Law School takes a STEP to yearly moot

The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Bahamas (STEP Bahamas) teamed with the Eugene Dupuch Law School (EDLS) to stage the annual moot at the British Colonial Hilton. Law School students partnered with Lennox Paton (the defending champion and

Uncertainty rules over cleaning supply restock

Pharmacies and food stores yesterday said they remain uncertain as to when full supplies of Lysol or hand sanitiser will be restored to their shelves amid the coronavirus pandemic. Raymond Albury, the Prescription Centre Pharmacy’s general manager,

Monday, March 16

Tease photo

University of the Bahamas cancels on-campus classes and moves online

UNIVERSITY of the Bahamas (UB) has announced the cancellation of its on-campus classes and advised students living in dorms to move out. Online teaching platforms will now be used.

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Monday, 16th March, 2020.

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03162020 EDITION

Monday, 16th March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: We must be united, Bahamaland

THE day we feared would come has finally arrived. A patient from The Bahamas has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. The woman concerned had not travelled recently, so she contracted it here.

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INSIGHT: Don’t panic - it’s time to think of others, not just ourselves

AS the nation has watched the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, go from a “foreign virus” that spread through Wuhan, China, with epic speed, inch closer and closer to our shores, it has been unsettling to see it reach 118 countries to date. No doubt, any nation still reeling from the disastrous impact of Hurricane Dorian would have citizens gripped by fear.

Overseas students making plans to come home

BAHAMIAN students studying abroad said they are making plans to return home amid fears that the global coronavirus pandemic would cause countries to shut down their airports and close their borders. In an effort to deter the rapid spread of the resp

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UPDATED: MS Braemar to dock in Cuba

MONDAY 6pm UPDATE: The MS Braemar, that was turned away from several Caribbean ports after passengers fell ill with novel coronavirus, is scheduled to dock in Cuba Tuesday after the island agreed to help transfer those aboard to planes bound for the United Kingdom.

Tease photo

US Embassy cancels routine visa talks

THE US Embassy in Nassau has cancelled routine immigrant and non-immigrant visa appointments to help control the spread of COVID-19. A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the embassy will resume routine visa services as soon “as

Tease photo

'Not enough respirators for a severe outbreak'

IT IS “highly unlikely” The Bahamas will have enough respirators to handle a severe outbreak of the novel coronavirus and Chief Medical Officer Dr Pearl McMillan is warning people to take preventative actions now to avoid spread of the disease. Heal

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It will be tough but don't panic, argues Sumner

A FORMER Chamber of Commerce CEO said while the novel coronavirus pandemic will result in some “economic fall out” for the country, the impact of the potentially deadly disease on local commerce is nothing to panic over. Edison Sumner, former chief

Residents flock to stock up in Grand Bahama

GRAND Bahamians flocked to grocery stores on the weekend to stock up on essential items as COVID-19 continues its spread worldwide. People are stocking up on canned and dry goods, vitamin C, bread, milk, as well as fruits and vegetables. On Sunday,

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Atlantis occupancies at 50% as virus bites

Atlantis yesterday revealed that normally-buoyant occupancy levels for the peak winter period have fallen to 50 percent as “tourism and commerce grinds to a halt” amid the coronavirus pandemic.A spokesperson for the Paradise Island-based mega resort

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Virus delay hits oil exploration

An oil explorer has delayed the drilling of its first well in Bahamian waters until late May/early June to ensure the coronavirus crisis does not cost it “millions of dollars”. Simon Potter, the Bahamas Petroleum Company’s (BPC) chief executive, tol

Cruise sector closure 'extremely devastating'

The cruise industry’s 30-day shutdown will be “extremely devastating” for Bay Street and all who rely on the sector for their livelihood, the Downtown Nassau Partnership’s co-chair warned yesterday. Charles Klonaris told Tribune Business that while

Tease photo

Hotels dodge 'even more of a disaster' over coronavirus

The Bahamian resort industry has “escaped even more of a disaster” by getting through much of the peak winter season before the coronavirus fall-out took full effect, a senior hotelier says. Robert Sands, pictured , Baha Mar’s senior vice-president

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CORONAVIRUS: Department of Corrections suspends prisoner visitations

THE Department of Corrections has suspended prisoner visitations due to coronavirus concerns.

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Ministry takes action over clinic visited by woman with coronavirus

THE 61-year-old woman with the novel coronavirus visited the Fleming Street Clinic last week and her visit has now prompted Ministry of Health officials to encourage some staff of the clinic to self-quarantine, The Tribune understands.

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‘We are all in this together’ PM unveils action plan to protect us from COVID-19

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced the closure of schools starting today until April 14 and expanding travel restrictions for foreigners in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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Cruise ship still waiting offshore

A CRUISE ship carrying passengers infected with the novel coronavirus has been anchored 25 miles south west of Freeport since Saturday. The Minnis administration said the Fred Olsen Cruises ship, which sails under the Bahamas flag, will not be allow

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Two gunmen - one with a rifle - hold up store

POLICE are investigating a shooting incident and two armed robberies that occurred over the weekend. In the first incident, a man was left in hospital after a shooting on Saturday afternoon. According to police reports, shortly after 5pm on Saturda

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WORLD VIEW: Financial measures necessary to ride out this crisis

REGARDLESS of the number of coronavirus cases (COVID-19) that occur in the Caribbean, the economies of each of them, particularly those dependent on tourism, will suffer in the immediate to medium term.

It seems that no-one cares for the homeless on our streets

Usually referred to as vagrants, but it becomes obvious when you begin to interact with them, that clearly these Bahamians are operating under diminished responsibility ... therefore, what government entity is responsible to pick them up?

A new Sunday schedule

Earlier this month Catholic Archbishop Patrick Pinder urged parishioners with flu-like symptoms to remain at home until their health improved.

Expanding gap between rich and poor

Countries around the world face the challenge of financing the living standards of their populations while remaining attractive to international consumers of their goods or services.

BOC recommends all local sports be suspended

With all international travel being suspended by the Bahamas Government until further notice as a result of the spread of the coronavirus, the Bahamas Olympic Committee is also advising all sporting bodies to cease any further local competition until

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NPBA Playoffs, NPWBA title games called off

THE New Providence Basketball Association’s men’s division I and II playoffs at the AF Adderley Gymnasium has been postponed until further notice. The case is the same for the New Providence Women’s Basketball Association’s best-of-five championship

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Amid travel concerns over coronavirus, BLTA completes final trials for Fed, Davis Cup teams

VETERAN player/captain Marvin Rolle has secured the fourth and final spot on the Bahamas Davis Cup team, while Larikah Russell and Simone Pratt earned the third and fourth spots on the Fed Cup team. But there’s still some concern about whether or not

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BAHAMIAN rider Reine Pagliaro qualified for the 2021 Young Rider World Endurance Championships in Ermelo, The Netherlands, when she finished her second 120km/75 mile endurance race at the Fun in the Sun Endurance competition held at Williston, FL, March 13-15.

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Serena makes successful debut as a bikini model

SERENA Salius Decius-Norius made a successful debut as a bikini model at the NPC 2020 CJ Classic and Sunshine State Bodybuilding Bikini Physique Figure Fitness Classic that was held in West Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend. Italian born Decius-

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Despite virus, Jonquel Jones continues to play in Russian Basketball Premier League

MOST major sporting leagues around the globe have suspended play due to the coronavirus outbreak but play continues for Jonquel Jones in the Russian Women’s Basketball Premier League. Jones and her UMMC Ekaterinburg club remained undefeated and impr

A perfect storm fuelled by a game of dare on oil prices

The coronavirus is now infecting and killing a growing number of people across the globe, with an increasing number of countries imposing draconian containment measures that are severely impacting the economic growth prospects of the world’s economy.

Taxi chief: 'Never so close to annihilation'

The 30-day cruise industry shutdown means that industries reliant upon it have “never been this close to annihilation”, the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union’s (BTCU) chief is arguing.Wesley Ferguson said of the end to all cruises from the US, in response to th

Cruise island's two-month closure impacts 100 staff

Around 100 staff will be impacted by a cruise line’s decision to close its Eleuthera private island for two months in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Princess Cruises, the Carnival-owned cruise line brand, confirmed that operations on Princess

Tourism businesses feel coronavirus hit

Sandals Emerald Bay resort is among the entities feeling the effects of a coronavirus-inflicted downturn in business. Jeremy Mutton, its general manager, told Tribune Business: “Inevitably with various travel bans and travel restrictions going on ar

Super Value more than triples inventory levels

Super Value’s principal yesterday said he has more than tripled the supermarket chain’s inventory levels to guard against coronavirus disruption, and warned: “Panic buying is not doing any good.”Rupert Roberts revealed that he has increased stock lev

Contractors partner with BTVI to bridge skills gap

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) and the Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) have agreed a partnership that aims to help close “skills gaps” in the workforce. Michael Pratt, the BCA’s president, said the Memorandum of Underst

Sunday, March 15

Miller Jr: 'I have greatly enjoyed my time here at Ole Miss'

FRANCO Miller Jr’s tenure with the Ole Miss Rebels men’s basketball programme has come to an end. Miller announced his intention to enter the NCAA’s transfer portal and will have three years of eligibility remaining when he signs to a new programme.

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Prime Minister’s speech on COVID-19 in full

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis addressed the nation on Sunday with regards to the government’s COVID-19 response.

UPDATED: Coronavirus – 61-year-old is first case

Acting Minister of Health Jeffrey Lloyd announced that a 61-year-old female resident of New Providence who does not have relevant travel history is the first confirmed person with COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

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UPDATED: 61-year-old woman is the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in The Bahamas

Acting Minister of Health Jeffrey Lloyd announced that a 61-year-old female resident of New Providence who does not have relevant travel history is the first confirmed person with COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

Friday, March 13

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03132020 EDITION

Friday, 13th March, 2020.

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Ministry of Transport reiterates that Braemar cruise ship will not be permitted to dock in The Bahamas

The Ministry of Transport has released the following statement regarding the MS Braemar cruise ship:

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President Trump says top cruise ship companies stopping trips from the US

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday that four major cruise ship companies have agreed to suspend trips from the U.S. for 30 days, effective at midnight.

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03132020 WEEKEND

Friday, 13th March, 2020.

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Thursday, 12th March, 2020.

CORONAVIRUS: Nursing homes plan to revise visiting regulations

LOCAL nursing homes say they plan to enforce a number of precautionary measures to limit their residents’ risk of exposure to infection amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak.

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Man charged with punching former girlfriend

A 30-year-old man was charged in Magistrate’s Court on Friday with punching his former girlfriend in the face.

ACP Samuel Butler retiring after 40 years

ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Samuel Butler, the officer-in-charge of Grand Bahama and the northern district, is retiring after 40 years of service with the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

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Jamaican man pleads guilty to overstaying spousal permit

A JAMAICAN man was charged in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday for overstaying his spousal permit by two years.

Ministry of Education statement on coronavirus

The Ministry of Education has released the following statement on the coronavirus:

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Motorcyclist held up at gunpoint

BETWEEN 5 and 5:30pm Thursday a young motorcyclist on his way to work was held up at gun point as he turned off the Eastern Road onto Wild Tamarind Drive.

EDITORIAL: The worst thing we can possibly do now is panic

With coronavirus news sweeping the world, it is easy to get caught up in the reports of flight bans, Disneyland and Broadway closing and let fear get to us.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Engage your brain in gear, before you put your mouth in motion

Boy when we blew the whistle to start “Silly Season” I didn’t imagine the contestants would be off and running so quickly.Boy when we blew the whistle to start “Silly Season” I didn’t imagine the contestants would be off and running so quickly.

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Cruise line hopeful it can handle 'challenging' times

DESPITE it being a “really challenging” time for the travel industry, a Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd executive said the cancellation rate for cruises to The Bahamas has been low. Russell Benford, the company’s vice president of government relations,

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Man and woman killed in separate incidents

POLICE are investigating the country’s two latest murders.

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Police kill man after Fox Hill station shoot-out

POLICE killed a man in his 70s after he allegedly engaged them in a shoot-out at the Fox Hill Police Station Friday morning.

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Coronavirus: Retailers working hard to protect their staff

AS the coronavirus continues to infect people worldwide, Bay Street retailers said they are taking the necessary precautions to decrease their chances of contracting the potentially deadly disease.

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‘I’m very concerned, not just for me but I have kids . . . and they aren’t as cautious as us’

LOCAL shoppers stocked up on cleaning supplies yesterday amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak.

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Bahamas warned on new downgrade risk

The Bahamas was yesterday warned by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) that it faces “at least a one-in-three chance” of a further downgrade to its sovereign credit rating within the next 12 months.

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Royal Caribbean: PI is not what you think

Royal Caribbean yesterday pledged its Paradise Island investment will generate an extra $26m per year in visitor spending and “re-energise” downtown Nassau for the benefit of all stakeholders. Russell Benford, the cruise line’s vice-president of gov

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URCA modifies renewable mechanism at BPL urging

Regulators have modified their much-criticised compensation proposal for larger grid-tied renewable energy systems at Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) urging, it was revealed yesterday.

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'No virus delay' for Lucayan's $300m revival

A Royal Caribbean executive yesterday said it “anticipates no delay” or negative impact to the $300m Grand Lucayan redevelopment as a result of the coronavirus fall-out.Russell Benford, the cruise line’s vice-president of government relations for the

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Top cruise line hails Bahamas virus response

A Royal Caribbean executive yesterday hailed The Bahamas as a regional leader in its coronavirus response with bookings for voyages to this nation “holding steady” amid the pandemic.Russell Benford, the cruise line’s vice-president of government rela

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Tourism industry begins to feel the financial strain

BAHAMIANS are bracing for financial pain after global coronavirus fears began to cause major cancellations to businesses this week.

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VIRUS SHIP TOLD: YOU CAN’T LAND – Cruise liner with five infected not allowed to dock

THE Bahamas government said yesterday it will deny a ship registered under its flag permission to dock and disembark its passengers and crew in this country after five people on board tested positive for COVID-19.

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University remains open but monitoring coronavirus situation

UNIVERSITY of The Bahamas (UB) remains open and will continue classes, although officials stress the use of online resources is being encouraged.

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Students studying abroad worry about finishing courses

BAHAMIANS studying in the United Kingdom and America have been thrown into uncertainty as the coronavirus outbreak spreads around the world.

Clinics bombarded by worried patients

THE medical sector is experiencing impact from coronavirus fears as people bombard clinics with cold-like symptoms and stock up on medication from pharmacies even though the country has not recorded a case of COVID-19.

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Pastor: Council's support for marijuana 'a grave mistake'

A LEADING pastor has called the Bahamas Christian Council’s support for medicinal marijuana a “grave” and an “alarming” mistake.In a press statement released on Wednesday, Pastor Cedric Moss condemned the religious group’s stance on medical marijuana

Hundreds hoping to find some work at two-day RCI job fair

NEARLY 400 people are expected at Royal Caribbean International’s two-day job fair at the National Training Agency, seeking positions at Coco Cay and on-board ship. One hopeful is Alexis McPhee, 23, who has been unemployed for a month and is “prepar

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Doctor tells how survivor sustained injuries

TESTIMONY continued in the Fox Hill mass shooting trial yesterday, with a medical expert revealing that one of the survivors sustained injuries to their left upper back and right forearm. Dr Crystal Wells, taking the witness stand before Justice Deb

Deserving an honour

Many of us know Wendall Jones is a draftsman, journalist, entrepreneur, media magnate and social commentator. Through his art exhibition at the Central Bank, we see him as an artist.

Drivers causing a hazard

I would like to raise awareness of one of the growing issues on our streets at night.

Bloomberg should stand here

I read the very interesting “Investing in People & Communities” - a Government Progress Report, which was an insert in your paper recently.

Spread of virus would be devastating

The statement that 400 will be the worst-case scenario for the COVID-19 virus in the Bahamas is totally ridiculous.

We need some commonsense

When will common sense return to the Bahamas or the world for that matter?

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'We won't be going to the CARIFTA Games'

As a result of the postponement of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s National High School Track and Field Stadium yesterday, a decision was also made to cancel the Bahamas’ participation in both the CARIFTA track and field and the swimming

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Nationals postponed

IT was supposed to be the first day of competition for the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s National Track and Field Championships yesterday at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.But midway into the morning session of the championships as

MLB shifts offseason, spring training halted

THE Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has forced Major League Baseball to alter its schedule and shift the offseason for Bahamian players with their clubs and others preparing to compete at the 2020 World Baseball Classic Qualifiers. Major League Baseba

Athletes will not compete as NCAA events are cancelled

THE NCAA joined the growing list of organisations to cancel sporting events as a means of combating the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19. Several Bahamian athletes were set to compete at basketball and track and field championship meets at various

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Bahamian pro basketball players see their leagues suspended

BAHAMIAN athletes across the globe have seen their respective sports affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak that has now been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation.Professional basketball players across several countries

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Lady Panthers, Warlords repeat as volleyball champions

The Lady Panthers and the Warlords captured the New Providence Volleyball Association ladies and men’s championship titles on Wednesday night at the DW Davis Gymnasium. The two teams completed the best-of-five series with 3-1 advantages. The Panthers

Final spot on Davis Cup team to be decided this weekend

THE Bahamas Davis Cup has obtained a level of success over the last five years with two wins in Group III Americas, and Promotion plays in Group II in 2018.This year, the Bahamas top player who is ranked in the 700s on the International Tennis Circui

Bahamas Flag Football League to open 12th Season this Sunday

THE Bahamas Flag Football League is all set to open its 12th season this Sunday, March 15, at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium fields with six games commencing at 1pm. This year, 12 teams will battle to be crowned champions. According to President Jay

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NPBA: Mingoes stop Shockers 91-71 to win series 2-1

THE University of the Bahamas Mingoes not only needed to beat the JD’s Seafood Shockers in the decisive game of their New Providence Basketball Association men’s best-of-three series, they needed to make a statement.They did just that at the AF Adder

Bishop Laish Boyd urges Anglicans to take precautions in face of COVID-19 outbreak – Churches to follow temporary prevention protocols

As people around the world are watching with concern as the COVID -19, coronavirus story unfolds, the Rev Laish Boyd, Bishop of Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, is urging church members to take precautionary measures to help stop the spread of the viral disease.

Meditation: Running a holy race

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air. No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.” (1 Corinthians 9:24-27 NIV).

God knows our heart

My topic today is critical to all that we say and do, and is relevant to everyone, myself included. As always, scripture provides much insight for us and Proverbs 19:21 (KJV) is a good starting point: “There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.”

I am done apologising!

“But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.” (Psalm 3:3; NIV)

Anglican Church Men prepare for Feast Day of St Joseph

ANGLICAN men will be honoured for their contributions and leadership during the upcoming Feast Day of St Joseph.

Adelaide’s St James Anglican Church: 170 turbulent years of history

The Slave Trade Abolition Act passed by the British Parliament on March 23, 1807 prohibited an vessel engaging in slave trade from being cleared at any port located in British Territory after March 1, 1808. Thereafter, slave ships were boarded by the British, the slaves were confiscated and were landed at the nearest British port. The same procedure was followed in the case of a shipwreck.

Questions raised over group involved with Dorian burials

The government’s Disaster and Reconstruction Authority (DRA) appears to be working with an unregistered organisation over the burial of Abaco’s unidentified Dorian victims. Iram Lewis, minister of state for disaster preparedness, management and reco

NIB to speed up smart card renewal go-ahead

The National Insurance Board’s (NIB) director yesterday pledged to speed-up smart card renewal authorisations for Family Island residents amid complaints of lengthy delays. Dr Nicola Virgill-Rolle spoke out after an Andros-based businessperson revea

Club Med's Bahamas resort to remain open

San Salvador’s Club Med resort plans to remain open despite the US banning all travel from the European markets that generate most of the property’s guests due to the coronavirus. The resort chain, in a statement sent to Tribune Business , said: “Cl

IAN FERGUSON: How to make working remotely productive

Global workforce data suggests that working remotely has increased since the turn of the century. The infusion of technology into almost everything we do has created a platform for work outside the traditional “four walls” of the office. With the COV

Thursday, March 12

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03122020 EDITION

Thursday, 12th March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: Travel ban brings economic effects of virus to The Bahamas

WITHOUT a single case of coronavirus yet recorded in The Bahamas, the economic effects arrived at our doorstep last night.

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“It’s an unprecedented human and economic tsunami. And we are only at the beginning”

Alessandro Sarno, right, is known throughout The Bahamas as The Lonesome Photographer. For years he has roamed through our islands producing stunning photography capturing the unique beauty of our nation. But today he is at home in a village near Venice, trapped in a country paralysed by the coronavirus.

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STATESIDE: Could Trump’s apparent lack of interest in the virus crisis finally be his undoing?

President Donald Trump’s administration is not going to make many friends in the Western Hemisphere generally or in tourist-dependent areas like The Bahamas if current suspicions are validated that Trump & Co deliberately downplayed the coronavirus threat to keep the stock market at high levels to buttress his re-election campaign.

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D'Aguilar worried by Trump travel ban

The "earth-shattering" move by the US to impose a 30-day travel ban on most European nations has created alarm over where the coronavirus fall-out is going to end, a Cabinet minister said last night.

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'Only a matter of time' before Bahamas identifies its first coronavirus case

IT is only a matter of time before The Bahamas identifies its first case of the coronavirus, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands said yesterday.

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Schools put plans into place to deal with virus

EDUCATION officials are in the process of updating the ministry’s infectious disease protocol to direct anyone experiencing respiratory illness symptoms to remain at home until they are cleared by a medical facility.

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UPDATED: Cruise ship carrying persons with coronavirus 'will not be permitted to dock'

4.20pm UPDATE: Ministry of Transport has released the following statement on the Braemar cruise ship:

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Public to have say on oil operations

The Bahamian people will determine the fate of any commercial oil discovery in this nation's waters, a Cabinet minister pledged yesterday, adding that the country is at "a crossroads" over the issue.

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'Painful cuts' best fiscal response to virus pandemic

The government may have no choice but to respond to the coronavirus pandemic with “painful spending cuts” due to its lack of fiscal “headroom”, a prominent businessman warned yesterday.Sir Franklyn Wilson, pictured, the Arawak Homes and Sunshine Hold

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VAT move to help Abaco’s rebuild

The Government’s about-turn to eliminate VAT on construction services in the Dorian-ravaged islands was yesterday hailed as “a tremendous help” that will lower costs and speed-up rebuilding.

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$30m Sandals butler assault claim tossed

A US couple’s much-publicised $30m sexual assault lawsuit against Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and its affiliates has been thrown out in its entirety by a New York judge. District judge Analisa Torres, sitting in the southern New York federal court

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CORONAVIRUS: National Track and Field Championships postponed until further notice

AS a precautionary measure due to the threat of the coronavirus in the region, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture postponed its National Track and Field Championships on Thursday until further notice.

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Worst case would be 400 infected: Sands predicts scenario if virus breaks out here

HEALTH Minister Dr Duane Sands predicted a possible worst-case scenario of 400 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in The Bahamas, but stressed if the disease spreads here most people will not need hospital admission.

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‘Medicinal cannabis only’ says churches

THE Bahamas Christian Council released its official stance on legal marijuana yesterday, throwing support behind regulated medical use but saying recreational use should not be encouraged or condoned.

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$10m spent on 'miraculous transformation' of garbage site

TIMOTHY Hodge met a putrid scent and 95 acres of open garbage when he arrived at the city dump a year ago, the byproduct of years of mismanagement.Yesterday he led Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis on a tour of the revamped site, now called the New Pro

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Two men injured in separate shootings

TWO men were injured in two separate shootings in the capital on Tuesday, police said. Shortly before 11pm, a man was standing near a vehicle in a parking lot in the area of Wulff Road off Mackey Street, when he was approached by a gunman who shot h

Containers turned into new homes for victims

BAHAMAS Relief Cruise is continuing its ongoing relief mission from West Palm Beach to Grand Bahama, helping with the rebuilding of homes and a local business on the island.Melisa Brennan and Brian Villelia, representatives of Bahamas Relief Cruise,

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Tough new penalties for reckless driving

TRANSPORT Minister Renward Wells said the government takes deaths in the course of driving seriously and will ensure existing laws reflect fitting penalties for such offences. Among the new changes is a more enhanced and robust penalty for a new def

RCI to host two-day job fair at National Training Agency

ROYAL Caribbean International will host a two-day job fair at the National Training Agency on Gladstone Road to fill positions onboard ships and at its popular island destination – Perfect Day at CocoCay in the Berry Islands. Prospective applicants

Benefits of home ports

Critics of the FNM who accuse it of being a reincarnation of the now defunct United Bahamian Party are in for a rude awakening when the details of the purchase of the Grand Lucayan resort by Royal Caribbean finally emerge. In fact, this deal (like many others) will likely confirm a vast difference between the FNM and the UBP.

This time, the US sneeze will be more than a cold

How many times over a lifetime has one heard the desperate sigh: “Oh, dear God, what is this world coming to?”

Bowlers named to represent Bahamas teams

DESPITE the concerns over the coronavirus, the Bahamas Bowling Federation has released the names of the bowlers selected to represent the Bahamas at a number of international tournaments this year. The team selections were made following the complet

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Sponsor withdraws but Bahamas Bowl expected to continue

THE Elk Grove Village/Makers Wanted have withdrawn its title sponsorship of the annual Bahamas Bowl. But it’s expected that the United States college football game will continue at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium in December.Two years ago, Elk

Brajaxba Tennis Club Jr Spring Jamboree results

THE Brajaxba Tennis Club hosted its Junior Spring Jamboree at the Gym Tennis Club in Winton Meadows over the weekend. • The following results were posted: UTR Co-Ed singles round-robin - Patrick Mactaggart, the winner with a 4-0 win-loss record; Al

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BLTA players turning heads in US colleges, universities

THE Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association has indicated that they are proud of the performances of some of their players who are performing very well for their respective colleges and universities in the US. Lauryn Daxon, playing in #3 flight singles for

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RBDF officers, marines take part in Police Sporting Events in Grand Bahama

ROYAL Bahamas Defence Force officers and marines attached to the Northern Command recently supported the Royal Bahamas Police Force by participating in several sporting events over the past weekend. Led by Lieutenant Commander Whitfield Neely, the c

Over 2,000 homeowners sign-up for Dorian repairs

Some 2,069 homeowners have completed full registration for the Disaster Reconstruction Authority’s post-Dorian small home repair programme, a Cabinet minister said yesterday. Iram Lewis, minister of state for disaster preparedness, management and re

VAT about-turn to boost post-Dorian rebuild

The government’s about-turn to eliminate VAT on construction services in the Dorian-ravaged islands was yesterday hailed as “a tremendous help” that will lower costs and speed-up rebuilding.Ken Hutton, pictured, the Abaco Chamber of Commerce’s presid

Govt 'fully draws down' $190m loan

The government has “fully drawn down” a $190m syndicated loan led by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) that will finance post-Hurricane Dorian reconstruction, it was revealed yesterday.Marlon Johnson, the Ministry of Finance’s acting financial secretary, to

MP 'stands' with residents over Woodlawn Gardens

Marathon’s MP yesterday hailed the “courage” of his constituents in alerting the authorities to Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery’s expansion, and said: “We stand with them to ensure full compliance.” Romauld Ferreira, who is also minister of the environmen

Marijuana advocates shift focus to regulation

Bahamian advocates for cannabis legalisation say their focus has shifted from changing the law to how the industry should be regulated.The Bahamas Cannabis Research Institute (BACARI), headed by Terry Miller, recently held a series of panel discussio

Bahamas urged: Use 'rule of law' fall as opportunity

The Bahamas’ two-spot fall in the 2020 World Justice Report’s (WJP) Rule of Law Index represents an opportunity “to gain credibility”, governance reformers argued yesterday. Matt Aubry, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG) executive d

Maritime Authority takes tax contribution to $96m

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) took its two-decade contribution to the Public Treasury to near-$96m following its last financial year in which total comprehensive income rose by 8.7 percent.The authority’s annual report for the year to end-June

Wednesday, March 11

Fox Hill trial: My girlfriend was shot dead

A MAN recounted yesterday how he saw his girlfriend shot and fall off a wall during the chaos of the 2013 Fox Hill mass shooting. Recalling the events of the fatal evening, John Davis testified how he was at the Fox Hill Park with his girlfriend – d

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NBA suspends season until further notice, over coronavirus

MIAMI (AP) — The NBA has suspended its season "until further notice" after a Utah Jazz player tested positive Wednesday for the coronavirus, a move that came only hours after the majority of the league's owners were leaning toward playing games without fans in arenas.

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President Trump suspends travel between the US and Europe (except UK) for 30 days

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday he is suspending all travel between the U.S. and Europe for 30 days beginning Friday as he seeks to combat a viral pandemic.

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03112020 EDITION

Wednesday, 11th March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: Casting doubt on the value of insurance

IN the wake of Hurricane Dorian, the government announced its plans for financial assistance for people whose uninsured homes had been damaged by the storm. But for those affected, this was no pay day – the sums being paid out were such that they were a little help in the pocket, not a chance to rebuild completely.

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ALICIA WALLACE: A little disappointment shouldn’t kill the dream

Last week was quite busy as I worked with the all-volunteer team of Equality Bahamas to plan and execute our annual International Women’s Day events.

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Massive blaze as cars catch fire (video)

OVER 200 cars and several boats were caught in a blaze that erupted near the Royal Bahamas Police Force Training College off University Drive yesterday, fire chief Walter Evans said. The vehicles were all inoperable, he said. He said up to press ti

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Grand Bahama brush fire fuelled by winds

A MASSIVE brush fire in Grand Bahama was fuelled by high winds and hurricane debris, posing a serious concern for firefighters and some residents. The blaze ripped through the pine forest in the Freeport Ridge Estates area and threatened several res

'We might have to use state-arranged isolation'

CHIEF Medical Officer Dr Pearl McMillan said either self-isolation or state-arranged isolation measures could be used for people in The Bahamas who contract COVID-19 but are not ill.

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Finance experts unsure how economy will react to impact of coronavirus

THE government’s finance experts don’t know exactly how the country’s economy will react to global fall out from the coronavirus, but officials are working on several internal models taking into account worst-case scenarios.

Ministry buries cemetery expansion plan (for now)

A Nassau cemetery's expansion plans have been hit with a government-imposed "stop order" following a furious backlash from residents of neighbouring communities.

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PI entrepreneur: PM gave me assurance

A Bahamian entrepreneur yesterday said he was “assured” by Dr Hubert Minnis that his $2m Paradise Island project would not be “compromised” in favour of Royal Caribbean (RCCL).

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'No industry immune' from the coronavirus

A prominent Bahamian realtor yesterday argued that “no industry is immune” from the coronavirus fall-out, with his sector “as vulnerable as any” to the ongoing outbreak and related panic.Mario Carey, principal of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

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BTC blames parent for non-compliance 'beyond our control'

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has blamed its immediate parent for regulatory breaches caused by changes to its TV line-up that were “beyond its control”. The carrier said the “ultimate break down” of contract negotiations between Cabl

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Bahamas on cusp of recession, says ex-finance minister

A former finance minister yesterday argued that The Bahamas stood on the threshold of another recession with the coronavirus likely “to knock a few more points of our GDP”. James Smith, pictured , also an ex-Central Bank governor, told Tribune Busin

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Families file lawsuits over Dorian insurance payouts

LAWSUITS have been filed against insurance companies in Freeport over their alleged failure to make proper payment for insurance claims filed over property damage associated with Hurricane Dorian.

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Census to recruit 1,700 staff

THE 2020 national census is set to begin this September at a cost of at least $3m and involve hiring 1,700 data collectors.

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Man tells jury how he was shot in his face

A MAN yesterday described the moment he was shot in the face and shoulder while awaiting Junkanoo results at Freedom Park during the 2013 Fox Hill mass shooting.Taking the witness stand before Justice Deborah Fraser yesterday, Chino Davis told the co

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Haitian man on underage sex charge

A HAITIAN man was remanded to prison yesterday over allegations he had sex with underage girls. Leslie Petit-Frere appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. It is alleged that Petit-Frere rap

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Woman accused of fraud over citizenship bid

A HAITIAN woman was charged in Magistrates Court yesterday with attempting to fraudulently obtain Bahamian citizenship. Widline Francoeur, 28, appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with attempted fraud by false pretences, three counts of

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Nigerian denies using fake documents to enter country

A NIGERIAN man appeared in court yesterday accused of attempting to enter the country with a fake visa. Oluwaseun Akinkunmi, 25, appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with being found in possession of a forged document and unlawful use of

Construction worker falls to his death

A CONSTRUCTION worker died at Albany after he fell off a building’s roof. According to a police report, the accident occurred shortly before 8pm on Monday. Paramedics were called but the man died at the scene. An investigation is ongoing.

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Man 'serious' after he is shot outside club

A MAN is in hospital after he was shot while standing outside a nightclub on Monday night. Police said the shooting happened after 10pm, outside a nightclub on Price Street in Nassau Village. The victim was approached by an armed man who shot him be

Why women should show support for this decade of action

I join people of goodwill from all over the world in acknowledging and celebrating International Women’s Day (“IWD”). The theme of IWD 2020 is: “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights.

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Elites, Giants even series 1-1 in the NPBA playoffs

Both the Sports Center Elites and TMT Giants evened their respective playoff series in the New Providence Basketball Association Division II playoffs at the AF Adderley Gymnasium on Monday night.

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NCAA Indoor Awards: Bahamian athletes honoured

BAHAMIAN student athletes at various levels of collegiate track and field - ranging from the NAIA to NCAA Division I - were honoured with indoor season awards.

FIBA AmeriCup Qualifiers: Men's national basketball team players return to pro circuit

FOLLOWING last month’s home triumph at the FIBA AmeriCup Qualifiers, several men’s national basketball team players returned to the professional circuit and continued that momentum with their respective clubs. David Nesbitt continues his career in B

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Chisholm assigned to Wind Surge in Triple-A

JAZZ Chisholm will make his 2020 debut in Triple-A Baseball.The 22-year-old shortstop was assigned to the Wichita Wind Surge of the Pacific Coast League and the AAA affiliate of the Miami Marlins.The Marlins trimmed its spring training roster to 26 p

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Young has impressive spring training outing

CHAVEZ Young had an impressive spring training outing both on the field and at the plate for the Toronto Blue Jays in the Grapefruit League.Young drove in an RBI in the ninth inning and had a highlight reel defensive play in the outfield that led to

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LOCKDOWN: Police chase ends in shootout with suspects at school

TWO public schools were put on lockdown yesterday after two suspects evading police drove onto CH Reeves Junior High School’s campus and shot at officers.

BAIC project assesses waterway re-opening

THE BAHAMAS Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) is executing a long-term research initiative at London Creek in North Andros.The project will examine the flow of water through the London Creek ecosystem, which was interrupted by the cons

Bahamian gas prices in 60-day wait on oil drop

Bahamian gasoline prices could take 60 days to decrease in line with the plunge in global oil prices, a top local executive said yesterday. Keith Glinton, regional manager for Sol Petroleum (Bahamas), the Esso distributor, told Tribune Business: “I

Bahamas present for top dive show

Private and public sector executives represented The Bahamas at a major diving event staged in the UK. Iain Rodgers, senior marketing manager from the UK-based Bahamas Tourism Office, attended the Go Diving 2020 trade and consumer show that was held

NIB director refutes smart card 'shortage'

The National Insurance Board (NOB) yesterday said it is “always seeking” to make smart card renewals faster as it denied suggestions this process has suffered shortages or delays. Dr Nicola Virgill-Rolle, NIB’s director, reiterated that “there is no

Bahamian real estate to be 'stable for years'

A prominent Bahamian realtor yesterday voiced optimism that the Bahamian high-end real estate market will be “stable for years to come” given the country’s sound economic fundamentals. George Damianos, pictured , Damianos Sotheby’s International Rea

Entrepreneurs unite local pop-up vendors

Lunch vendors have been brought together at one location by three Bahamian entrepreneurs in the belief that their collective strength will yield greater economic benefits for all. Tin Ferl’s Pop-Up Park at The Dundas Centre for The Performing Arts l

Tuesday, March 10

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03102020 EDITION

Tuesday, 10th March, 2020.

Alarm sounded on glaucoma

The alarm has been sounded on glaucoma – one of the leading causes of blindness – as the ophthalmology division of the Princess Margaret Hospital kicked off Awareness Week yesterday with a special church service.

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Moms who yoga

Keiani Thomas believes “adulting” – what millennials and Gen Z call responsible behaviours by grown-ups – can be tedious, especially for mothers, regardless if they have one, two or five children.

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PMH’s Paediatric Ward gifted critical equipment

Patients of the Paediatric Department at Nassau’s Princess Margaret Hospital will now be examined by and treated with state-of-the-art equipment thanks to a sizeable donation by the Sandals Foundation.

Stimulus control

Health coach Ethan Quant, of Elite Wellness Solutions, has succeeded in his weight loss journey and now wants to share his methods with the Bahamas in an effort to foster a culture of wellness and conquer the obesity epidemic.

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New treatment could make passing kidney stones easier and faster

Kidney stones are formed when hard crystals supersaturate and accumulate in the kidneys. Kidney stones can vary greatly in size, ranging from a small grain of sand to the size of a marble or larger. There are five main types of kidney stones: calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate stones, infective stones called struvite, uric acid stones and cystine stones.

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Rx One Tablespoon of Common Sense Daily

If only there was a prescription to be had from a doctor for ingesting common sense, which seems in remarkably short supply if the current hysteria about the COVID-19 virus is anything to go by.

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‘Valour has no gender’ for women of the Defence Force

On Sunday, the world paused to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women globally as International Women’s Day was observed.

EDITORIAL: Fix the flaws in our justice system

THE latest report from the US on flaws in a prosecution for corruption in The Bahamas should not be a shock.

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Church to help with burial of unidentified Dorian victims

THE Bahamas Christian Council is willing to assist the government with the burial of unidentified Dorian victims.Bishop Delton Fernander, BCC president, made the comment after a representative from the Disaster Reconstruction Authority told reporters

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Hurricane clear-up has cost $20m so far

TWENTY million dollars has been spent so far on Hurricane Dorian debris cleanup in Grand Bahama and Abaco. This is according to Katherine Forbes-Smith, managing director of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority. Mrs Forbes-Smith gave a detailed rep

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Christie 'hopeful' Davis will become PM

FORMER Prime Minister Perry Christie said he still supports Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis and his quest to be the next prime minister of the country. He brushed off questions yesterday about whether he will return to frontlin

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Church leaders look for expert guidance

IN light of rising concerns over the deadly coronavirus, the Bahamas Christian Council will meet health officials tomorrow to discuss precautionary measures that could be implemented in churches across the country. BCC president Bishop Delton Fernan

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FACE TO FACE: Khrystle’s childhood dream became a reality that can inspire women

This week began with the recognition of International Women’s Day. It’s a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. In honour of this day, I decided to interview a woman who has achieved so much so early in her career, that she is nothing short of amazing.

'Worst timed one-two punch' to hit tourism

The coronavirus has teamed with Hurricane Dorian to create “a one-two punch that couldn’t have been worse timed” for Family Island resorts, a top tourism official argued yesterday. Kerry Fountain, the Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board’s (BOIPB) exe

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NIB card 'shortage' hits Andros customs move

A “shortage” of National Insurance Board (NIB) smart cards has compounded South Andros’ challenges in switching to Customs’ new Electronic Single Window system, it was disclosed yesterday.Rochelle King-Trabulsy, a Mangrove Cay-based customs broker, t

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Fraudulent checks allegedly hit govt agencies for $2m

The Royal Bahamas Police Force’s top financial crime investigator yesterday urged “vigilance” after it emerged another government agency had allegedly fallen victim to a forged cheque. Superintendent Matthew Edgecombe, head of the Force’s anti-corru

Arawak Port uses 30-day quarantine

The Nassau Container Port’s operator yesterday revealed that it has extended its quarantine period and restricted shore leave for cargo vessel crew members to help combat the corinavirus. Dion Bethell, president and chief executive of BISX-listed Ar

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Global oil slump can lift virus 'pall'

Private sector executives yesterday said the coronavirus was casting “a pall over everything” amid hopes that the substantial fall in global oil prices will cushion the impact for the Bahamian economy.Robert Myers, the Organisation for Responsible Go

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Christie calls ‘think again’ on PI project

FORMER Prime Minister Perry Christie said the Minnis administration would make a “fundamental error” if it leases crown land in the Colonial Beach area of Paradise Island to Royal Caribbean International.

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Rassin leads launch of ‘volunteer army’

A NATIONWIDE volunteer programme is to be launched by Governor General CA Smith on Monday in an effort to foster a culture of volunteerism in the country following Hurricane Dorian.

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US report highlights failings on offenders

A NEW US Department of State report said “alleged missteps” by prosecutors and the Royal Bahamas Police Force overshadowed “credible” accusations of corruption in a recent trial.

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Ex-minister’s wife fined in drug fraud

A WOMAN was ordered yesterday to pay a $2,500 fine or face six months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services for prescription fraud. Tietchka Vanderpool-Wallace, 54, was fined $500 each for attempting to commit fraud by false pretence, forgery, unlawful possession and two counts of being in possession of a forged document.

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Clear now - but for how long? Health officials warn danger remains high as they plan response

SENIOR health officials warned yesterday the risk of the coronavirus spreading to The Bahamas remains “very high” and that the country’s response to the global crisis must remain “very fluid”.

Ministry of Agriculture calls for climate tech

THE Ministry of Agriculture is pushing for development of more climate smart technologies after Hurricane Dorian rocked the country’s farming communities, an official said. While launching the 2020 Agri-Business Expo yesterday, Permanent Secretary J

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Man accused of money laundering

A 41-year-old man was charged yesterday with defrauding the Securities Exchange Commission of $850,000. Jeremy Pinder was charged before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt with fraud by false pretences, conspiracy to commit fraud by false preten

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Spanish woman remanded on possession of cocaine

AN elderly Spanish woman was arraigned yesterday in connection with the seizure of 12 pounds of dangerous drugs. Esperanza Bonet-Roig, 73, of Mayorca, Spain appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with one count each of possession of danger

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Freeport pair charged with shopbreaking and stealing

TWO Freeport men were charged with shopbreaking and stealing in Freeport Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Carlton Symonette, 44, of Pioneers Way, and Stork Benis, 49, of Jack Fish Drive, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Debbye Ferguson on nine c

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PETER YOUNG: With the world in the grip of hysteria, who knows what the final economic effects might be

So much has been broadcast and written about the coronavirus outbreak that there is a risk of information overload about what has become a global crisis, and any reiteration of existing facts would be superfluous.

How tourism can help our students learn

Word has spread that this country is facing a so-called ‘education crisis.’

Following in the steps of Caesar


Trump gets my vote

Some Bahamians seemed to have been greatly annoyed that US President Donald Trump had been acquitted by the Senate in the Democratic Party’s impeachment trial in early February, which was nothing more than a witch hunt aimed at bypassing the votes of 63 million Americans who voted for the Republican Party standard bearer in 2016.

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Walton: 'We were going to get Buddy back in there'

BUDDY Hield sat the entire fourth quarter of the Kings’ 118-113 loss to the Toronto Raptors Sunday night, prompting criticism of Kings head coach Luke Walton on his management of the rotation. A video of a fan chastising Walton’s rotations, most not

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Jazz hits 1st homer in loss to Cards

Jazz Chisholm continues to show flashes of brilliance that have the Miami Marlins front office and fanbase optimistic about his future with the organisation.Chisholm hit his first home run of spring training on Sunday afternoon in a 7-3 loss to the S

Bain and Colonials face Red Flash tonight

CHARLES Bain and the Robert Morris Colonials will have an opportunity to earn an automatic bid in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament with a win in the Northeast Conference final tonight. The Colonials will face the St Francis Red Flash at 7pm toni

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U SPORTS final 8: Wilson, Burrows and Tigers win silver

AN historic season for Jordan Wilson, Shamar Burrows and the Dalhousie Tigers ended just short of their ultimate goal, but finished as the second ranked team in all of Canadian collegiate basketball. The Tigers finished with the silver medal at the

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NJCAA Indoors: Bahamians make their presence felt

A FEW Bahamians made their presence felt for their respective colleges at the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Indoor Championships over the weekend at the Liberty Indoor Track Complex in Lynchburg, Virginia.Sophomore Denvaughn Whymns h

Scotiabank unveils Mastercard tie-up

Scotiabank yesterday unveiled a seven-year agreement with MasterCard to provide new debit cards and an improved digital customer experience in The Bahamas and three other Caribbean countries. The tie-up, which also includes Scotiabank’s operations i

Coconut Festival to beat Dorian effects

The 22nd annual Coconut Festival has shrugged off the devastating blow from Hurricane Dorian and will go ahead as planned at Pelican Point next month, organisers have revealed. “I am here to report that the residents of Pelican Point are resilient,

Caribbean body assists Dorian-ravaged farmers

A Caribbean agricultural body is providing more than $50,000 worth of inputs to help Dorian-devastated farmers recover, it was revealed yesterday. Dr Michelle Singh, country representative for the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Inst

Acting URCA chief: 'We can't regulate in vacuum'

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s (URCA) interim chief executive says interaction with other supervisory bodies is critical to ensure it does not operate in a vacuum. Shavonne Cambridge, also URCA’s director of utilities and energ

Monday, March 9

Ranfurly $30,000 donation

MORE than $30,000 was donated to the Ranfurly Homes for Children by the Bahamas Bar Association and the Organisation of Commonwealth Caribbean Bar Associations. The OCCBA, led by Ruggles Ferguson, donated over $15,000 to the BBA for hurricane relief

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03092020 EDITION

Monday, 9th March, 2020.

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Monday, 9th March, 2020.

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UPDATED – MAGIC MACHINE: St Augustine’s win BAISS by 8.5 points

THE St. Augustine's College Big Red Machine won by the slimmest of margins to regain the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools' Track and Field Championship title from the Queen's College Comets.

EDITORIAL: Don’t dismiss value of pledge conference

IT would be easy to be quick to criticise the pledge conference that sought to raise funds after Hurricane Dorian.

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Women on the march

Equality Bahamas held its third annual International Women’s Day March and Expo on Saturday. From Eastern Parade to The Dundas on Mackey Street, participants chanted, “What do we want? Equal rights! When do we want ‘em? Now!” and “My body, my choice.”

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Unidentified victims to have individual graves

UNIDENTIFIED victims of Hurricane Dorian will be placed in individual graves, with a key recovery agency in the country urging that “no one should exploit” this issue. This, according to Disaster Reconstruction Authority Managing Director Katherine

INSIGHT: Stepping in the right direction but challenge is immense

FORMER United Nations President Maria Espinosa has said The Bahamas is on the right track when it comes to the collective global war on climate change.

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73-year-old woman in airport cocaine arrest

A 73-year-old woman from Panama was arrested at Lynden Pindling International Airport on Saturday after police found cocaine in her luggage. She was arrested shortly after 11am by Drug Enforcement Unit officers. The officers, acting on information wh

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There was no ill intent, says Forbes-Smith as she misses disclosure deadline

FORMER Senate President Katherine Forbes-Smith yesterday told The Tribune there had been no ill intent behind her failure to file an asset disclosure for last year as required by law. Instead, the managing director of the Disaster Reconstruction Aut

INSIGHT: When will we wake up and break this vicious cycle that haunts Bahamian women?

SOMEONE once said that being a Bahamian woman was a most difficult thing.

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RBDF holds training sessions to deal with virus threat

MEMBERS of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force are better equipped to deal with the probability of a local COVID-19 outbreak, after a series of preparatory and training seminars were hosted at the Coral Harbour base last week.

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Tough rules for cruise passengers

ROYAL Caribbean Cruises has implemented “rigorous” boarding and screening measures to protect guests and crew from the deadly new coronavirus, the cruise line announced in a press release.

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Customs officers warned - no moonlighting

Bahamas Customs has warned its officers they cannot moonlight as "de facto brokers" because of the fraud and corruption risks this practice presents, a top Ministry of Finance official has revealed.

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US report 'won't impact financial crime list escape'

A withering US report will “not significantly impact” The Bahamas’ efforts to escape a list of nations with deficiencies in their anti-financial crime defences, a risk management specialist said yesterday.Emmanuel Komolafe, pictured, acknowledged tha

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Comparing coronavirus to recession, September 11 labelled 'premature'

A Cabinet minister yesterday said he was “not yet prepared to reach the conclusion” that the coronavirus outbreak may match the 2008-2009 recession and 9/11 attacks in its impact on The Bahamas. Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and aviation,

Bahamasair chair 'praying' virus not a Sept 11 repeat

Bahamasair’s chairman is “praying” that the Covid-19 virus does not match the September 11 attacks’ impact on travel and tourism, having witnessed that “devastation” first hand.Tommy Turnquest, who was minister of tourism that fateful day, told Tribu

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$1.8bn promises: Disaster relief pledges total up by $300m

THE Disaster Reconstruction Authority now says that grants and in-kind services raised during the Hurricane Dorian Pledging Conference amounted to $1.8bn, but only $364,000 was in actual cash and deposits. Following the January conference, officials said donors had pledged $1.5bn in funding and other services.

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Church leaders urge faithful to be careful

AS fears continue to mount over the deadly coronavirus, Catholic Arhcbishop Patrick Pinder is urging parishioners across the country with flu-like symptoms to remain at home until their health has been fully restored.

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High winds fuel blaze in Andros woodlands

POLICE in Andros are monitoring a large bush fire on the island that occurred on Saturday, an official confirmed yesterday.

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WORLD VIEW: Masquerade by Venezuelan academics to avoid rule of law

My less than 1,000 words commentary, on the case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) between Guyana and Venezuela, provoked a response of 2,069 words from two academics of Universidad Central de Venezuela. The response merits reply if only because the authors, Kenneth Ramirez and Mirna Yonis, have attempted to masquerade their political position as an objective academic analysis.

School gets new name - and an upgrade in the technology game

THE Ministry of Education is set to begin its technology upgrade at the primary school in Mastic Point this year by ensuring that all students from preschool through grade three receive a tablet, said Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis. The teachers wi

Why the PLP should show its support for Monique

The PLP squandered a public relations coup and a chance to demonstrate that they are turning over a new leaf. Going in to the next election the party should want to show that it is open to fresh faces, especially women.

Time for Straw Market vendors to do better

Not surprised that the Straw Business Persons Society is upset with Works Minister Desmond Bannister and the Straw Market Authority for making the unpopular decision to close down the market for much needed maintenance work. With the Spring Break season beginning this week, the scheduled closure between February 23rd to February 29th couldn't have come at a more inopportune time for irate straw vendors, who are carrying on like they are living from hand to mouth, which is difficult to believe, seeing that the rental fee at the market is only $37.50 per week.

Swimmers named for Carifta team

After the final trials over the weekend at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex, the Bahamas Swimming Federation has selected the swim and open water teams that will defend The Bahamas’ title at the 2020 Carifta Swimming Championships.

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Last farewell to baseball legend ‘poker’

The sporting community came together to pay their last respects to the late talented baseball/softball player Anthony ‘Poker’ ‘24’ Huyler as he was laid to rest on Saturday at the Church of St Mary the Virgin Anglican Parish.

Higgs honoured on Senior Day

Lashann Higgs was one of four seniors recognised by the Texas Longhorns women’s basketball programme on Senior Day as she brings her tenure with the programme to a close in the upcoming month.

Jones hits peak for finale

Kai Jones had a career-high night in the regular season finale and has become a mainstay in the rotation as the Texas Longhorns head into the post-season.

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Juniors shine in weekend tournament

A successful U14 and U16 Junior Tennis Tournament was held at the National Tennis Centre this weekend. The event is an official tournament on The Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) 2020 Calendar.

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Deadlock for Mingoes and Shockers – with decider to come

The University of the Bahamas Mingoes let the JD’s Seafood Shockers have the lead in their game only once—and that was in the opening two minutes at 2-1. The Mingoes knew they had to not only win this second game of the best-of-three series to stay alive but had to also send a statement.

Disney gives maritime academy scholarships

Disney Cruise Line has awarded scholarships to four Bahamian female cadets to attend the LJM Maritime Academy in Nassau. The scholarships, one for each of the ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, include two years of study at LJM Maritime Academy

New airlift seeking frequency increase

United Airlines is already looking to increase the frequency of a new non-stop flight from Denver that is expected to bring an extra 20,000 visitors to The Bahamas annually, a senior tourism official says.Dr Kenneth Romer, the Ministry of Tourism’s e

PLP: 'We'll terminate' PI deal for Royal Caribbean

The opposition’s leader yesterday warned that a future PLP government “will terminate” any agreement that results in Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines leasing crown land on Paradise Island. Philip Davis, in a statement, argued it would be “grossly unfair

Product shortage warning as coronavirus fear rises

Shortages of hand sanitisers and surgical face masks are expected to occur within weeks, Bahamian retailers and wholesale distributors have warned, due to the spreading coronavirus outbreak. Hillary Hall, Ports International’s chief executive, told

Fallout from coronavirus posing challenges to aviation giants

The coronavirus continues to spread around the globe and the latest projections from the World Health Organisation point to a highly contagious disease with a mortality rate of 3.4 percent. These are worrying numbers that explain the draconian measur

Sunday, March 8

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UPDATED: Gunman’s victim is found in bushes

POLICE in New Providence are investigating after a man was shot and killed near Carmichael Road early yesterday morning, bringing the country’s murder count to 14 for the year.

Friday, March 6

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03062020 WEEKEND

Friday, 6th March, 2020.

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03062020 WEEKEND

Friday, 6th March, 2020.

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Six charged with breaching Immigration Act

Six foreign nationals were charged in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court for breaching the Immigration Act.

Women cadets receive Disney Cruise Line Scholarships

FOUR Bahamian women cadets of LJM Maritime Academy received Disney Cruise Line Scholarships Friday, which covers two years of study and one year of service aboard a Disney ship.

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Court hears how woman carried child to safety during Fox Hill shooting

A WOMAN on Friday recalled the moment when she ran and carried her child to safety shortly after gunmen opened fire at Freedom Park during the 2013 Fox Hill mass shooting.

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Coronavirus: One more in quarantine

A BAHAMIAN returning to the country from China on Thursday was placed in quarantine bringing the total number in isolation to three, as cases of COVID-19 increase around the world.

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AKA hosts CPR education session

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Pi Upsilon Omega Chapter hosted a free CPR education session for the public at the Eric Sam Hall at Church of Ascension.

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Spring break kicks off with a sensation

It’s that time of a year again when students let loose and party around the clock. Yes, it’s Spring break 2020. And Atlantis has decided to do things a little different this year.

EDITORIAL: Why the laws on disclosures matter to Bahamians

IT’S that time of year again – when the asset disclosures of parliamentarians comes into the public eye.

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Humane Society urges people to report all animal attacks

A BAHAMAS Humane Society official is urging people to report all animal attacks to police after two recent pit bull attacks on humans.According to BHS General Manager Percy Grant, police have recently been taking action on complaints about dog attack

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PLP leader asks police to probe 'violent' meme

PLP Leader Philip “Brave” Davis wants the police Cyber Crime Unit to investigate a “violent” internet meme made about him and find the persons responsible.Mr Davis spoke out after a meme was circulated on social media showing him blowing a whistle wh

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'Ragged Island has not been abandoned'

WORKS Minister Desmond Bannister yesterday assured the government is not abandoning residents of Ragged Island, noting that a number of projects are lined up to assist with the restoration efforts there. “What I said in the House of Assembly is poss

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New engine added at Blue Hills to help bring end to load shedding

IN an effort to end load shedding in the capital, Bahamas Power and Light yesterday added a new engine to its Blue Hills Power Station, a move officials say will also help improve the country’s energy production.Speaking at yesterday’s ceremony, BPL

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Businessman and Rotarian Chappy Knowles dies

Well-known Grand Bahama businessman Chappy Knowles has died. “It is with great sadness and a broken heart that we inform you of the passing of our employer, mentor, adviser and friend, and the shops namesake Chappy,” according to a statement release

Experts seek to map out storm surge for The Bahamas

A STORM surge model project for inundation mapping over The Bahamas will start in 2021 and will be developed over two years by the National Hurricane Centre, it was revealed yesterday at the Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference.Kenneth Graham, Nationa

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Chinese: Virus under control

CHINESE officials predict that by the end of the month no new cases of the coronavirus will emerge from the Hubei province, the epicentre of the disease outbreak, even as local Chinese restaurants continue taking a hit over illness fears.

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Bahamasair concerned about travelling staff

BAHAMASAIR chairman Tommy Turnquest revealed the national airline is concerned about its staff and those travelling amid the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. However, up to press time, there had been no reduction in flights servicing th

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Blow a whistle to mark arrival of silly season

“Silly Season” is officially open, so let this week’s column serve as notice.

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BPL’s new charge hit by delay

Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) mammoth refinancing has been further delayed by the need to alter its enabling legislation to better protect investors, a Cabinet minister revealed yesterday.

Tease photo

Bar ethics body's 'woeful failure' in QC reprimand

The Bahamas Bar Council’s ethics committee has been blasted by the Court of Appeal for “woefully failing” to explain its decision to reprimand a prominent QC. Sir Michael Barnett, the court’s president, in a unanimous verdict ruled that the committe

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'Stop focusing on the peanuts': GB deals grow one tax $63m

A Cabinet minister yesterday told Bahamians to “stop focusing on the peanuts” as he revealed that the cruise lines’ Freeport projects will generate $63m in annual taxes from just one revenue stream. Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and aviati

US: Bahamas regulators are in denial over gaming risks

The US government has accused “certain” Bahamian regulators of failing to accept the financial crime risks posed by online gaming and money transmission businesses.The Trump administration, in its just-released International Narcotics Control Strateg

Private sector: Coronavirus not in our control

Private sector executives yesterday said there was little they can do to combat the coronavirus outbreak and they will take their lead from the government .Wesley Ferguson, president of the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union (BTCU), told Tribune Business that wh

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Border tightens on virus nations: Italy, South Korea, Iran added to restricted list

THE government has implemented new border control and quarantine measures for people travelling to the country from Italy, South Korea and Iran – where there is a prevalence of novel coronavirus cases, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday.

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One person fails to submit disclosure

THE Public Disclosures Commission has written to the prime minister and leader of the official opposition revealing that one official has failed to file an asset disclosure.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: We were warned, didn’t listen and now must face the consequences

I’m writing this on a Sunday midday knowing full well the numbers will change by Friday when you read it. As of now, there are 87,000 cases of coronavirus. That’s 2,000 more than there were 20 minutes ago. The death toll stands at nearly 3,000 and no doubt will jump while I continue to write and monitor.

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Woman accused of fake marriage to Haitian man

A 26-year-old mother has pleaded guilty to charges of participating in a fraudulent marriage to help a Haitian man get a Bahamian spousal permit. Janelle Brown was charged before Magistrate Samuel McKinney with committing a fraudulent marriage; maki

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Police hunt four robbers

POLICE are looking for four armed men who robbed a group of people inside a Soldier Road business Wednesday night. The incident took place shortly before 10pm. Police said four armed men entered an establishment on Soldier Road, west of Windsor Plac

Three years' jail for sabotaging jetliner bound for The Bahamas

MIAMI (AP) — A veteran airline mechanic was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for sabotaging an American Airlines jetliner with 150 people aboard in a bid to earn overtime fixing the plane. In sentencing 60-year-old Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ah

Immigration measures

Usually, from the general impressions garnered from these articles entered daily in newspapers, it appears that many of them lack the want-to-help-scenarios…not my articles is fair to say.

Did Minnis snub GBPA?

I couldn’t help but notice that none of the executives of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) were in a photo with Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis and several Free National Movement (FNM) Cabinet ministers, Lucayan Renewal Holdings Chair Michael Scott and Royal Caribbean and ITM officials at the official signing for the Grand Lucayan Resort.

Final CARIFTA swim trials this weekend

With the Bahamas Swimming Federation preparing to go after its fourth straight CARIFTA Swimming Championships title next month, swimmers will have a chance to secure their spots on the team with the final trials set for this weekend.Once the two-day,

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Bain and Colonials advance to Northeastern semis

CHARLES Bain and the Robert Morris Colonials avoided a first-round upset and will advance to the Northeastern Conference tournament semi-finals.The top seed in the bracket, the Colonials defeated the No. 8 seed St Francis Brooklyn Terriers, 59-58 on

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SAC lead QC by 13.5 points on final day

A WIN in the final event of the day widened the margin for the St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine as they continue their bid to unseat the Queen’s College Comets as BAISS track and field champions. Headed into day three, just 13.50 points separa

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Chisholm, Robinson, Thomas among top 30 prospects in major leagues

MAJOR League Baseball continued to reveal its Top 30 Prospects for each franchise and more Bahamian players were listed for their respective National League clubs. Kristian Robinson heads the list as the No.1 prospect of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ja

NPWBA All-Star Night at DW Davis Saturday

THE New Providence Women’s Basketball Association is scheduled to hold its All-Star Night at the DW Davis Gym on Saturday.

Blue VS Gold National Rugby Trial Saturday in Winton

THE Bahamas Rugby Union is all set to hold a Blue versus Gold National Rugby Trial 3pm Saturday at the Winton Rugby Pitch. The two squads will comprise of players competing for 22 spots on the Bahamas national team that will play against the Jamaica

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THE PRESS BOX: The wait is over as Lakers sign veteran guard Dion Waiters

THE Los Angeles Lakers continue to tweak their roster prior to the NBA Playoffs, clearly a sign that they are all in on winning an NBA championship this season.Yesterday, the Lakers signed veteran guard Dion Waiters, according to Shams Charania of Th

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NPBA: Shockers stop Mingoes 64-57, Rockets knock off Regulators 86-75

THE Discount Distributors Rockets and JD’s Seafood Shockers won the New Providence Basketball Association double header at the AF Adderley Gymnasium on Wednesday night. The Rockets knocked off the Leno Regulators 86-75 and the Shockers got by the Un

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Grand Bahama men charged – one with murder, one with attempted murder

TWO men were charged in the Eight Mile Rock Magistrate’s Court on Thursday – one for murder and the other for attempted murder.

House committee concerns prompt transparency calls

Governance reformers yesterday called for improved transparency in government amid continuing concerns that parliamentary committees are failing to regularly meet. Matt Aubry, the Organisation for Responsible Governance’s (ORG) executive director, t

Taxi chief: Cruise line's PI deal 'adds insult to injury'

Royal Caribbean’s planned $50m beach break destination on Paradise Island further “adds insult to injury” for taxi drivers already struggling to earn a living, their union chief said yesterday. Wesley Ferguson, the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union’s (BTCU) pr

End to one-cent will drive breadbasket price change

Breadbasket items will undergo a “major price adjustment” in the coming months due to the Central Bank’s plan to end the Bahamian one-cent coin’s use as legal tender, a key regulator said yesterday. Danny Sumner, the Price Control Commission’s chair

IAN FERGUSON: How businesses can combat coronavirus

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis has reached a critical new phase where businesses need to seriously consider the economic impact the pandemic will have on their bottom line. While the world focuses on containing and mitigating the disease itself, c

Development Bank leads farming revival

The Bahamas Development Bank (BDB) has teamed with other government and international agencies to revive sheep, goat and pig farming in The Bahamas.The institution, in a statement, said it has teamed with the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resour

Thursday, March 5

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03052020 EDITION

Thursday, 5th March, 2020.

EDITORIAL: Fighting off the coronavirus

PIECE by piece, The Bahamas is putting the building blocks in place to protect the country as best as possible from the risk of the coronavirus.

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Water union chief 'suspended for asking if WSC was a plantation'

WATER and Sewerage Management Union (WSMU) president Montgomery Miller claims he was suspended for two days by the Water and Sewage Corporation (WSC) for questioning the authority.“In a most recent instance I, in my capacity as president of the Water

Haitian man accused of faking marriage for permit

A HAITIAN man has been accused of entering into a fraudulent marriage in order to obtain a spousal permit.

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D'Aguilar: Rewards will outweigh what govt spent on hotel

TOURISM Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said the future economic benefits of the Grand Lucayan resort sale outweigh what the government spent to manage the hotel before it was sold and any concessions given to the buyers. Mr D’Aguilar also doesn’t think

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Face masks, hand sanitizers and lysol spray - stores selling out as Bahamians prepare

SOME stores and pharmacies in New Providence report being sold out of face masks, hand sanitizers, and Lysol spray as Bahamians prepare for a possible coronavirus outbreak here. There are no reported or suspected cases of the new deadly coronavirus

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UPDATED: Body found on boat moored at Silver Point

Police in Grand Bahama are investigating after a man was found dead on Tuesday.

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Island Luck TV affiliate uses 'void' radio licence

A radio station controlled by Sebas Bastian’s Brickell Management Group (BMG) is broadcasting using a licence that was “voided” by the sector’s regulator, the Court of Appeal found yesterday. Justice Stella Crane-Scott, in a unanimous verdict backed

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'No technical obstacles' to $3.5bn BISX trading

The $3.5bn government debt market’s trading launch on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is “very close”, its chief executive confirmed yesterday. Keith Davies, BISX’s chief executive, told Tribune Business all technical “impediments

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Govt revenue 'holding' as January falls $10m

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday said it was “encouraged that revenue collections are holding up” despite a $10.3m year-over-year decline in January. Marlon Johnson, the acting financial secretary, told Tribune Business that the init

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'Slow ramp up': Tax cheat combat unit collects first $15m

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday said the government had expected a “slow ramp up” by its tax compliance enforcers after the unit collected just $15m in the 2019-2020 first half.

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'We'll do whatever's necessary to defeat coronavirus threat'

The government will “provide whatever resources are required” beyond the extra $4m allocated yesterday to combat the coronavirus threat, the deputy prime minister pledged yesterday.K Peter Turnquest told the RoyalFidelity Bahamas Economic Outlook tha

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STATESIDE: Anyone But Trump - and it looks like Biden

When voters went to cast their ballots in the Democratic presidential primary election on this week’s Super Tuesday, there were 14 names on the ballot in several states including Virginia. But only five actual candidates were still in the race. Such is the frenetic, chaotic nature of Democratic politics in this renewed era of Anyone But Trump.

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Prison staff retirement age to increase five years

THE government will increase the retirement age of subordinate correctional officers from 50 to 55, according to a new bill.

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‘I’ve paid up.’ - ‘Well, prove it’

EDUCATION Loan Authority chairman Miriam Emmanuel would not say yesterday if Senator Ranard Henfield was accurate about repaying his student loan to the government, suggesting the authority is still awaiting proof from him.

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‘Lucayan deal’s the spark Grand Bahama needed’

THE sale of the Grand Lucayan resort has brought renewed confidence and optimism to Grand Bahama’s struggling business community, which has been anticipating Monday’s signing.

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China travel alert to last six months: Govt fearful over economic fallout from global crisis

THE People’s Republic of China, where COVID-19 originated, has been declared an “infected” place for six months - making it official policy to prohibit non-Bahamian citizens from entering The Bahamas if they have been to that country within the last 20 days.

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Money launder suspect granted bail

A 38-year-old man, charged in connection to a $1.2m Ministry of Tourism fraud scheme, has been granted bail ahead of his trial.Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt granted Damalus Curry $25,000 bail with two sureties yesterday ahead of his trial ov

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Pathologist testifies in Fox Hill shooting trial

A FORENSIC pathologist yesterday testified how she signed the death certificates of four victims who were killed during the 2013 mass shooting in Fox Hill.Dr Caryn Sands, taking the witness stand before Justice Deborah Fraser yesterday afternoon, sai

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Drugs in suitcase

A JAMAICAN man was arrested at Lynden Pindling International Airport on Tuesday after police found marijuana in his suitcase. According to a police report, the arrest occurred shortly before 2pm. Canine Unit officers, acting on information while at

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Kingsway Academy leads the way to victory in annual essay competition

Kingsway Academy came out on top when McKayla Miller was declared the overall winner of the 4th annual economics essay competition organised by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with The Nassau Institute. The competition took place at Anato

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Two men held after shooting

POLICE arrested two men, who are in hospital with apparent gunshot injuries, in connection with a shooting that occurred on Tuesday. According to a police report, shortly after 10pm Tuesday officers responded to a shooting incident at Ethel Street i

Undermining of the South Andros MP

The constituency of South Andros is considered by many Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters to be a low hanging fruit for the political organisation, having been represented by Sir Lynden Pindling from the 1960s till his retirement in 1997.

Time to buy gold

THE Corona virus spreading globally caused the US Federal Reserve to lower interest on March 3, 2020 by 0.5%. This was to help the economy and stock market. Ironically, it had the reverse effect.

Crisis of the Constitution?

It is very disappointing and disheartening to observe the level of disrespect geared toward the supreme law of our country.

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Big Red Machine in the lead after day 1

The St Augustine’s College Big Red Machine got off to a promising start in their bid to reclaim the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools’ Track and Field title.The three-day meet opened yesterday at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium and t

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Ayton posts double double but ankle injury nagging No.1 pick

A NAGGING ankle injury continues to limit Deandre Ayton as the Phoenix Suns got more bad news during their four-game losing streak. Ayton went down with the injury at the 2:50 mark in the fourth quarter of the Suns’ 123-114 loss to the Toronto Rapto

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Buddy breaks record of most 3s in first 4 seasons

DESPITE being relegated to a bench role by the Sacramento Kings, Buddy Hield continues to set new records as one of the elite three-point shooters in NBA history.The fourth-year guard now has made more three-point field goals than any other player in

McPhee-McCuin and the rebels lose

A SEASON of struggles came to an end for head coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin and her Ole Miss Rebels Women’s Basketball programme in the opening round of the SEC Tournament. The Rebels suffered a 64-53 loss to the Missouri Tigers yesterday at the Bon Se

Radshad Davis cans 16 in win over Troy

RADSHAD Davis concluded the regular season with one of his better offensive performances of the year and helped his team clinch home court advantage in the first round of the Sun Belt Conference tournament. Davis finished with 16 points on 7-9 shoot

GB enthusiastic over Grand Lucayan deal

The Grand Lucayan resort’s sale has brought renewed confidence and optimism to Grand Bahama’s struggling business community, which had been awaiting Monday’s deal completion for months. Greg LaRoda, the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce president, sa

Bahamas must be 'global climate change advocate'

The Bahamas and other vulnerable small island states need to become “global advocates” in the battle against climate change, a former Cabinet minister said yesterday. Zhivargo Laing, former minister of state for finance, told a panel discussion at t

Digital B$ critical to disaster strategies

The Bahamian digital dollar is part of the government’s strategy to create “sustainable solutions” for Dorian-type natural disasters, the deputy prime minister said yesterday. K Peter Turnquest, addressing the RoyalFidelity Bahamas Economic Outlook c

ART OF GRAPHIX: Stamping your mark on digital image edits

The clone stamp tool is the oldest and most widely-known replicating device in the Photoshop tool box. The clone stamp is used in digital image editing to replace information from one part of a picture with information from another part. In other ima

Small Business Centre aids 6,700 entrepreneurs

More than 50 percent of the financing approved by the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) has gone to Hurricane Dorian-impacted entrepreneurs, the deputy prime minister said yesterday. K Peter Turnquest, pictured , tabling the mid-year budget p

Wednesday, March 4

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Teenager charged with Long Island murders

A TEENAGER was charged Thursday with the murders of two Long Island women who were originally reported missing late last month.

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03042020 EDITION

Wednesday, 4th March, 2020.

Haitian man accused of faking marriage for permit

A HAITIAN man has been accused of entering into a fraudulent marriage in order to obtain a spousal permit. Lugens Saint-Aude, 40, was charged before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt with committing a fraudulent marriage; fraud by false pretenc

EDITORIAL: Are parties ready to pass baton?

THE move by the PLP to block Monique Pindling from running in her father’s seat in the next election gives a glimpse inside the party mechanism.

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ALICIA WALLACE: We need to wake up and put ourselves first

We all want the best for ourselves. We want to make enough – or more than enough – money. We want good health. Mobile devices, internet and food delivery are more common than they have been in past years. As time goes on, our “bare minimum” list gets longer. We are quite certain that we deserve it. There are times, however, when it seems we do not believe we deserve the best, but other people do. However unintentionally, we frequently elevate the opinions and comfort of others above our own.

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Govt 'not proactive enough' in response to coronavirus

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Leader Philip “Brave” Davis believes the government has not been sufficiently proactive in handling the country’s COVID-19 preparedness.According to Mr Davis, the government has been “too general and too generic” with its st

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Doctor tells Fox Hill shooting case of treating victim

A MEDICAL expert yesterday recounted the moment he examined one of the survivors of the 2013 Fox Hill mass shooting and how he gave treatment to prevent further loss of blood from the victim’s neck, shoulder and mouth. Dr Sergio Kerr, taking the wit

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'Ragged islanders angered by PM's 60 minutes slot'

RAGGED Island MP Chester Cooper said yesterday his constituents were angered by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ appearance on American television show 60 Minutes. He said since Hurricane Irma devastated the island in September 2017, residents felt

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Minister says Valley will march - but group says not under JCNP

ALTHOUGH Minister of Culture Lanisha Rolle said the Valley Boys will be participating in Junkanoo parades, the group still maintains it will not be a part of those managed by the Junkanoo Corporation New Providence (JCNP).After the group’s shock resi

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Coco Cay tops destinations for Royal Caribbean

COCO Cay in the Berry Islands is number one of 500 cruise destinations in the world for Royal Caribbean International, a cruise line executive said this week. Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International (RCI), said the destina

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PLP leader says deal on Grand Lucayan doesn't add up

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said the Grand Lucayan’s sale to foreign interests signifies a loss of tens of millions in taxpayer dollars, vindicating the party over its long held position that government should not have purch

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Royal Caribbean in $50m PI investment

Royal Caribbean will invest around $50m to develop its Royal Beach Club project on Paradise Island, its chief executive has revealed, having set a late 2022 target date for its opening. Michael Bayley, who is also the cruise line’s president, told T

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Construction 'being killed' by large-scale expat hiring

The Bahamian construction industry is being “killed and decimated” by the large-scale importation of foreign workers for jobs that are not being made known to locals, it was argued yesterday.Leonard Sands, the Bahamian Contractors Association’s (BCA)

Insurance VAT can cover public assets, govt told

The government was yesterday urged by a top insurer to use the VAT monies it is earning on insurance premiums to purchase coverage for its buildings and public infrastructure assets.Anton Saunders, RoyalStar Assurance’s managing director, told Tribun

‘Vulnerable on several fronts’ to coronavirus

A Bahamian risk management specialist yesterday warned that this nation is “vulnerable on a few fronts” to the coronavirus outbreak, adding: “This is a storm of its own before hurricane season.”

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Insurance to give govt full $65m on Grand Lucayan

A Cabinet minister yesterday said Dorian-related insurance claims will ensure the government receives the full $65m Grand Lucayan purchase price, adding: “Now is time to invest in Grand Bahama.” Kwasi Thompson, minister of state for Grand Bahama, ex

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Ex-minister and son deny $1.2m fraud

A FORMER Cabinet minister and her son were charged in the Magistrate’s court yesterday with defrauding the Ministry of Tourism of $1.2m.

Pindling daughter loses out in Andros challenge

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party incumbents have been guaranteed nominations in the 2022 general election, a move that blocks a daughter of Sir Lynden Pindling from challenging South Andros MP Picewell Forbes for the party’s nomination in his constituency.

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Cruise line confirms PI project to cost $50m

Royal Caribbean will invest around $50m to develop its Royal Beach Club project on Paradise Island, its chief executive has revealed, having set a late 2022 target date for its opening.

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$1m bill for gym and Family Island repairs

THE government has allocated $1.2m for Hurricane Dorian related restoration efforts that fall under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, including clean up of the Kendal G L Isaacs National Gymnasium.

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Man stabbed in Pinder's Point row

A Grand Bahama man is in hospital in serious condition after being stabbed multiple times following an altercation in the Pinder’s Point area on Monday. Assistant Superintendent of Police Terecita Pinder reported that police were called to an incide

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Convenience store cashier robbed

POLICE on New Providence are looking for the suspects who robbed a convenience store cashier in one of two armed robberies reported on Monday. Shortly before 2pm, an armed male entered a convenience store on West and Meadow Streets and robbed a fema

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Suspect accused of rapes during home invasions

A MAN was charged in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday with armed robbery and allegedly raping two women earlier this year. Anthony McKenzie, 26, was appeared before Senior Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt, charged with three counts of armed robbery,

Beware of fake progress

LESS than a generation ago, a (male) candidate for the US presidency who proudly referenced his husband at every opportunity would have been seen as a radical departure from the mainstream, to say the very least.

Shame on govt

My name is Bianca Smith and I am an eighteen-year-old Bahamian student, studying in an international school abroad and I am the daughter of Mr Toby Smith, the future lighthouse keeper for Paradise Island Lighthouse and Beach Club.

LPIA arrivals

This is a letter to the Minister of Tourism about arriving passengers going through immigration at the airport. Arriving off British Airways on Friday afternoon my wife and I were met in the pre-immigration area by a vast crowd waiting to go through immigration which filled the whole area to overflowing. There was hardly enough room to stand.

Let me get this right

A Bahamian investor receives a lease agreement from government for Crown land on Paradise Island.

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More players register for Ed Armbrister Baseball League

WITH an increase in the registration of players, the Ed Armbrister Baseball Camp will revert back to a full-fledged league. According to Michael Butler, one of the organisers, they made the decision to host a league as opposed to a baseball camp bec

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QC Comets to defend track and field title

The Queen’s College Comets, with a well-balanced team across the board, is all set to defend their title as the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools’ 31st Track and Field Championships gets underway today.The three-day meet, featuring

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Burrows Sr invited to take part in CBUAO Florida Camp

MARTIN Burrows Sr, who has reached the highest international level for a Bahamian as an International Softball Federation (ISF) umpire and coach, will now get a chance to officiate as an umpire at the collegiate level.Burrows Sr, who turns 55 this ye

Under 6 Feet Basketball League sanctioned

MICHAEL Clark, owner and originator of the Under 6 Feet Basketball league, has sanctioned the U6F 242 Basketball League. The U6FL here in the Bahamas is now in the formation phase and is looking forward to starting the league before the summer. It

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Team Delta victorious in RBDF's 2nd Annual Commodore's Bowl Flag Football Tourney

TEAM Delta dominated and held on to beat Team Bravo during the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s 2nd Annual Commodore’s Bowl Flag Football Tournament at the T.A. Robinson Stadium last Friday. Coached by Petty Officer Crevin Anderson, Team Delta went int

GB Power will reveal new fee's sum raised

Grand Bahama Power Company has been ordered by its regulator to publish quarterly reports showing how much it has collected from its Dorian reconstruction levy, it was revealed yesterday.The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), in a statement seeking

Arawak Cay undergoes management changes

Arawak Cay vendors have been urged to bring rental payments current, and warned that stall sub-leasing must end, as the popular destination’s management has changed hands.Michael Pintard, minister of agriculture and marine resources, told vendors at

Contractors preparing skills data for 'construction boom'

The Bahamian Contractors Association (BCA) is developing a database of construction firms and skilled workers to ensure Bahamians do not miss out on a building boom, its president said yesterday. Michael Pratt told Tribune Business that the absence

Airbnb: Vital to expose the students to tourism

An Airbnb executive yesterday said it was critical to expose Bahamian students to tourism opportunities as part of its responsibility as a “21st century company”. Chloe Burke, the vacation rental facilitator’s public policy associate with responsibi

Tuesday, March 3

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03032020 EDITION

Tuesday, 3rd March, 2020.

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Officers shoot dead another suspect

OFFICERS shot and killed a man in Sea Breeze Estates who allegedly pointed a gun at them Tuesday afternoon, the third fatal police-involved shooting in a little over a week.

EDITORIAL: A port for all or just for benefit of the cruise lines?

THE tensions between different sections of the Bahamian business market have been on show in recent days.

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PETER YOUNG: When patriotism and nationalism are confronted

The alarming events over the last few days concerning Syrian refugees passing through Turkey in large numbers and trying to enter European Union countries like Greece and Bulgaria hit TV screens over the weekend.

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Straw Market opening was 'delayed at vendor request'

THE Straw Market Authority was “fully prepared” to open the Straw Market as scheduled but did not do so at the vendors request, according to Works Minister Desmond Bannister.On February 13, the SMA issued a letter notifying vendors that it and the Mi

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Ragged Islanders feel neglected three years on

NEARLY three years after Hurricane Irma ravaged Ragged Island, many longtime residents there still feel “neglected” and “disappointed” with the lack of progress made to fully restore the island to normalcy. This “blatant” disregard for the island an

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Parliamentarians seek extension on public disclosures deadline

SEVERAL members of Parliament have requested deadline extensions to submit documents disclosing their assets, according to Public Disclosure Commission Chairman Myles Laroda yesterday.The deadline for disclosing is March 1 each year.However, Mr Larod

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Police in hunt for laundromat robber

POLICE on New Providence are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the suspects who tried to rob a laundromat on Sunday. Shortly after 3am Sunday, two armed men entered a laundromat on Charles Saunders Highway and attempted to rob the cashier

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FACE TO FACE: Harry Potter had an owl, I had my Hawk

When I was a high school student attending St Augustine’s College (SAC), I met Alpheus “Hawk” Finlayson. He is an alumni and remains active in the lives of some of the students who came after him. I am one of them. From that time until now, he still checks up on me.

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Minister: GB poised for six-fold visitor increase

Grand Bahama is poised for a near six-fold increase in visitor arrivals from two projects that will be “the catalyst for tourism’s rebirth” on that island, a Cabinet minister revealed yesterday.

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Bay Street's 'survival' fears on Royal Caribbean PI deal

Bay Street retailers yesterday reacted furiously to revelations of Royal Caribbean’s planned Paradise Island “beach break” destination, and questioned: “How will we survive?”Leon Griffin, Treasure Bahamas general manager, told Tribune Business he was

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DPM: Coronavirus economic fall-out receiving scrutiny

The deputy prime minster yesterday revealed the government is “contingency planning” for the potential negative impact that the coronavirus may have on economic growth and fiscal projections. K Peter Turnquest, deputy prime minister, told Tribune Bu

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Nassau/PI hotels enjoy 18% room revenues growth

Major Nassau/Paradise Island resorts shrugged off a modest one percent room revenue fall-off in December to post an 18 percent gain for the 2019 full year, it was revealed yesterday.

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Govt earns '$50m net' from Lucayan disposal

The Hotel Corporation’s chairman yesterday blasted that critics of the government’s Grand Lucayan deal have been “left with egg on their face” as it prepares to receive a net $50m from the sale.Michael Scott, who also headed the resort’s board, told

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Florida confirms two with virus

FLORIDA’S public health emergency over two presumptive positive COVID-19 cases has at this time had no bearing on the Bahamas’ approach to dealing with the deadly virus, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands suggested yesterday.

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Robbery theory in killings

TWO men in custody for the killings of a mother and daughter in Long Island will likely learn today if either or both will be charged with murder, Chief Superintendent of Police Solomon Cash said yesterday.

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Vasyli fate: ‘It’s your decision’ – Privy Council says Bahamas court to rule on any retrial

THE Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has ruled that Donna Vasyli has a case to answer in the 2015 killing of her husband, Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli.

Tease photo

Grand Lucayan purchase deal signed – mega-investment on the way

THE purchase deal for the Grand Lucayan resort was signed on Monday, setting plans in motion for a $300m investment development by the Royal Caribbean International and ITM Group to transform Grand Bahama and revive its beleaguered economy.

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Woman detained after $80k of suspected cocaine found

A WOMAN was arrested at Lynden Pindling International Airport on Sunday after she was found with $80,000 worth of cocaine, police said. The woman, who had arrived in the country on a flight from Jamaica, was arrested shortly before 2pm. Airport Divi

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Woman admits forging narcotics prescription

A WOMAN pleaded guilty to forging prescriptions to obtain narcotics from a local pharmacy after being arraigned in Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Tietchka Vanderpool-Wallace, 54, was arraigned alongside Livingstone Seymour, 54, before Senior Magistra

Tease photo

Robbery suspect escapes from police station

A MAN who was being questioned by police in connection to an armed robbery investigation escaped from the Carmichael Road Police Station on Sunday night, police said. According to police, Tomal Bowe, 28, of McKinney Drive was assisting police with a

Political pandering

Campaigning for the next scheduled general elections has started in earnest by the major political parties. The DNA seems to have fallen off the proverbial map. So sad but a reality. The FNM and the PLP both have a lot of baggage and must do a lot more to convince voters that either of them has the people’s interests at heart.

Tough love – is it really love?

Last night in a social setting a video was shown about one of our athletes who has been experiencing the most challenging time one can imagine. While the video was heartbreaking what was most disturbing were the negative comments coming from some of the people in the group. It makes one wonder what happened to us as a people. When did we become so cold and uncaring?

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Thompson, Sastre victorious in CARIFTA open water trials

Mark Anthony Thompson and Mia Sastre emerged as the top male and female finishers in the YMCA Waverunners Open Water five-kilometre race over the weekend in Grand Bahama. The event served as the final trials for competitors wishing to make the Baham

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Bahamians clinch titles in NCAA Division I Basketball

AS the NCAA Division I college basketball season winds down, several Bahamian student athletes clinched conference regular season titles ahead of the postseason.Nathan Bain and the Stephen F Austin Lumberjacks continue to be one of the most talked ab

NCAA baseball: Hanna II, Murray shine

ELLISON Hanna II and BJ Murray both had multi-hit games last weekend as their respective programmes won their latest series in NCAA Division I baseball. Hanna and the Indiana State Sycamores worked their way back to a .500 record at 5-5 with a three

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Nassau Rowing Club Holds First Annual NP Secondary Schools Regatta

FOR the first time since its inception, Nassau Rowing Club has realised the dream of bringing together rowers from across the island to compete in a scholastic regatta.Student athletes represented their schools, including Lyford Cay International Sch

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Chiefs' Fenton spends family time

RASHAD Fenton, of Bahamian descent, who helped the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIV on February 2 in Miami, Florida, came to Nassau on Sunday on a cruise ship to spend some time with his local family.Fenton won a Super Bowl ring at Hard Rock

Bahamians among MLB Pipeline's top 30 prospects

MAJOR League Baseball Pipeline began its annual practice of revealing its top 30 prospects for each franchise and Bahamians have been featured as the division-by-division analysis made its 2020 debut.Among the list of three American League divisions,

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'Today a tennis seed, tomorrow a fruitful tennis plant'

THE Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association’s “Play Tennis” developmental programme started indoors with drills and fitness conducted by coaches Marion Bain and Corey Francis, and players Donte Armbrister and Sydney Clarke.Later in the day the session progre

Electricity, shipping delay hits Man-O-War recovery

Shipping delays and the absence of electricity are the major obstacles to Man-o-War Cay’s recovery from Hurricane Dorian. Jerome Petrisko, the Hibiscus Café’s general manager, told Tribune Business: “Man-O-War is recovering very quickly. Everyone is

Bahamas' sixth most expensive ranking not 'accurate portrayal'

The Central Bank’s governor says The Bahamas’ recent ranking as the world’s sixth most expensive country to live in is not an “accurate portrayal” of this nation’s cost of living. John Rolle, speaking during the Bahamian digital currency’s launch in

Small Business Centre in largest financing to-date

A Grand Bahama business has become the largest recipient to-date of financing arranged through the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC). Fowlco Marine and Logistics Management has obtained $500,000 to help repair its Dorian-impacted facilities,

Minister: GB poised for six-fold visitor increase

Grand Bahama is poised for a near six-fold increase in visitor arrivals from two projects that will be “the catalyst for tourism’s rebirth” on that island, a Cabinet minister revealed yesterday.Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and aviation, to

Monday, March 2

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03022020 EDITION

Monday, 2nd March, 2020.

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Monday, 2nd March, 2020.

The Tribune

Nygard commission of Inquiry EDITOR, The Tribune. Requested title: We need a Nygard commission of Inquiry I would fully support a commission of inquiry into the allegations of political corruption against Peter Nygard in the Bahamas. In the past,

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UPDATED: Knights win fifth straight GSSSA track and field title

COACH Tia Rolle and the CR Walker Knights celebrated their fifth straight Government Secondary Schools Sports Association Track and Field Championship title on Friday at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.

EDITORIAL: Getting ready for the coronavirus

THE coronavirus has come to the Caribbean – but thankfully not yet The Bahamas.

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INSIGHT: A haunting story of 39 lost souls

The Bahamas and Haiti have a complicated relationship that spans the scope of centuries.

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INSIGHT: We must not turn a blind eye as the body count mounts around us

THE police-involved killing of a young man who was a suspect in a bank robbery last week has likely already fallen off everyone’s radar. And why not – isn’t it just another young thug - just like the rest of them? A bunch of lawless young bandits driving up the crime rate and making our communities less safe? Sure, that’s one way to look at it.

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Tribune trio win press club awards

The Bahamas’ leading journalists gathered at the Hilton Hotel on Saturday night to celebrate this year’s winners and nominees in the Bahamas Press Club’s fifth annual media awards.Special honour on the night was made to Ed Bethel who received The Eti

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‘Pushed into corner’ on Royal Caribbean deal

A Bahamian entrepreneur yesterday voiced fears that his $2m Paradise Island project is being “marginalised” and treated like “a second class citizen” to make way for Royal Caribbean.

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AG: Entrepreneur 'extremely selfish'

The attorney general last night accused a local entrepreneur of “extreme selfishness” by rejecting a Paradise Island compromise that was “in the best interests of The Bahamas”. Carl Bethel QC told Tribune Business that it was an “absolutely untrue a

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'Oversight' hits web shop patron taxation

A Cabinet minister says the government aims to correct an “embarrassing oversight” in failing to specify when the web shop patron winnings tax takes effect “within the next 30 days”. Dionisio D’Aguilar, pictured , minister of tourism and aviation, t

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Minister in warning over forged cheque

A Cabinet minister has issued a warning to all businesses and individuals with checking accounts after his ministry summoned the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) to probe an alleged fraud. Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of tourism and aviation, told

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'We won't take risks with virus'

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said the government will not “take any chances” with the deadly coronavirus and will use all the resources needed to protect residents from the disease.

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UPDATED: Suspect killed after 'aiming gun at police'

A MAN screamed “I got shoot, I got shoot” moments before drawing his last breath in the country’s latest police-involved killing.

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Families grieve for murdered women

POLICE are holding two men for questioning in connection with the shocking double murder of a mother and daughter that has rocked the tight-knit community of Salt Pond, Long Island.

Three firemen injured in elderly home fire

POLICE in New Providence are investigating after arsonists reportedly set fire to and destroyed an unoccupied building at the Persis Rodgers Home for the Aged yesterday morning.

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Defence Force to recruit extra 500

NATIONAL Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday said his ministry is working towards increasing the number of Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) officers to at least 2,000 by the year 2022.

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Woman seriously injured in night club shooting

A WOMAN is in critical condition in hospital after she and a man were shot on Sunday. According to a police report, shortly after 1am the victims were at a night club on Nassau Street when an unknown gunman entered the club, opened fire on the patro

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Report to outline Minnis govt accomplishments

THE government has released its first progress report today, which outlines some of the Minnis administration’s major accomplishments since coming to office in May 2017.

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WORLD VIEW: As Haitians suffer the world stays silent

ON February 20, the UN Security Council received a grim report of deteriorating human rights and collapsing rule of law in Haiti. The troubling situation includes widening malnutrition, kidnappings for ransom, rapes and gang violence.

POLICE ADVICE: It’s all our job to keep to keep children safe

It is our job, our duty to keep our children safe. Our responsibility is to teach them basic safety and crime prevention.

Bahamian work ethic

While it could be argued that Bahamians, on average, are not into certain type works, such as gardening and housekeeping, that aversion should not be used as the standard to judge the Bahamian work ethic.

Lack of property payment

Property owners of land acquired by the Government of the Bahamas over ten years ago are still awaiting payment.

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Hoyte, Slatter national bowling champions

While David Slatter continued his stranglehold of the men’s title of the Bahamas Bowling Federation’s National Championships, Janice Hoyte finally broke a string of victories by Driskell Rolle, avenging last year’s defeat, to capture her first ladies

Wilson, Burrows help Tigers claim their fifth AUS title

JORDAN Wilson and Shamar Burrows helped the Dalhousie Tigers claim their fifth AUS Conference title in the last six years and earned a spot in the U Sports National Championship.In a weekend filled with Bahamian talent on the floor for three differen

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Jyles Etienne matches lifetime best at Big Ten Championships

THE men’s high jump, featuring two Bahamians, was the highlight at the Big Ten Conference Championships in Geneva, Ohio, as Jyles Etienne - a junior Indiana University - matched his lifetime best to help Indiana University take the men’s title back t

Izaak Bastian making a splash for the Seminoles in NCAA Division I swimming

CONFERENCE championships continued in the NCAA Division I swimming and sophomore Izaak Bastian highlighted his season with a series of impressive performances for the Florida State Seminoles. At ACC Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina, Basti

Payment providers roll-out Sand Dollar infrastructure

Digital payments providers have already unveiled kiosks and other infrastructure in Abaco to aid the Bahamian digital currency’s roll-out. Sean Smith, SunCash’s business development manager, told Tribune Business: “The kiosk is going to allow person

Bahamian digital dollar to boost finance crime fight

The Central Bank’s governor says the Bahamian digital dollar will “strengthen defences against money laundering and other financial crimes” because every transaction can be tracked and recorded. John Rolle, speaking at Project Sand Dollar’s Abaco la

Student award winner gets CFAL investment account

The winner of the financial services Student of the Year Award has again won an initial contribution towards an investment account at CFAL. The Bahamian investment house, together with the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) and the University o

Charter show numbers beat projections by 50%

The first-ever Bahamas Charter Show exceeded the number of expected participants by more than 50 percent, organisers have revealed.Dr Kenneth Romer, the Ministry of Tourism’s executive director of product quality and support, told Tribune Business: “

Coronavirus fears trigger the fastest stock market correction of all time

The coronavirus crisis shows no sign of abating and the declaration of a global pandemic, by the World Health Organisation, is imminent. Person to person transmission is now documented across several countries, with some cases, notably in the US, whe

Industry workshop aim is to meet the standard

The Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) teamed with its Caribbean counterpart to host a Freeport workshop on the development of quality regulation for various local industries. The workshop, held on February 19 in partnership with the CAR

Sunday, March 1

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THE time is now for The Bahamas to fortify its commitments, efforts and partnerships to help women achieve the recommendations put forth by the Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Minister of Social Services and Urb

Hurricane death toll rises to 74

THE official Hurricane Dorian death toll has risen to 74 after police in Abaco and Grand Bahama recovered four unidentified bodies in late January and early February. According to a press release from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA),

Bahamas and EU seek to work together

THE Bahamas and European Union (EU) have concluded their 2020 political dialogue with assurances from both sides of good relations and a commitment to working together to address common problems. The high-level meeting came in the context of the ong

Straw Market to stay closed until end of week

THE Nassau Straw Market will remain closed until Saturday due to incomplete remedial work on stalls, according to the Ministry of Public Works. The market was initially expected to reopen on Saturday, February 29, after a week of repairs. However,