Motorcyclist Held Up At Gunpoint

BETWEEN 5 and 5:30pm Thursday a young motorcyclist on his way to work was held up at gun point as he turned off the Eastern Road onto Wild Tamarind Drive.

The young man said that as he turned onto Wild Tamarind Drive a black Honda stopped, with the driver indicating that he wanted to speak to him. The cyclist also stopped and got off his motor cycle. Two men then got out of the Honda, pointed a gun at him, and ordered him not to move.

When the young man saw the gun, he jumped on his motorcycle and sped up the Wild Tamarind Drive hill towards Camperdown Drive. The men got back in the Honda and followed him up and over the hill, forcing him off the road where he fell off his motorcycle and into the bush on the western side of the road. At that point another car drove up the hill and the Honda sped off. The cyclist believes that it was the sight of the other car that saved his life.

A report was made at the Eastern Road police station. Police said that the area would be patrolled.


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