It Seems That No-One Cares For The Homeless On Our Streets

EDITOR, The Tribune

Usually referred to as vagrants, but it becomes obvious when you begin to interact with them, that clearly these Bahamians are operating under diminished responsibility ... therefore, what government entity is responsible to pick them up?

Thank you for this small space in your daily newspaper, to address this gaping problem and perhaps lack of humanity, evident in Nassau town.

Sometime around 2:30pm on Friday, March 13, 2020, while headed to the downtown library, with a specific study material on agenda this is what took place,

As I approached the Garden of Remembrance, a homeless man who was there from the day before, who then, was speaking with one of the business owners in the area, was still there, but this time a plainclothed officer was speaking with him. I indicated that I was convinced that the business woman would have seen to it that he got help, didn’t happened. The officer said the man’s complaint was one of needing food, something to eat...he gave the man some money to fetch food, but one could tell that the man had injuries. I suggested that the ambulance and police be called in. The officer said calling the ambulance would be a waste of time, because they would not take him, he needs a shower. But this has to change.

The country and all of its health institutions, are responsible for the man’s restorative care. I see the same thing all around town, especially near Dunkin Donuts restaurant and it seemed like no one cares. From time to time, you would see the tourists giving whatever they could, money, coffee, food and encouragement. The state must do a better job, to help provide the institutional comforts and free doctors’ oversight for the indigent.... the needy, poverty-stricken and physically-and mentally sick, moving about aimlessly and without a purpose...on the Island of New Providence and in the City of Nassau, The Bahamas...after all, God is watching the way we treat His creation.

Many of these people get their scraps to eat, right out of garbage bins in the city centre…right on Bay Street, and people walk by as if it is just one of those things. No, it is not just one of those things. God, Himself said, whatsoever you have done to the least of these, you have done it unto me. If they’re hungry and you feed them...homeless and you provided shelter...naked and you clothed them, sick and you visited them, you have done it unto Me.

Vengeance is mine says God and I shall repay.

Thank you, editor, for the space in your daily newspaper, appreciate it…Blessings always.



March 13, 2020.


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