Port Authority Set To Put Medical Facility On Standby


Sarah St George


Tribune Freeport Reporter


THE Grand Bahama Bahama Port Authority has confirmed its intent to provide a medical facility on standby for COVID-19 cases here on the island, according to GBPA vice chairman Sarah St George.

So far, there has been one confirmed COVID-19 case on Grand Bahama, bringing national count to five. The remaining cases are in New Providence.

In a press statement issued last evening, Ms St George said: “The GBPA is working hand-in-hand with GB Health Services and the government of The Bahamas to put an extra medical facility on standby and at the immediate disposal of GB Health Services, should the need arise.”

She also noted that “GBPA, along with the industrial sector, is amassing a pool of additional funds and resources to contribute to GB Health Services for sourcing, procurement and shipping of specialised medical equipment to Grand Bahama, in order to assist with the fight against COVID-19.”

Ms St George commended the government for its response to the pandemic. “We have been paying close attention to how this global pandemic has affected other countries around the world and we commend the government of The Bahamas and the health authorities, for acting swiftly to protect our nation and for their ongoing communications,” she said.

Although the GBPA has discontinued nonessential services in compliance with government orders, the company continues to work safely to provide essential city maintenance, collections and debris removal, inspection services for home remediation post Hurricane Dorian, and work carried out by the Grand Bahama Utility Company Limited (GBUC) for the restoration of potable water. “As work continues, employees are taking the necessary health and safety protocols to safeguard themselves and the public,” assured the vice chairman.Additionally, the GBPA has also taken steps that will benefit all residents and licensees.

According to the release, the distribution sites for potable drinking water continue to be operational, without risk to the NGOs. The Grand Bahama Utility Company (GBUC) has increased sanitary protocols at water distribution sites to mitigate against the risk of COVID-19 spread, and there will be no disconnects of water for utility customers.


proudloudandfnm 2 days, 11 hours ago

Look she finally came out of her hole in the ground....


joeblow 2 days, 9 hours ago

So the Port Authority allowed Samaritans Purse to do the heavy lifting after Dorian, but they will do what for this virus??


proudloudandfnm 1 day, 17 hours ago

You know if the GBPA is a quasi government we should vote to fill it's executive positions....


killemwitdakno 1 day, 3 hours ago

Can’t. Privately owned, unless they hired a city administrator and allowed it for that.


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