Gospel Artists Offer Encouragement During Quarantine


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FOR the working class, free time is a rarity that does not come often and usually doesn’t last for an extended period of time.

Thanks to the restrictions put in place to stem the spread of COVID-19, most of us have found ourselves with much more free time at home than we are used to.

People have been encouraged to use their time to engage in personal development activities, grow spiritually, and to catch up on things they don’t usually get a chance to.

This is also the case for several Bahamian gospel artists who have been using their spare time, in quarantine in their homes, to focus on various projects, fellowshipping with God and their families.

Gospel singer Adriana Munnings said she has been doing everything to keep herself at peace.

“Fear is our worst enemy, but let’s evaluate our faith and use wisdom, too. God is still faithful and he’s still on the throne, still in control and he is still well able,” she told Tribune Religion.

Like many Bahamians, Adrianna said she is using this time to connect with family.

“I have been spending time with family, cooking and serving them,” sh said. “Every evening we have family devotion - that’s giving God praise, singing, reading and sharing in the word. Everyone gets to testify and pray.”

She is also taking the time to create more music which she hopes will touch the hearts of all those who hear it.

“I am working on some new pieces of music and spoken,” she said.

Local gospel reggae artist Gesner “Mr J” Dalmond said now more than ever people need to be encouraged, and that is what he has devoted his attention to.

“I’m releasing videos of encouraging messages via my Facebook page. I’m also sharing insights of what this current crisis is pointing to, which is the bigger picture we should be focused on,” he said.

“My word of encouragement to all is to follow the protocols set by our prime minister in order limit the spread of this virus, thus ridding the country of it. When praying, be sincere in our prayers to God. That means making a true change in our lives. Not because we fear this virus, but let it be because we truly recognise our need of Him and that we have sinned against him.”

Meanwhile, Stevenson Jacques, a member of the Men of Grace gospel group, said it’s time to reflect and also to show gratitude to God for some of the blessings he has received.

“I must first say that God is good and his mercies endureth forever. It’s not just a trying time for The Bahamas but for the world at large, and even though we are out of work I’m grateful that we are in good health and thankful to be home with my family; to just to sit down with my wife and kids has been a joy for me through this quarantine. We’ve been listening to the word of God and sharing old stories,” he said.

Mr Jacques hopes during this time of quiet and stillness, God inspires him in new ways so that when he has a chance to perform again people lives will be visibly touched.

“As an artist, I’ve been meditating and thinking of new ways I can use my gift to touch people’s hearts by the way of music. So through it all we’re keeping a positive attitude, knowing that we will get through this because our God is a keeper and he never fails,” he said.

As for DJ Counsellor, a youth leader at the Emerge Youth Church, he has been keeping the youngsters engaged during this time.

“Using our social media platforms and WhatsApp messaging to uplift, encourage and to make sure they are taking this very seriously, so despite us not meeting physically, we are still keeping them engaged. We have launched a weekly online show called EYC TV, it can be viewed on Facebook,” he said.


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