Heavy Rain And Winds On The Way



WEATHER officials predict extended periods of heavy rain and gusty winds for the northwest and central Bahamas over the next few days bringing the risk of flooding in low lying areas.

Local meteorologist Basil Dean told The Tribune Bahamians can anticipate “long periods” of rain that could be heavy at times, as well as an “increased potential for the development of waterspouts” in the northwest and central Bahamas on Friday and a portion of Saturday.

“Presently we have a frontal boundary across the southeast Bahamas which we expect to back up over the central Bahamas and fall stationary through Thursday,” he said.

“And then on Friday, we expect an area of low pressure to fall on that frontal boundary. That area of low pressure will then move north and northeast and eventually over the open waters of the Atlantic by Saturday.”

Mr Dean said officials expect the skies to clear up and sunshine and more dryer conditions to return by Sunday.

“But until then, heavy rains will be the order of the day starting tomorrow afternoon and then it will be gradually increasing as we move into Friday,” he continued.

“We’re also looking for flooding in low lying areas, so persons who live in flood prone areas are asked to prepare themselves and take the necessary precautions to secure their properties. That’s basically it. We’re looking at a rainy, wet (forecast) that can produce some flooding conditions over the next few days with clearing by next Saturday or Sunday.”


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