Two Arrested On Abaco After Firearm, Ammunition Found


Tribune Freeport Reporter


TWO Abaco men were arrested for possession of illegal firearm and ammunition on Thursday, police reported.

Reports are that shortly after 9pm, officers of the Abaco District were on mobile patrol when they observed a large crowd of people reportedly consuming alcoholic beverages at a business establishment that was open.

Superintendent Terecita Pinder said officers made inquiries and observed a man who dropped an object into nearby bushes and quickly left the area.

She said officers went to the area and discovered a black and silver firearm with five rounds of ammunition.

Upon conducting further inquiries, Ms Pinder said officers arrested two men of Seven Hills, Abaco, in connection with possession of illegal firearm and ammunition.

Ms Pinder said the men are expected to be charged in court next week.


DDK 6 days, 13 hours ago

Tribune, may we know which business establishment was open after nine p.m. and was that being open legal??? Was the large crowd of persons consuming alcoholic beverages at that location legal?? 😂🤔🤣


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