It’S Up To Us Over Covid

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The world is desperate to find a weapon to destroy COVID-19, to which nature has given free reign to cripple, if not destroy mankind. Prime Minister Minnis is seemingly being blamed for not knowing what to do to halt the pandemic’s spread in the Bahamas, which is expected to get a second and even stronger life to take us humans down. It is up to us as to who wins this battle.

If our Prime Minister had the answers, he would be the world’s hero, not here in the Bahamas playing hide-and-seek to protect Bahamians from this unknown force of destruction. Like everyone else the further away one can get from potential carriers of the virus, the easier it will be to win our own battle.

Bahamians are complaining about the on-again-off again lock downs — so is the world, so our condition is not unique. Nor is the solution that is eluding our government difficult to understand. It is happening throughout the world with every country‘s leader, supplicant hands raised heavenward, praying for an answer.

Only this week it was reported: “With the second wave of COVID-19 strengthening its grip on Europe, Germany and France have ordered fresh lockdowns. Germany has decided to impose a month-long lockdown which will see closure of restaurants, theatres, pools and gyms from November 2. France has decided that from October 30, anyone leaving home will have to carry a document justifying their presence outside. On the other hand the UK is resisting calls for imposing a nationwide lockdown, saying it brings economic hardships.”

And here in the Bahamas — well it is all up to us. If we were serious we would not have to be policed, we would be acting sensibly, not only for our own protection, but for that of our family and friends.

I now invite whoever reads this letter to put the palm of your hand up to your lips. As you speak, slowly move your palm out from your face while you continue talking at your palm. As you move your hand away, the warm air from your talking mouth can still be felt. In that warm air are droplets of spittle, and, if there is an infection, it is that infection in the spittle that is felt against the palm of your hand. That is what happens when you are talking to someone and that someone is talking to you. If either — or both of you – have an infection you have transferred your infection to each other. Do this experiment and I do not think that anyone will have to convince you of the importance of wearing a mask at all times, keep a reasonable distance from the other person, and wash your hands to protect you from whatever germs are on a doorknob, a hand rail or even a $1 bill.

If everyone did this — wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands — lockdowns might not be needed.

Friends, it is up to all of us. If we took care of ourselves, family and friends, the Prime Minister would not have to be our nursemaid and maybe we Bahamians can together win this battle against COVID-19. Let’s seriously give it a try.



November 10, 2020.


ThisIsOurs 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Oh please it is not up to us. And "behaving" is not enough

from cnn: "A Covid-19 outbreak is the last thing the cruise industry needs as it eases back into the Caribbean. Yet five people aboard the SeaDream 1 cruise ship have tested positive for Covid-19, the ship's captain said in an announcement, according to passenger Ben Hewitt"

"SeaDream is following all protocols recommended by the health authorities, the release says"

this nonsense about it's our fault when the numbers go up is just that. it's a contagious disease. The best way to keep it out is to shut the border, quarantine the infected and treat them. If you say we have to open the border then you get the inevitable and no amount of "behaving" will prevent it


happyfly 2 weeks, 4 days ago

destroy mankind.....please. A 99.97% survival rate is not the end of the world..........unless we all let the irrational fear of this virus destroy our economic way of life that is


ThisIsOurs 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Life is about choices. We're free to make them. The choices related to controlling this virus are, open the border or close the border. It's neither here nor there. The important thing, whichever choice you make, is to have a plan to mitigate the associated risks. Removing the requirement to quarantine and removing on arrival testing is not a plan. It's a recipe for mass infection, first among hotel workers, then their families then the community. The hotel's response of we'll test workers every week is nice, but in that week when 50 people are infected by one guest, how many persons outside the hotel will they infect?

Nobody needs to be surprised or alarmed when it happens. We are 6 degrees of separation away from what happens in our nearest neighbour. And their hospitals and morgue are being overloaded.winter is here

the biggest misconception about this virus is that the only negative effect is death.


ohdrap4 2 weeks, 3 days ago

France has decided that from October 30, anyone leaving home will have to carry a document justifying their presence outside.

Like a birth certificate saying you are or are related to a politician?

Thanks for letting me know.

I am putting myself up for adoption.


truetruebahamian 2 weeks, 3 days ago

As i drive into town from Village Road most who are in the road on foot are in groups and disregarding the mask mandate. Most of them teens and young adults. The others are the regular beggars and peddlers who hang around the traffic lights and in the median between traffic lanes.


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