Editorial: Poised To Create Her Own Legacy

WHEN Monique Pindling took the stage at the PLP convention in 2017, her words were a breath of fresh air.

She talked of how the Progressive Liberal Party “has become weak” and “dishonest” and allowed the political ambitions of a “few men to dash the aspirations of a whole people”.

The daughter of former Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling, she talked of how the party had strayed away from the values it once had, warning that “many in the party became overcome with envy, consumed with jealousy and some of us were stung with greed”.

Notably, given that she is now seeking the nomination for the South Andros constituency once held by her father, she talked of how “We became too concerned with who became ministers but ignored the taste and values of those who would make good representatives”.

As someone seeking to be a representative now, she seems determined to turn her words into action.

Her path will not necessarily be easy – as PLP chairman has previously spoken about renominating the party’s four incumbents, and one of those fills that South Andros seat and has done for 13 years. Talk of replacing Picewell Forbes may be premature.

However, if we are to look to change in Bahamian politics, new faces and fresh voices are welcome – particularly those not afraid to challenge the status quo.

The PLP was tossed out by voters in the last election for good reasons – and the party should not simply present itself all over again without confronting those reasons. We don’t need more of the same old, same old – we’ve seen all that and it didn’t get us very far.

Yesterday, she told The Tribune some of her ideas for Andros – from solar panels to reduce energy bills and aid in fighting climate change to expanding food production on the island. She also pointed out the areas where the island needed upgrades – roads, cable, medical facilities, police, garbage disposal and more. It’s a long list.

Ms Pindling says she wants a fair shot at the constituency – and whether residents stick with the man who’s been there for years or give her a chance instead, we would hope that some of her ideas might be capitalised on.

When she spoke at the PLP convention, people around the country sat up and took notice. We could do with more voices like hers, across all parties, that bring ideas to the table and make voters think that perhaps there can be other ways than just the same again.

Hail the heroes

Nurse Nicole Morgan and humanitarian Sonia Rolle have been rightly honoured for being heroes in our communities.

Nurse Morgan was recognised for her efforts during Hurricane Dorian, when she and her colleagues battled through the storm at Rand Memorial Hospital, coping with seven newborn children and even having to flee a room as floodwater and sewage came pouring in – with those seven babies in tow.

Sonia Rolle has long been battling for inner cities, and is still working to help people in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each has been tested and risen to the challenge. Indeed, there is one moment that stands out from Nurse Morgan’s experiences. She says how in the middle of dealing with the hurricane and its aftermath, she had to take a moment to gather herself. She prayed, but as she heard her colleagues calling her name, she realised she was needed, wiped away her tears and went back to work.

In the dark, in the wind and the rain, she set aside her fears to go to help those in need. The bravest among us are those who know the dangers they face, and still go to face them. Thank you, Nurse Morgan, for doing so, and thank you, Mrs Rolle, for your continued work. We salute you both.


JokeyJack 2 weeks ago

Ms Pindling is correct in talking about upgrades to roads, cables, medical facilities etc. But anyone can say that right? Unless you are blind, you know those are needed. Where does she see the CHANGE in how the Party will operate? Will she advocate for rules changes in the Party Constitution to, for example, allow candidates for Party leadership positions to speak at Party Conventions? What does she think about what happened to Alfred Sears during the last PLP Convention, where he was not able to speak before the Party vote? That he was not given the names and contact info for the 300 new delegates appointed by Christie just weeks before Convention?

She should tell us what tenets of the Party Constitution she would like to see changed (which could be done at next year's Convention well prior to election) that would allow persons to present themselves (fairly) for those positions? How about allowing local Party members to veto candidates put forth by the Central Committee?

Will we have the same old same old - a Party centrally controlled where voices cannot be heard? The Bahamian people still left having to choose between a rock and a hard place, or the Devil and the deep blue sea? Candidates popping out of thin air, that local Party members have no say in choosing? The same old cigar club?

How about those people in Andros who are allowed to build homes on Crown Land simply because they possess work permits? Will she allow Bahamians to obtain work permits, so they too can get a piece of their birthright that her father alluded to? Why does the Crown still own our land so many decades after Independence? The idea of having a work permit in order to obtain it, by definition prejudices the ownership/or use of such land to non-Bahamians. Very strange indeed.

I would love to know that she wishes for real change. We need it. I would support her in a heartbeat and work tirelessly on her campaign.


sheeprunner12 1 week, 5 days ago

But the best example of deadbeat MPs was her very own father .......... South Andros is backward because HER father was the MP for 30 years


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