Water And Sewerage And Leaks

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Thank you for allowing me the space in your newspaper, to address several points of national concern, I appreciate it.

Editor, there is a situation regarding my daily mode of transportation and the fact that I rely on the public transportation system/jitneys, to get around New Providence, simply because I have no private vehicle.

These facts cause me to go not only to places I used to, while being an active police officer, or fireman.

As a result of this, I get to get off the bus in certain areas and continue on foot. Because of this, I get to see all kinds of things occurring in neighbourhoods all over.

One such thing that I saw, and especially in the Bain and Grants Town area, also saw the same deficiencies in the Englerston Constituency, and others.

It appeared that since the change from taps that screw on/off-valve, were replaced by the Water Corporation on their government’s street pumps, and replaced by a more complex on/off-type valve and this has caused in many of the pumps I saw, a constant stream of water escaping, so much so that one can follow the flows accumulated on the ground, all the way down the street.

This wasted water, Mr Minister/Chairman of the Water & Sewerage Corporation, my question is: Who will pay for the thousands of gallons leaked into the ground?

And I suspect that that bill will be passed on to the consumers. Minister/Chairman, how difficult is it to have a pumps maintenance department? And I do not know how many government owned pumps there are on New Providence Island, providing potable water for the poor people in over the hill communities?

But I am left perplexed, how is it that the corporation doesn’t seem to know how many pumps there are, or where they were located and what is happening with each? There ought to be a meter installed per pump, to register the quantity of water used, or wasted?

Editor, could you imagine how many gallons in totality, leaked into the ground, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly? Leaked water is gone forever. And those gallons, if calculated, the dollar sum, ought to be factored into their end of year report. And I hope that they take responsibility for the leakages/the wastage and not blame the consumers?

Editor, I was only supposed to write about the water wastage. But what I also saw in those over-the-hill-communities troubled me immensely. Housings, be they wooden, stucco, stone and all appeared to be on their last legs. The least gust of wind would bring them to collapse.

These were not the houses I used to know. Something is very wrong with the rapid decline of the once gorgeous surroundings. While examining this nerve rattling disbelief, the thought arose, these people are being replaced, right here in their own country.

What belonged to them has been given away to the foreign elements. And is more widespread than I can see happening in the two constituencies outlined.

This was my Heavenly Father giving me a head’s up. Something must be done quickly to interrupt this degeneration. What I also found were young men just standing around, smoking and others causing mischief.

This is not right, you cannot tell me that they have a right to congregate even if their motives were not unlawful?

The Bible has addressed what happens when idle hands are at work? I am reluctant to mention it, but boy, the country is slipping quickly, if barricades were not erected immediately to halt the decline. And the system needs to make parents legally responsible for these/their wayward child, or children. It is one thing to have a child/children, but neglect the parental guidance, let the government take care of them, if they do not listen.

Here is a story, in my early years of being a detective. A parent brought his 13-year-old son to the office and when asked what was his complaint? Said: He could not control the child and that he wanted us to beat, or punish him, the child. No, anyone needs punishment it is you. A 13-year-old child giving you problems? But finally, he was advised to have the child rendered uncontrollable and the steps to get them before the juvenile Panel. The Legislature has a key role to play in what goes on in a country, especially having to do with lawlessness.

If there were certain challenges, say for law enforcement, then after being supplied with the facts on all sides. The matter is then taken to the parliament of the land to be debated, making adjustments in the laws where necessary. I must admit, that I do not know the full compendium of matters on the parliament’s calendar, but every country has instituted ways to disrupt the progressions of their wayward young men, wreaking havoc on the peaceful disposition of society. And all of what they are engaged in are penalised under the Laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. ‘To The Powers That Be, use your ‘Rod by stretching it out, (MP’s).



November 17, 2020.


Porcupine 1 week, 6 days ago

I am beginning to understand why so few crimes are solved and why the country is in the state that it is in.


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