Open Letter To The Pm

EDITOR, The Tribune.

ONCE again, sir, you have not failed to disappoint me. Since March 2020, what you have really accomplished is not only a surge in COVID-19 cases, but also bringing the national economy to its knees.

In July you allowed people to travel without tests, which has caused the surge in cases. Not even an apology for your mistake. You were worried about the political costs? Really, sir, this ship has sailed at least for you personally.

Even the WHO has admitted that lockdowns are not sustainable. Yet, it has become obvious that this is your answer to everything. No real plan whatsoever, just take the “easy” way out for you. Easy only for you and your colleagues, since you collect your full salary and benefits. Not to mention your “army of civil servants” that are getting paid while “working from home”. Can you explain to me, sir, how “working from home” really works?

Government buildings routinely close down for sanitation. Not even mention PMH. You cannot even keep your own offices clean, and yet you expect the whole country to do so?

Yes, a lot of people do not listen. Granted, but at the same time you have law enforcement agencies, do you not? Just because you cannot control certain people you punish the whole nation. Just wondering, what is your solution to crime? Put everyone in jail?

It looks, sir, that what you have to offer is lockdowns, travel restrictions, and soup kitchens. I sincerely hope you can prove me wrong.



October 7, 2020.


joeblow 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Sorry Harry, he cannot prove you wrong!


truetruebahamian 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Well said and in absolute total agreement.


ColumbusPillow 2 weeks, 4 days ago

The basic problem is the shameful absence of COVID19 rapid testing equipment that takes 15 minutes for a negative/positive report and costs $5/kit. This procedure is authorized in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. The alternative is 6 hours in a lineup and 2 days to get a report using the PCR method that the Ministry prefers. Without this rapid testing, the 5 day test rule will cause total destruction of the family islands for visitors as well as Nassau's economy and children's schooling


JohnQ 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Folks, we must begin to return to our daily routines and lives. Protect the vulnerable, accept some risk and move forward. Advances in medical research are making progress in the treatment of the virus that originated in China. We now know that a positive test is not a death sentence. Sadly, the "lockdown" syndrome is becoming more dangerous to the country and the citizens than the virus itself.


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