A Nation Builder

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I was saddened to learn of the transition of Pastor Hugh Roach.

Pastor Roach, was a faithful father of the faith and a quintessential nation builder.

He was a gentleman par excellence who walked with dignity and grace.

As the newly elected Speaker of the House of Assembly from 2012 to 2017, my first official duty was to appoint a Chaplain. I was honored when Pastor Roach accepted my invitation. He served the House of Assembly staff and its Members with distinction. I was often moved by his moments of reflections at House sittings. He was always sensitive to the moment, inspirational yet challenging. His message was consistent, always challenging Members of Parliament to a life of comity during debates, sacrifice and the urgency of social justice. He constantly reminded us that we are only here but for a moment and serving under God’s riches grace. Also, he was quite humorous often concluding his remarks with delightful Bahamian stories.

Pastor Roach, was an avid backyard farmer. He adored his garden. Whenever there was a harvest, and there were many; he would provide an assortment of his first fruits at the next sitting of the House for Mr. Speaker and personal secretary Angela McKenzie-Williams. He took great pride in his produce and often shared his trade secrets of gardening.

During his tenure as Chaplain, he was always present and engaged. Even when there was no House sitting, he often stopped by the House to cheer up the staff. Whether there were births, deaths, celebrations or disappointments Pastor Roach was always there encouraging us to be kind to ourselves, treat others with respect and serve our God sacrificially.

His presence always added a sense of peace and wholeness. He will surely be missed. The Bahamas has lost a fine son.

May the life he lived, serve as a reminder that a son of the soil can rise up from humble beginnings and inspire us all to become better versions of ourselves in service to others.

On behalf of my wife, Monique, we extend heartfelt condolences to his beloved wife, Olga; his children Opal and Hubert, his grandchildren: Kara, Jymal and Hubert Jr and his great-grand daughters: Ken’Dajah and Kam’Ryn.

May he rest in eternal peace.



September 6, 2020.


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