Man Must Pay $150 Over Marijuana


Tribune Staff Reporter


27-year-old man who was caught with over $100 worth or marijuana must pay $150 to avoid spending a month behind bars.

Police arrested Dwayne Ferguson after they found 24 grams of Indian hemp on him on March 28.

He pleaded guilty to one count of simple possession when he appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

The court heard around 1.40pm that day, officers on mobile patrol were dispatched to a disturbance near Hampton Street. While conducting inquiries in the area, they walked into a bar where they observed Ferguson standing behind the counter with a homemade cigarette in his mouth. The officers then approached him and told him he would be searched in reference to dangerous drugs and firearms. During their investigation, they found seven green Ziploc bags which all contained a quantity of marijuana.

Ferguson was subsequently arrested and transported to the Drug Enforcement Unit for questioning. During his interview there, he owned up to the offence and told officers he bought the drugs for his personal use.

During the hearing, Ferguson was represented by attorney Jomo Campbell. He told the magistrate his client bought the amount he did because he wanted to stay inside for the weekend. Mr Campbell also said the defendant admitted his guilt at his earliest opportunity because he was remorseful for his actions and asked the magistrate to consider the fact that Ferguson had no pending matters or convictions.

After listening to his plea in mitigation, Magistrate Forbes accepted Ferguson’s guilty plea and fined him $150 or one month in prison.

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