Embarrassing State Report On The Bahamas

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Last week’s report from the US State Department once again outlining the absolutely appalling conditions at the prison did nothing but vindicate and support the chain of letters this month by former inmates. How much more international embarrassment must The Bahamas sustain before our leaders get it right?

How is it that in 2021 both political and prison leaders are still trying to justify, rationalise, distract from and downplay the horrible conditions that some of our citizens are made to endure?

Millions are being spent on drones, CCTV, X-ray machines and plush offices at the prison.

At the same time, leadership has maintained overcrowded conditions with inmates living like sardines in a can, given bags to shit in, still being beaten, etc. How is this correctional?

Did Minister Dames and Commissioner Murphy ever stop and consider that criminals or not, these people are still our family, friends and most have not committed crimes that in anyway justify what they are made to endure.

We feel for our loved ones that are in and have gone through that institution because we can see the mental and emotional scars that have resulted from their stay.

Most countries in the world have realised that they need their men and it is far better to help them than to place them in conditions which will weaken and further destroy them.

There is either a complete disconnect or disregard and I urge my fellow Bahamian’s to stand up, speak up, let your voices be heard until our people receive better.



April 5, 2021.


GodSpeed 1 week, 5 days ago

Here's an idea, stay out of prison. Then you don't have to worry about that.


JokeyJack 1 week, 4 days ago

You can be accused of anything at any time. You are held on remand pending your case. You never committed a crime. You are in prison, on remand. You will be released when found non-guilty by the courts, but you will have some souvenirs to take home with you. Of course, that could NEVER happen to YOU right?


JokeyJack 1 week, 4 days ago

The US is just running their mouth as always. What are they doing about it? What have they DONE in the cases of Myanmar and Hong Kong? Flights still go there every day, and people are allowed to fly from Hong Kong to Seattle and elsewhere in the USA. There is no travel ban, no trade ban. CNN has reporters right now in Myanmar. I'm sure they flew on regular flights. Where is the ban that says anyone present in Myanmar in the past 90 days cannot enter the USA until after 90 days has passed? Where is the restriction that the Bahamas can only import flour and grits? There is no such restriction - so things continue on as normal. You can look forward to a similar report next year, I'm sure they would only have the change the date in the word processor and reprint.

What did Trump or Obama do to help central america? Nothing except keep sending money to their governments and hoping for change. There has been no change. Now the migrants are heading to the border, fleeing poverty and crime and hopelessness.

Anyone can write up silly reports and post them online. High school students do that every day for their homework assignments. I will not even bother to read their useless report.


tribanon 1 week, 1 day ago

The Biden administration is the root cause of the illegal alien crisis that now exists on the US-Mexico border. Biden himself repeatedly extended a warm invitation to aliens wishing and willing to enter the US illegally both during his presidential campaign and after becoming president. Cruel and abusive human traffickers never dreamed they could make so much money so quickly.


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