Distillery To Launch Despite Covid Setback


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A new rum distillery was held back by COVID-19’s impact last year but is now ready to showcase their business as a tourist attraction.

Sarah Davis, co-owner of Luna Rum Distillery, told Tribune Business their newly launched distillery has actually been open for a year. They had planned an official launch in early 2020 but due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic they had to put plans off for this year.

Ms Davis said: “Right now things are a little slow. We’ve been open for a year, but we opened the doors right when COVID-19 hit.”

There are a total of ten people, including senior management working at the distillery.

“We initially anticipated this to be more of a tourist attraction, but because we’re been closed off to that it has been a little slow. But we’re trying to get the momentum going since it’s Spring time and we’re seeing a bit more tourists,” said Ms Davis.

Luna is a located off of Gladstone Road. They offer tours of their facilities, cocktails and retail bottles of their flavoured rum.

There are six flavours of rum that Luna produces now, “coconut, pineapple, raspberry, chocolate, cherry, banana and coffee flavour”, Ms Davis said. She added that while these flavours are more “party flavours”, they will be officially launching their aged rum, white rum and spiced rum brands within the next two weeks when their labelling and other branding materials arrive.

Ms Davis said: “We have our new flavours made already, but we haven’t made them in masses. We did some testing, we’ve approved what the flavour profile is going to be and the quantity of each ingredient, and we’re ordering the labels now. As soon as we get the labels, maybe in two weeks we will be able to bottle those.”

While Ms Davis has intentions of taking Luna all over the world, she admitted that while they have yet to partner with a local liquor distributor in the country that they will do so “eventually”.

Ms Davis also said that because the COVID-19 pandemic changed their launch plans and even though they have been producing rum from the early part of last year, they have shifted towards producing hand sanitizer for the public.


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