Fitting Fitness Into Bahamian Women’S Lives

Gym owner Sibrena Ingraham believes women's health and wellness is often put on the back burner, when it should be a priority.

Gym owner Sibrena Ingraham believes women's health and wellness is often put on the back burner, when it should be a priority.


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It’s been 13 years since she opened a gym specifically for women in the Bahamas, and today, more than ever, Sibrena Ingraham is committed to doing her part to promote the importance of women’s health and wellness.

“Women are known to be nurturers. Often, we find ourselves caring for each and everyone but ourselves. We are the glue that keeps everyone together. If we are well, the whole family is well

“Exercise can contribute tremendously to that well-being,” she told Tribune Health.

In a regular 30-minute circuit programme which caters to women of all ages, Ms Ingraham’s Women’s Intuition gym, located on Rosetta Street, offers a mix of aerobics and strength training.

“Each client has a coach to walk them through each session. You get a full body workout. It’s in those 30-minute sessions that we can escape the world and focus on ourselves and have fun, all while getting fit,” she said.

Over the past 13 years that the gym has been in operation, Ms Ingraham said her members have grown to be one big happy and healthy family.

She said it was her love of exercise and her quest to obtain and maintain good health that inspired her to open the Women’s Intuition gym in the first place.

“Knowledge is power, and Bahamians are faced with numerous comorbidities. To know better is to do better. Making health conscious decisions can lead to a longer and healthier life. Exercise can improve health and there are many ways to remain active while enjoying it. Exercise is recommended and contributes to better health. My advice is to keep moving, keep motivated, keep inspired, eat healthy and your body will thank you for it. Commit to 30 minutes at least three times each week. You have one life and one body. Take care of it,” said Ms Ingraham.

Her job as a fitness instructor, she said, sometimes also expands into being a counsellor, motivator and friend to her clients.

Ms Ingraham said she has assisted so many women, not just by helping them with weight loss goals, but also by helping them gain self-confidence, improve their self-esteem, and most of all, and improve their overall health.

And this is what continues it drive her and make her feel passionate about her job.

“This year we expect to grow tremendously. With the impact of COVID-19 and the forced gym closures, exercise was pushed aside. This year our aim is to recover from those losses and come back even stronger with a new approach. 2020 has taught us that life is uncertain. However, we remain hopeful to gain more patrons and expand to help each woman look and feel better. Better health for all women,” said Ms Ingraham.


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