Why Is This Allowed?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Following up on Diane Phillips’ column in today’s paper, Tell Me Why This is Allowed to Happen:

Will the Department of Physical Planning explain why single-family zoned property off Village Road is being developed into a multi-building complex?

I am referring to work being done on property that lies between Harmony Hill and Breezy Hill Road on the eastern side of Village Road, both of which are zoned for residential single-family use.

We are not aware of a change in zoning and Physical Planning has not convened a meeting to solicit the views of the residents.

In addition to the original home, one new home has been built and another is under construction.

A high wall that clearly doesn’t conform with the building code has been built on Harmony Hill shielding the new homes.

I understand the matter has been raised with the Department of Physical Planning and despite assurances the matter would be investigated, the building continues.

Why are Village Road residents being treated with such contempt?

We thought things had changed, or is it more of the same ‘ole?

No Harmony on the Hill


February 12, 2021


proudloudandfnm 1 week, 6 days ago

Nonsense like this has been going on since forever. And it doesn't appear to just be political, basically all you have to do is ignore code and any opposition and simply continue to build. Bribe inspectors and anyone else you need to and build whatever the hell you want. You don't even need an architect just slap some drawings on paper and go get it approved. Easy peasy. Neighbours and neighbourhood be damned.


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