Lloyd Still Waiting For Approval On In-Person Learning

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd.

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd.


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EDUCATION Minister Jeffrey Lloyd said his ministry is still awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Health as to when face-to-face learning can resume on certain islands.

Asked why officials have not yet given the green light, Mr Lloyd said it was due to prevention of a third wave of COVID-19. However, he said he expects a decision to be made soon.

“They want to prevent what they call the third wave or an outbreak. They are now able to have some handle on this coronavirus, as you would’ve recognised the prime minister, the competent authority, has just eased yet again some restrictions,” Mr Lloyd said.

“The next step now is to see how we may be able to return to in-person learning and I suspect based on my conversation with them is that decision is imminent.”

He added: “We want to begin as quickly as we can. We have set a target date of February the 1, but we are still awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Health and the health officials as to when we can resume face-to-face learning.”

All government schools reopened after the holidays for instruction on January 4, however students on the islands of New Providence, Abaco, Eleuthera and Exuma were told not to report to a school site, but to log in to their school via the Department of Education’s virtual learning platform.

Earlier in December, the minister indicated face-to-face will be back by next month.

He said at the time: “Soon as the Ministry of Health gives us the okay and we’re ready to move and we’re more than likely gonna be starting in New Providence and Abaco with blended learning.”


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