Praise For Bowleg

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Not very often do we find people who are unselfishly dedicated.

We have to look near and far for people who sacrifice much, continuing to go far beyond the call of duty to help others. We are hard-pressed to find genuine people who are not hustling for a payday for their efforts. Some who have reaped from the country have an insatiable greed for more.

But when the name Mario Bowleg is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a humble man who exemplifies the epitome of dedication and sacrifice, out of the goodness of his heart.

His life has been one of discipline, integrity, and service. He is respected by all! Countless youths have benefited from his mentorship through basketball, his church, and the community of Garden Hills. He has succeeded in building characters.

Mario needs no introduction to the Garden Hills Community because all of the people there have seen him grow up in the community, and therefore know him. A humble man, who pulled himself by his bootstraps, Mario decided that he would educate himself, while from the lowly position of a security guard to a messenger, then a delinquent officer to the manager of a bank.

This proves that through his resilience and determination, he has excelled.

Mario’s name is legendary in Basketball, having risen through the ranks to National Coach, having taken the country’s best to tournaments worldwide, with many successes. His peers have every confidence in him, therefore he has been elected President of the Bahamas Basketball Federation, the governing body for basketball in the entire Bahamas.

Many have excelled, going on to higher learning through scholarships from his influences and relationships worldwide. He has planned and organised many basketball programmes which attracted many college teams. He does not need any public relations pampering and enjoys the full appreciation that his work will speak for him.

Above and beyond his professional life as a banker, he tirelessly is responsible for the Finances of All AME Zion Churches and Sunday School and also dabbles in beating the drums in church every Sunday.

What manner of man is this, who continues to give his time for the benefit of others who would eventually make their contribution to a better Bahamas.

Garden Hills are overwhelmed to have one of their own and will not be fooled with slick hired hands to deceive them.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.



March 26, 2021.


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