You Go Girl – Counsellor-Turned-Author Wants You To Stop Procrastinating


Shavonne Lightfoot


Tribune Features Reporter


A strong advocate for personal development, Shavonne Lightfoot believes negative behavioral patterns, which often originate from faulty beliefs, can adversely impact a person’s ability to succeed in life.

To help people overcome these misconceptions and detrimental attitudes, she has penned a self-help book entitled “12 Ways to Beat Procrastination and Succeed at Your Goals.”

In the book, Shavonne explores some of the causes why people tend to procrastinate and how to combat them.

She believes Bahamians can actually achieve all those New Year’s resolutions they made at the beginning of the year, but have probably already forgotten and won’t remember again until the clock strikes midnight at the end of 2021.

“If every year you make New Year’s resolutions only to forget them by January 2, then this book is for you. If you are stuck on the treadmill, zealous and exhilarated about your life’s goals but not going anywhere, then this book is for you. If you want to stop making excuses and walk into your passion and purpose, then this book is definitely for you,” she said.

Shavonne told Tribune Woman she became an author to inspire people to self-actualise; to not only realise their potential, but to fully develop the abilities to accomplish goals. She believes that through the written word her, her advice can reach much further than it would with her just counselling people face-to-face.

“One of those reasons we delay on working at our goals is we believe we should wait on motivation to act. This and other reasons are discussed in the book. One of the strategies to combat the habit of procrastination is examining how we budget our time. Some of us are skilled in making financial budgets by telling our money where to go, but quite unskilled in telling our time where it will go,” she said.

“We all have the ability to change counterproductive behaviour like procrastination, however, we must be prepared to be disciplined and consistent, even in the absence of motivation. All of it is realistic for all individuals. Some people may take longer than others and goals may differ, but we all have potential.”

With the release of the book this April, Shavonne hopes readers will be able to recognise their ability to achieve greatness and consistently and diligently pursue it.

It is her desire to see those individuals who feel stagnant and uninspired, to feel a new vigour and excitement at working on their goals. She is also looking forward to writing more books.

“12 Ways to Beat Procrastination and Succeed at Your Goals” will be released on Amazon. Updates will be posted on Shavonne’s Tranquil Spaces Online Counselling Facebook business page, as well as on the website www.tranquilspaces242.com.


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