Clarity On Civil Service And Costs

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Didn’t the new Government promise more rational approaches to governance and social responsibility?

Since COVID started the Civil Service was not cut – put on shorten hours or in any manner or way had their usual remuneration, wages cut.

Question: Pension for a Civil Servant is not contributory, they don't pay – these are hard times, surely it is reality time and the honourable Civil Service who benefitted with full pay for the duration of COVID should now agree to some contribution to the costs of Government pensions which in the Supplementary Budget were increased? All Civil Servants, old and new, who are on permanent staff.

Does the Civil Servant pay for their Health Insurance? If not, why not some contribution is surely reasonable and there needs to be a clause which limits the policy to rush for any medical complaint to Miami for services easily provided for in Nassau? Surely this would lower the premium, heard over $100m per year — imagine if we retained 25-50% of the premium and retained those health services claims presented by Florida or US Medical institutions.... a massive impact on our Health services sector....doesn't Government want expansion?

Saw that Government, actually Customs, are seeking new vehicles — has the past use of leasing been cancelled? I see a lot of new red plates.....this is something we can control and not waste where we don't have to.

Reality, Editor, not the headline after headline that misses the real story of our economy and what must be done and done now.



November 15, 2021.


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