Human Smuggling Probe


Tribune Senior Reporter


ASSISTANT Superintendent of Police Audley Peters said police are investigating a human smuggling ring that resulted in the arrest of 32 people, including seven Bahamians.

Also arrested were nine Cubans, eight Colombians, two Romanians and six Jamaicans.

Police reported that officers were alerted to a suspected human smuggling operation in progress behind a lodging building on West Bay Street shortly after 8pm on Monday.

On arrival, first responding officers observed five vessels at the dock. Two of the boat operators saw the officers and cast off, making good their escape by sea. The remaining people fled on foot.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe said yesterday: “As the migrant smugglers seek to evade the RBDF and Coast Guard, they will find that the RBDF is versatile, coordinated and up to the challenge.”


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